Saskatchewan Standardbred Adoption Program

As a Race Official at Queensbury Downs in Regina, I regularly hear of horses that are no longer useful for racing purposes.  Horsemen occasionally ask if I know of anyone who wants or needs a horse, or if there is somewhere that that they can advertise these horses, besides the local paper. They are looking for a larger audience to target, and I agreed, and, hence this portion of my page came into being. Most of the horses on this list are local, but not all, and most will be Standardbreds, however, occasionally there may be other breeds available. I hope that this will be an ongoing project, and that the adoptees are few and the applicants many.
The horses listed below are available for immediate adoption. Please remember that these horses are NOT free, there is a charge for them, as there are incurred expenses to be covered. Fees will range from $500.00 (Cdn funds) and up, and you are responsible for all shipping costs.

Effective immediately, this page will be split into two divisions. There will be separate listings for horses available for adoption and those that are for sale. Access by using the navigation buttons (horses) at the bottom of this page.

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