They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing the real coin, especially with favorable lighting, is better, but the internet sure beats Photograde. Most of the images are PCGS, the rest are NGC, and the gradual improvement in quality should be obvious. Luster, detail, surfaces: these are the things to look for in a Liberty Eagle.

Luster: is present in VF grades only hugging the stars and lettering. It gradually sneaks into the field. Full luster shows up around MS62. Intense luster is seen on higher graded coins.

Detail: weak strikes hurt, even in circulated grades. Some issues usually come with weak strikes, but the later dates are usually well struck. Areas often softly struck: obverse stars, obverse hair, reverse neck, upper wing, and leg feathers, arrow feathers.

Surfaces: the left obverse field usually gets the worst of it, and is noticeably scuffy sometimes even in MS64. Inspect the other fields as well, and Liberty's cheek and nose.


The obverse is softly struck, but the reverse has good details. Above average surfaces, but what little luster is left is drab.


Nice luster for the grade, but the eagle's neck is softly struck, as are some obverse stars. Some ticks on Liberty's cheek and in the field in front of her face.


A scratch on the temple, but otherwise fairly clean. Sharply detailed, but the luster could use more flash.


Lotsa bright luster. Surfaces are good, there is a little scratch at 7 o'clock. Sharp except for hair over ear, and a few obverse stars.


Sharply detailed, with luster sneaking deeper into the fields. Liberty has a little cut on her nose. Other little cuts are by stars 7 and 13.


There is no indications of wear in the photo, except in the fields. The exposed fields show breaks in the luster, which covers the devices, stars, and legends. No obvious marks, but close inspection would certainly reveal myriad trivial scuffs.


Note the band of luster circling stars 9 through 13. Sharp except for some strike weakness over Liberty's ear. Minor marks can be seen on Liberty's jaw, bust, in field in front of her forehead, also on reverse near I in UNITED.


Ticks under Liberty's eye make her appear to be crying. Well struck. Note that luster is weaker in the exposed fields than it is on the devices.


Spectacular luster, and full strike. Without question an uncirculated coin, but scuffy, and with a shallow dig above the date.


Well struck and lustrous, but the obverse is peppered with ticks, notably below Liberty's eye, and in front of her chin.


A lustrous beauty, and fully struck. Even in a photo, however, scuffs can be seen in the fields below star 8, and below eagle's wings.


Very lustrous, fully struck, but shallow scuffs under star 8 and on Liberty's jaw and chin. Don't tell anybody, but this coin could be overgraded.


Terrific luster (the dark patches would change location as the coin is rotated) but still there are faint ticks in the fields. There appears to be a die crack connecting D in UNITED to S in STATES. This, of course, would not affect the grade.