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An interview with CHERIE CURRIE

There was a magic when we were together....

-As this is a Runaways fanzine I'd like to begin with some questions about your time with them - Who had the idea of you wearing a corset on stage? I mean it was really something new and unusual especially for a girl at the age of 15 or 16...

*Cherie: It was my idea, I happened to see it in aboutique across the Starwood, I saw it in the window and tried it on, I loved it and bought it.

-In which way you have changed since then and which attitudes you still have?

*Cherie: I've changed completely, in many of my attitudes. I still feel 16 at heart and passionate about my music, but now I'm more passionate about life.

-If you could go back now to this time - what would you change?

*Cherie: I'd change the business structure around us. We had very poor management... I feel our manager, producer and road manager added to break-up of the band.

-What were your worst experience in the Runaways?

*Cherie: The deterioration of the friendship.

- And what were the greatest or nicest experience?

*Cherie: When we were all getting along... Japan was the greatest.

- How would you describe the tour in Japan? It seems like they treated you as a goddess and forgot about the other girls. I mean you were a teenager - wasn't it something like going "Wow, I'm the greatest..."?

* Cherie: No, that's not true at all! They treated us equally, we were all treated fabulously... everyone had their own fans.

-To come to the present - now you're pregnant - will it postpone the reunion or will it not happen ever?

*Cherie: According to the rough schedule I've been given, no, everything would proceed as planned, all I'd need is for someone to hold the kid!



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-To be honest, I can't imagine The Runaways coming together again - you all grew up, some are mothers, the others are musically totally different - do you think it can work?

*Cherie: Absolutely! There was a magic when we were together, and I fully expect that to happen again.

-What was your first thinking about the reunion as you get to know that Joan will join?

*Cherie: There would only be a reunion if the three of us agreed to do it.

-Would you have done the reunion without Joan?

*Cherie: Same answer

-Did Mercury Records tell you any news about the 4 CD box set collection which they wanted to release at the end of the year?

*Cherie: Yeah, we're supposed to be adding to that.

-Have you any offers to do a movie again?

Cherie: I just did a TV pilot for a musical variety show called "The Street Singers", of which I would be  one of the hosts; and I did an appearance in "Mayor of the Sunset Strip" I'm always open to doing more acting.

- And which would be the most exciting part in a movie you'd ever like to play?

* Cherie: I'd love to work with Jodie Foster again... I'd play her retarded deformed sister to work with her again, ha ha!

- Do you think you missed something in life because you lived a rock'n'roll life for so long? It seems now that you are really happy with your life...

*Cherie: I've had a very exciting life and I'm looking forward to more of it! ... And I fully expect that to happen again!

- Have you anything you'd like to tell your fans?

*Cherie: Thank You, Love You, Miss You. Hope To See You Soon!