At a meeting of Grand Council, held on the 15th October, 1868, a letter was read from Bro. M'Dowell, of Sydney, Australia, intimating that Warrant No. 60, which he had taken out, was working well, requesting to know the Grand Lodge charges for the same, and also requesting twelve paper and twelve parchment certificates. On the motion of Sir Henry M'Neil the Council resolved to renounce the Warrant fee. Instructions were given to send the certificate requested, also Bro. M'Dowell's own certificate, it being in Grand Lodge. The secretary was also instructed to send out two Warrant forms to Bro. M'Dowell, also a document empowering him to form a District Encampment, when he thought the interests of the Order required it. In the annual report for 1870-71 we have the first report of the Provincial Grand Priory of Sydney, with four Encampments working. Unfortunately their existence was of short duration. We find them regularly reported up till 1884. In the Grand Recorder's report, 11th June, 1887, we have the following:--

"I regret to inform you that repeated efforts to keep alive the connection with the Order in New South Wales have been unavailing, as no answer has been received to several communications transmitted to that part of the Universe."

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