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This web ring is devoted to the exchange of information surrounding the Certified Nurse Assistant.

What does Nursing Assistant mean?

Member of the health care team who provides care to the resident, meeting his/her physical, psychosocial and individual needs.

The Nurse Assistant, the most important hands on care giver in the long term care profession. Without your sincere dedication, devotion to your patients and desire to promote high quality care, it would be impossible for us to satisy the social consciousness of the nation toward our frail and elderly patients.

What Is It?

A Web Ring provides an opportunity to link sites on a similar theme in a circular fashion. One can start anywhere in the chain, and by choosing the "next link" option at each site, surf CNA on the net until they end where they started, having visited all the links in a chain.

What are the criteria?

The sites accepted into the ring must:
* Be related to CNA, HHA, RNA, AIN, CENA etc Hospice or Palliative care i.e. caregiving, bereavement, psycho - social - spiritual care of the dying, Terminally ill, ONE ON ONE Caregiver

* Contain content and design that is generally appropriate to the task of educating about Certified Nurse Assistants, Hospice and is "child safe."

* Include the required HTML code on the accepted page.

(by this I mean, You do not have to have the image version on your
homepage. **But, YOU DO as of 9-7-2000 have to have the TEXT version, to the CNA Ring Easily Seen on your page, that is being shown.
If you included all the rings you are associated with on one page, it would never Load. Therefore, I've allowed you to use a Text only Version, and or a Image Version (see below) of your choosing

All sites are subject to approval by the Certified Nurse Assistant ring manager who reserves the right to refuse or remove any site for any reason.

How do I join?


I am moving our Webring To Ringsurf Please, rejoin here below Rather than Yahoo. It is too hard to make changes in Yahoo, and they will eventually post banners and advertisements to our pages. Thank You for rejoining.

1. Submit your site to the ring.

2. Your site will then be reviewed for inclusion and you'll recieve an e-mail notifying you of the results.

3. If accepted into the ring, instructions for placing the html code on your page will be sent by e-mail.

For any difficulties, let me know. I'll be glad to help you in any way I can.

**If you know how to view pages by Document source, You can drag this code and insert it to your hard drive until you receive your Webring id Number**
You may change the Lettering Size, to whatever Font Size you prefer.
please note, where the cna;id=0 YOU WILL CHANGE THAT 0 TO THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO YOU. when I e mail you the coding.
YOU MUST COPY AND PASTE INTO your html coding of your page the full coding beginning with all arrows etc. that you see in your document source. When the e mail arrives with YOUR CODING PLEASE, insert the coding to your page.

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4 Years of being on the Web HOW MUCH WE HAVE GROWN!!!! Thank you CNA's for making us be seen on the WWW when at one time there was nothing available for us.