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I was an Innkeeper for over 20 years, but recently retired. My wife Jean and I owned and operated the OLD WORLD INN in New Orleans since 1982. Before that, I was in broadcasting (also, about 20 years), as well as being a professional singing actor and salesman. Recently, I joined Toastmasters . Hopefully, there will be life as a professional speaker now that I have retired from the hotel business).

In the near future, I will be adding to this web page the speeches I have made so far.

I was in broadcasting for approximately
20 years, (Alabama, Mississippi and New Orleans) alternating with various sales endeavors.

I am also a professional singer/actor. I have traveled the U.S. & Canada with various performing groups and have sung leading roles in Summer Stock as well as in local productions. I have appeared on many radio and television programs as well as in radio and television commercials.

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Family ties have become increasingly important as the years go by. I became interested in genealogy several years back and have been able to contribute some information to the Matkins Information Center in Montana. It was a surprise to learn that there are several hundred Matkin(s) families in the U.S. & Canada. On a trip to England a few years ago, we met with several Matkin families. More recently, I learned that the name is popular in the Ukraine and possibly originated in Russia. The word for mother in russian is "Mat".

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Family History My Parents My Son

Jean is a former model and television weather program hostess and commercial spokesperson.

She is also a talented harpist.

Several years ago, a group of professional actors and/or broadcasters got together to re-create old time radio scripts as a fund-raiser for WRBH-FM, Radio for the Blind in New Orleans. This led to the creation of a non-profit organization, New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc., of which I was a co-founder and am now President and Executive Producer. We have recently been involved in a project to create a Radio & TV Museum in New Orleans. However, that appears to be an idea whose time has NOT come. We have closed down the project. Very sad not to have gotten any funding or enough interest to continue. For further details see the New Orleans Radio Theatre web page below.

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New Orleans Radio Theatre, Inc.

Paul Yacich

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