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Here You'll Find Some Things Thats Special to Us

Here you'll find stuff that 
may be of some interest to you.

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Hi!! My name is Margie Haas and this is my family!

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 My oldest Son Mike, and Sue. 
They have Brandy, Girl age 5.
And Matthew David, Newborn 

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My next to oldest Son, Jim.
  Father of 3 of my grandchildren.
Victoria age 10 , Stephanie age 8
and Anthony Age 5.    

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Jenny my only daughter and her husband Rick.
They have a daughter
Leah, age 5 now and 
Rick is also my Busines Manager.


  All above give me 6 grandchildren all together.
I love all of them,
as any Grandparent would Love, and More.


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  Wayne Age 22. Single and My, Oh yes, My youngest.
On his own in his own place.

   He hates when I call him My Baby....


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