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Allo, Allo--I am sad to report this is our final transmission; Lee has moved on to other things and I don't have the time to work on this. It was only with great difficulty that I managed to even remember how to access this page builder (forgot the code!)--but this site is offically closed; thanks to everyone who responded; sorry we weren't able to get the rest of the e-mail addresses and or votes up; there's a site which you may of linked here from which has just about everything you'd want to know but is not currently being updated; and i don't know if kathy or becca or whoever it was ever got their e-mail group going. Someone has a note on the guestbook to the effect of a discussion group at some site--best place to leave a note is the guestbook; ;i will do so periodically if someone leaves a question requiring response; we still get e-mail from this site at adddress listed on site and despite all our efforts when you vote for "other"--it still just comes out as "other". Thanks again to all who passed by;; ;signing off the radio under grandma's bed. yours, s&l buchenau
LISTEN CAREFULLY, I SHALL SAY THIS ONLY ONCE! ALAS WE ARE temporarily at least shutting down update attempts on this site; we just don't have the time and access; Lee shut it down once and only because there came such a response (by our standards) of people we I tried (with Lee's technical help to respond to them and some (we think the counters haven't been working lately) 2000! visitors later the site has become a site about the people who visit the site!--I encourage anyone interested to check the e-mail directory; i won't be able to update it; but rebecca is starting an e-mailing "club" for allo fans beginning with the directory and adding her connections contact her and see what's happening! I also won't be able to update all the people who have responded to our poll or emailed since the last time; the vote total is well up over a 100 and Crabtree inspite of many changes in poll and response from the beginning to the end was the (to me) suprising winner. Thanks to everyone who visited this site and check with REbecca about the e-mail group. REgards to all and if we get a huge response again and have better time and access in the spring perhaps we'll crank it up again. For now we're putting a rap on this seasons episodes. Love to all. Lee and Lee's dad. p.s. becca has a new e-mail address; so if you want to get on the e-mail group you have to contact her at: 98017562@student.darlington.ac.uk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome To Rene's Cafe, allo, allo; sorry but my son lee is no longer able to update his webpages including this one, in fact he has been unable to for some time; a note to this effect is on several webpages and since he is no longer active on the internet or able to respond to e-mail none of his sites receive any "hits"; except THIS ONE! I SHALL SAY THIS ONLY ONCE! for some reason there is a steady stream of people looking at this page; on average about 40-70 every time we are able to recheck it; its incredible; there is obviously a huge and fanataical allo allo following out there looking for anything connected; we appreciate and I am now acknowledging this to future visitors; we are also unable to give an accurate tally on the poll for favorite character. Hi again; another chance to update; count on this site is up nearing 600! I have no idea why; there isn't much on allo allo in english on the web; in attempting to get in here; i think we messed up a bit of what we did last time: the promised vote on favorite is taking more time and trouble than a michelle of the resistance plan; the way to vote is first click on the checkmark in leclerc, i will say this only once, which is only a sample and then click on who you choose to vote for; however most people fail to do this or; some times vote for all: however we will tabulate all votes cast intentionally or unintentionally to this point not trashed in the e-mail file previously; at present leclerc has a slight lead; no doubt do to unintentional votes; there have been aboaut one vote for every 10o visitors; these sites have now been dumped from alta-vista; in the name spot if you'd like perhaps you coul note where you saw this site listed (i just put it back on alta-vista)--and we'll also try to get a list of names of signers; perhaps its the same person signing again and again under different names; what a foolish thing to do you stupid woman (or man); or whatever. Again apologize for lack of content; appreciate interest have taken over for son in updating; promise partial vote tally on favorite and list of signers next time; also if you want to leave an e-mail under name slot i will run e-mails and you can all contact each other; p.s. lee doesn't even like allo after the original leclerc was replaced? any thoughts on that? e-mail to e-mail address on site! allo, allo for now. s.buchenau

I Shall Say These Only Once 'Allo 'Allo quotes:

"Listen very carefully I shall say this only once"-Michelle

 "It is I, Leclerc"-Leclerc 

"You stupid woman." -Rene'
Allo 'Allo, welcome to my humble cafe. This web page is devoted to recent updates and jokes on the PBS show 'Allo 'Allo. I have been a big fan of the show and watch the great comedy weekly. My favorite character is the great Leclerc! Please E-Mail me if you are interested in 'Allo 'Allo!

"Hello, this is Lee creator of this page. I'm here to say I've abandoned work on this site, because, frankly I can't watch the show anymore, it's time slot has changed in Iowa so I can't see it. By the way the replacement for the original LeClerc SUCKS! I hope the first one didn't die or anything. Adios, thanks for checking this site out!" -Peace Dad is here to drone again.

Hi it is I, lee's dad. We've had 30 (1 per day) tripod form submissions in oct; the partial preliminary vote promised is as follows: leclerc in first place with more votes than renee and crabtree combined with renee a sorry last; and two (now yes 2) write in votes for gruber. Remember to vote you need to first click on leclerc (th e sample vote) and remove him and then vote for who you want;, unless of course you want to vote for leclerc in which its already done for you; ie the poll is biased! lee is going to attempt to delete the sample check right now and see how that skews votes; all for now.

Allo, Allo again; at last  the long promised vote tally is here. We have had 83 people attempt to vote since the inception of the poll; unforuantely some votes were lost, some people voted Many times (yvette?)--and well some of the vote just don't add up; the checkmark for leclerc has been removed and I have attempted to allow for and eliminate votes cast unintentionally for leclerc. The current tally is: crabtree 22, leclerc 17, rennee 13 and gruber 3 (write-ins); We have heard from steve bauer, Philipe, Gisburne,Matthew Taylor, Cleo, Zolta, Helga Ofcorse, Matt Riley, Hans Geering, K.M., jean s., Mark Thompson, Laura Kernan, Grubbo Le Walrus, Albie, Fan15, Donald, Mr. Valdefierro, P.Caslev, Artur, Clive, Craig Barnhart, Ferd, David McCosh, Shawn Wink, Jaron, Ignacio, Dana, Darke, Kuman, Larissa Bohm, Yvette Many times!, Toni, Natalie, and more. I suggested people leave their e-mails and we would post them; there are a few but I want to make sure I have them copied all down correctly before posting them. Lee has added an )obvious( quote from Renne to the quotes because he felt but that Rennee was farely so poorly in the polls, evidently his popularity with the ladies on the show has not translated into success on the poll here. This is indeed a very strange story; we have a site more popular than any lee every did while he was actively did while he was actively keeping sites; hosted by someone who doesn't watch the show anymore and seldom contriubtes anything; i just update the page in response to the attention the site receives; tho i know nothing about the show. Further it must take some secret resitance code to get to this site; because I have no idea how all these people found this site; it has only sometimes been on some search engines and frequently disappears from them. If you could, in the name space would you add where you found out about this site. I have attempted to seek other english language renee sites on the web(how many different ways have I spelled renne?)--and there is precious little; many are dead links and others contain no information--if there were any good rennee sites obviously we wouldn't be getting this much attention; thank you all--e-mail addresses next time; and i'll try to get lee to expand the form to allow for e-mail listings and more info; like where you found the site, comments etc. (We tried moving his old guestbook from defunct pages but weren't able to do so--also will be searching web for any other allo allo sites worth viewing. By the time you read this site count should be up to 800!; about 1 form submission and 7 hits per day. Does anyone know how many episodes of renee were made? fill in name blank on form or e-mail to e-mail address. allo allo again.

Herr Flick has evidently been interfering with transmissions; (or some other technical difficulties have occured)--actually; tripod initated a new page building system which we haven't been able to crack but following some clues from michelle of the resistance we have found our way back, after a weeks abscence to the old page builder--so NEXT WEEK we promise to be back with updates, modifications and corrections. Hopefully in time to celebrate our 1,000th visitor! HI. How do you like the new form questionaire? expanded!

We were able to quite a bit of work on things today; regretably Lee hasn't done much page editing for about 6-8 months and we had a lot of problems and lost some text but we got it all back! We'd like to spread out some of the sections so they're not so run together but that's when we got in trouble, attempting to do that; so for now it will have to be the way it is; we have overall now 92 votes which i will retabulate and reprot next time. Also will hold e-mails till next time; thanks to steve and kathy and anyone else; we are sad to say kathy has confirmed lee's concern that the original leclerc "died during filming"; we dedicate the rest of our efforts to his memory. Enjoy the new form and new vote total and e-mail report next time. bonus: new vote count; since i mentioned Rennee was running behind in the voting there has been a groundswell of support; current vote is: crabtree 32, leclerc 26, rennee 22 and gaining fast, gruber 3, michelle 2 and yvette 1.

Allo Allo Again; We've attempted to spread out and reformat previous content; also since there was no place to write in your "other" vote, we've added a long box for that purpose. Since we added the country box we've heard from england and the netherlands so far. Thanks again to Kathy Hansbrouck for informing us of the passing of the original LeClerc "during filming"--also to Steve Bauer who writes to say that he has a friend who every time he calls says "It is I LeClerc"!. I am going to attempt an initial E-Mail directory:

If any of these are incorrect, or you do not want your e-mail on the site; please let us know. Hope you like the improvements; site is now up over 1000 visitors; will be back next week with updated vote, new list of respondents names (additonal ones since first one)--and hopefully more e-mail addresses ; also need to go thru and attempt to correct some mistakes here and there; but overall think things have improved a bit, thanks for your support! NOTE: JUST A QUICK ADDENDA; WE HAVE NOT ABANDONED YOU TO THE COMMUNIST RESISTANCE! Lee has been busy starting up a new website on another topic and with other matters at hand we have not be able to update for a couple weeks; we have had a number of form/poll signers, the new choices given have been taken advantage of tho we sitll haven't got the "other" thing figured out , or you haven't, or this the best we can expect from "allo" fans--as every one is still voting for "other". Sadly, allo has been abandoned altogether by the local pbs channel; first it had been dumped deep into the late, late,late show hours and now appears to have been replaced by something that mite be a descendent of European Journal. We encourage you to fill in your home country in the "country" box on the form; we have heard from the U.K. of course and France and the NEtherlands and Belgium; We promise more changes and improvements and info and a poll update and new list of names of poll respondents and any additions to the e-mail directory next time; until then a happy holiday season from leeclerc'allo allo page

Lee Buchenau

Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

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