She was my biggest supporter; she was like a second
                          mom.  She was a half-sister,  but we were just sisters.
                          I have
also two half-brothers , 13 and 14 years  older;
                          but I’m not as close to them as I was to my sister. All
                          are from my mom’s first husband, who died of cancer
                          before I was born.

                          My dad basically raised my older half-siblings from
                          the time they were very young.   A few months after
                          my  parents  died,  I got a message from a DNA site
                          that I have another half-sister.  My  dad  was  in  the
                          Army and often joked that I could have half-siblings
                          somewhere.  The problem is, I don't want to acknow-
                          ledge or meet this new sister.  I feel bad,  but  to  me
                          I am my dad's only child.    I was raised pretty much
                          as an only child, since my older half-siblings were so
                          much older.

                          I took the DNA test to examine my heritage, not rea-
                          lizing it might find another sibling somewhere. This
                          news has wrecked my life.   This "new" sister keeps
                          messaging me, and I've blocked her on social media.
                          I don't want her even to see pictures of my family. I
                          I can't even post their pictures on Clutterbook  Face-
                          book lest she see them.  Am I being selfish?

                                                                              DNA gone wrong
Dear Dana: