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I will because..........I can!

Dreams CAN become reality!~

Fear is the only thing to FEAR!

You are only as good as YOU think you are.!

There was only one PERFECT man, and they crucified HIM!

Behind every GOOD man...........stands a woman!

You never really understand your mother until you have children of your own, or the cold, cold, ground closes over her forever!


Bev's Best Bets
After you have seen all you want on this page, then click and go to my next one, which has alot more fun and interesting things! Your window to the web as I see things! HAVE FUN HERE;-) GO NOW!Try it!
All In One
This is the ONLY search engine you will ever need! It has EVERY major search engine here. GO and check it out! NOW!!!!
Beverly_Johnson's Images of me!
Here's MY LIFE in a nutshell! I have chronicled the last thirty something years in one essay! If you want to know about ME....Here it is!

Places I frequently fly on the web

HYPERLINK TEXT DIRECTLY TO MY COMPANY WHERE YOU CAN SEE OUR GALLERY OF ORIGINAL ART! This site is still under construction and can be veiwed entirely by May 1998! CLICK now to go!
Lycos People Find
While surfing one day I found this site. It has TONS of great things to do and places to go! If one site can do it all it is definately this one! Check it out now!
Add Me
This area will allow you access for your home page to go to 34 different sites! Send your page to the world through this site and it is also my favorite flavor.........FREE!
Tripod FREE Home Page Builder
This site is really great to make a FREE home page, go there and see for yourself. If you have no idea how to make a page it leads you step by step.You may use your own images and layout or theirs!
Sylvia Browne-Psychic and Spiritualist
This is MONTEL WILLIAMS personal psychic that has been on his show numerous times and has clairvoyant powers, If you like this kind of stuff go there and read about he and get your own session.
The Weather Channel Home Page
Being a Paramedic every day that I work and play the weather is important for me to know! This is a direct link to the weather channel 24 hours a day, and you can get your town news and weather here.
Web Site Garage-One Stop for Servicing
This is an area that will literally tune up your web site and let you know how effective it really is and how you can improve it!Everything can use a tune up,I had one!
Personal Web Pages
Listing of peoples web pages that is world wide! Add yours or one of your friends pages here. Or add a cool one that you saw somewhere that is not listed. It is.....FREE!
Personal Homepages
This is an extensive directory that I found on Yahoo. It is an encyclopedia of personal home pages. Look it up, and it looks kewl too.

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