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Well folks..thisis it. While hits haven't been too much of a problem, interest has. So this page is pretty much not going to be updated again period unless I get some good submissions and a surge of interest. My own interests have shifted away from the World of Darkness as well. I have recently begun to activly participate in what has always been my first and only true love among role-playing games. R. Talsorians classic CyberPunk 2020. I'm setting up a site currently, and while there isn't much there yet, not even a counter, that will Soon change. I already have some materiel worked up, I just need to get it into html format, and posted up on the web. So..having said that..Sayonara for now.
The NEW page

Welcome to what will soon be a future repository for the players of White Wolf's World of Darkness games. I want to do something along the lines of B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness...i.e. a repository of fan created supplemnts and the like. However unlike B.J.'s I will also try and include chronicle and NPC information...however..I would prefer to avoid actual PCs....otherwise I'm going to get people sending me their characters..that they probably jacked up untill they are powerfull enough to take on Caine..and win. Now I'm not sterotyping anyone, or trying to limit what types of WoD things I post...but if you have a character you want posted..I'll take a look at it...and see if I approve or not, if it looks decent I'll post it. Also if the character is important to information about a Chronicle you want posted, in that case it will get posted along with the chronicle.

Now being the good, and broke citizen that I am...I have to add this little part here.

No information that will be found in this archive, in whole or in part, is meant as a challenge to White Wolf Games, or any other copany. All copyrights are held by White Wolf Games and any other respective owners. the submiisons are copyright to their individual authors.

Now with that out of the way, it should be understood by Everyonethat all the material here will be public domain..and as such avalible free for download or printing it straight from the site. I'm saying this, to avoid running the risk of someone jumping my case over people getting their work.....so if you don't want it distributed to the public..that's fine....But we don't want it if yer gonna be like that ya selfish bassards

Ok now that all that has been said..we get to the most important part....IN ORDER FOR THIS SITE WE *gesturnig to sock puppet on hand as the 'we'* NEED YOUR HELP! *and no not the mental kind either...sockie and I aren't THAT crazy* so if you have any ideas burning in that back brain of yours for World of Darkness things...send 'em to me. The best formats to send me are MS Works (4.0 best) regular text files...and basically just about anything Windows 95 can read, except HTML, I use my own style...which is a fairly simple format that will make the files easily readable..so leave the coding to me. Also I would like if you prefer your name and e-mail address, so A: If I see anything wrong with the file I can let you know before I post it B: The people who read and enjoy..or don't enjoy it, know who to write to with any cooments and/or praise, they'll know who to send it to...and what to call you.

Well that's about all I can think of to say about the site right now...you'll find my e-mail address at the bottom so you can get those comments and submissions coming in. Also hopefully here soon, I'll add a few links to sites of this type already around, I just need to contact the owners/webmasters of those sites and make sure they don't mind.


Oh one note on submissions please try and edit your own spelling, grammer etc. I'm sure there are already mistakes on this site I missed, because I'm not the greatest at spotting that stuff and hopefully there will be enough submissions..and interest in the site...I won't have time to correct submissions for little mistakes before posting them. Well that's all I can think of at the moment

Well here they are..the first of the links are here! Whoo hoooooo!

Blessed Be

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