James Bond Chronology
A James Bond Chronology

based on the writings of Ian Fleming (1908 - 1964)
compiled by Walter von Tagen III

Sometime between November 16th through the 21st, 1924.
James Bond is born in Scotland to Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix Bond.
April, 1933 .
Young James meets Ian Fleming in Moscow? Andrew Bond was a foreign representative of the Vickers armaments firm while Fleming covered a trial in
Moscow concerning spy charges on Vickers employees.
Between November, 1935 and November, 1936.
Andrew and Monique Bond are killed in a climbing accident above Chamonix, in France.
Eleven year old James goes to live with his Fathers' sister, Charmaine Bond, in the hamlet of Pett Bottom, near Canterbury.
September, 1938 .
Bond, now thirteen, enters Eton
It is also around this time that Bond learned to ski at under the guidence of Herr Fuchs and Hannes Oberhauser, whom Bond later referred to as "something
of a father to me at a time when I happened to need one."
June, 1940. .
James Bond is expelled from Eton
September, 1940.
Bond enters Fettes, in Edinburgh, his fathers old school
Spring, 1941.
While on holiday in Paris, James loses his virginity and his wallet on the same night. This information comes via the short story From a View to a Kill
Summer, 1941.
James Bond learns to play golf at the Royal St. Marks, quickly gaining a six handicap in the sport, later to rise to a nine.
late November, 1941.
Seventeen year old James leaves Fettes and claiming an age of nineteen - with help from Fleming - enters what becomes the Ministry of Defence. You Only
Live Twice, Chapter 21, Obit; by now it was 1941, and by claiming an age of nineteen, and with the help of an Old Vickers colleague of his father ...
Fleming was the assistant to the head of the Ministry of Defence during World War II
late 1941 - 1946.
James Bond in World War II
Apparently it was during this time he acquired the scar on his face, as there is a reference in From Russia with Love of his not having one in his "early
There is also a reference of Bond having been in the Ardennes late in World War II
1946 - 1950.
Commander James Bond, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserved, having been discharged from wartime duties, begins his career with M.I. 6, the British Secret
One of these long assignments would be in Jamaica after the war. This time would also include the two assignments which earned Bond his double - 0 number
as detailed in Casino Royale

Late 1950.
James Bond becomes 007 - and is"licenced to kill".
Thursday, May 31st, to Monday, July 16th, 1951.
Events of Casino Royale.
January to February 1952.
Events of Live and Let Die.
Monday, May 26th, to Friday, May 30th, 1952.
Events of Moonraker.
Bond is still tanned from his previous mission.
Spring, 1953 James Bond is invested as a "Companion to St. Michael and St. George" for his work in the Moonraker affair in '52, entitling him to add the
initials C.M.G. after his name. July 26, 1953 to September 23, 1953.
Events of Diamonds are Forever.
Thursday, June 10th, to Tuesday, August 17, 1954.
Events of From Russia with Love.
August, 1954 to March, 1955.
Bond spends this time recuperating from being poisoned at the end of his previous mission.
February 7th, to March 17, 1955.
Events of Dr. No.
February 25, 1956.
Events of the short story Quantum of Solance.
One week in May, 1956 .
Events of the short story From a View to a 'Kill.
May to June, 1957 .
Events of Goldfinger.
September to October 8th, 1957.
Events of the short story For Your Eyes Only.
March to April 6th, 1958 .
Events of the short story The Hildebrand Rarity.
September, 1958.
Events of the short story 007 in New York ( this can be found in Ian Flemings' book Thrilling Cities ).
October, 1958.
Events of the short story Risico.
Monday, May 11th, to June 7th, 1959 .
Events of Thunderball.
Early Summer, 1960.
Events of the short story Octopussy.
Tuesday, September 27, 1960 to Friday, September 30, 1960.
Events of the short story The Living Daylights.
October 14th and 15th, 1960.
Events of The Spy Who Loved Me.
June 19th and 20th, 1961.
Events of the short story The Property of a Lady.
Saturday, September 16th, 1961, to Monday, January 1st, 1962.
Events of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

James Bond marries and is widowed on the same day.

Friday, August 31, 1962, to April, 1963.
Events of You Only Live Twice.
November, 1962.
James Bond is declared missing, presumed dead. His obituary appears in the London Times.
November, 1963 to June, 1964.
Events of The Man with the Golden Gun.

C. late June, 1964.
James Bond sees Ian Fleming for the last time.

August 12,1964.
Ian Fleming dies.

September 7, 1965 - c. September 15,1965.
Events of Colonel Sun
written by Kingsley Amis under the nom de plume of Robert Markham.
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