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Okay! If you have come this far to know me, then you can enjoy even more of the web as I have seen it! Check out these sites. Make sure you e-mail me to let me know what you did/did not like about my site. This will help me to better serve people in the future! Your opinion does matter to me. To e-mail me just click on "ems203" in the upper left corner of this page.

Bev's Best Bets

Welcome to DOGPILE
A great search tool, this link has alot of neat things and sites to see! Don't let the name fool you!
SalesLeads USA
If you are a business person this is a great place to visit with tons of info for all businesses. Go see for yourself.
LFI Lost Friends Center
If you have lost contact with anyon if you are looking for an adoptee too.e, chances are that you can find them, or someone they may be connected with here. Great adoption search link.
CofeeBreak's Home Page
A Link to over 100 search sites and other places of interest on the web. Tons of things to do here! Genealogy Resources
If you need to find out about your heritage this is the place to go to research your roots!
If they have a number in the US, you can find it here. Search business and personal numbers, or addresses.
!Register-It - Web Site Promotion
A place to register your web page for the whole world to see! Why not have everyone see the web like you see it! Be an ocean of Info for everyone to share.
The ultimate search engine. Check it out and find anything you want here! I had lost contact with a family member and found them here after 22 years!
Death and Dying
This is a site that if you have ever lost a person close to you, there will be peace found here, check out the message boards, maybe you can help others cope too!

Stay tuned and come back this site is updated every week! I hope you have found interesting things to do here!

See you on the net! Beverly