Come Hither and Yawn...

A collection of (mostly) short essays and articles
by the obscure and eccentric author,
Robert () Dunehew.

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This site is:

A display of my meager literary talents in the hope that you, the reader, will refrain from throwing rocks and overripe vegetation and, rather, inflate my ego with undue (occasionally, deserved) praise.

If you can't manage some insincere fawning over my scribblings, please have the common decency to remain silent and leave quietly. I may do the same favor for you some day. If you have any comments, send email. Guestbooks are a pain.

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About this site:

My first site was planned as a fantastic extravaganza of graphics and text aimed at Star Trek fans (a market I presumed, correctly, was difficult to glut). It was quite a learning experience when I quickly discovered the impracticality of stuffing 2 megs of html files, graphics, and what-not into the 500 kilobytes worth of space provided (free) by my ISP. The final result eventually evolved into a "front page" (seen here) for my other site.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out how to correctly apply for space on the web. With the help and advice of a few good friends, I developed a working, if not quite expert, familiarity with the fine art of designing web pages.

What I have here:

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