Bill & Kim White
2016 C HWY 92 W
Auburndale, FL 33823
United States

Bill&Kim White

Hi we are Bill & Kim White of Auburndale Fla. Bill has been tattooing for 19 years,Kim Has been his apprentice for 3 years.Bill has owned several shops around the country including THE INK FACTORY TATTOOS in Fayettiville N.C. We have been married 2 years and Kim has 1 child Rocky. We are into pets as of right now we have 2 dogs,Pigglet,our Shar-Pai and Molly a Tricolored Basset Hound. We are also into "alternate lifestyles" if you need to ask what that means it aint for you!!If your interested and close or visiting the area email us!! Be sure to check out our Animated Gif pages!


T.J. BOyle
T.J.s Page (great tattoo work!!)
Animated GIFS for your page
8 Pages of animated stuff!


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