The HDWF900

24 Frame Progressive Scan
HD Camcorder

NOTES:  1.)The Dynamic Range improvement kit, UGK-F900 is available now. It will improve your dynamic range from 300->1 to 500->1. Click here for more information.

2.)Please check the current software version in the camera if you currently own one.  Click here for more information.*.

Sony's Cine Alta Site

Visit Sony's CineAlta site!

It's here and it's being used by a lot of people!  Sony's HDWF900 camcorder is currently being sold and used in a lot of different places. It has all the basic features of the HDW700A plus a 24psf frame mode.  And whole collection of other different frame rates and other set up features.  It is a 12 bit DSP camera, though, while the HDW700A, HDW750 or HDW730 are all 10 bit DSP cameras. This gives it an edge in picture quality that the other HDW cameras don't have . The 24psf plus a 1/48 (read 180 degree) shutter, gives you the HD version of film.  Shooting in 24 frame HD give you more time per shot, as you are not limited to 11 minute loads, and you can see the dailies at the end of the day, instead of the next day.  A lot of pre production work can be performed on site, as opposed to in the lab.   Lucas Film has finished principal shooting of Star Wars II and III on the Panavision version of this camera. (They are using the HDCF950 for the green screen) .The theatre realease was amazing!  We couldn't tell it wasn't shot on 35mm stock. We have also found out that Fox Television's TITUS, the WB's Earth; Final Conflict, and the canceled CBS show, Diagnosis Murder are being shot with either the Sony or Panavision version of this camera. From what we have seen of all these shows, you can't tell that it was shot in HD when you see it. Even here in the lab we're very hard pressed to see a difference.

It is our understanding that this camera can be used in the same 1080i scan mode as the original HDW700A along with the 24psf mode, plus several other scan rates. As of this writing, Plus 8 Digial, Wexler Video, Bexel, Movieola and F/VESCO Denver all have several cameras available.  (They may be out on a shoot though.......)


For those of you who are looking for more from you HDWF900 the "/3 "or Slash 3 conversion or upgrade is available now.  You can purchase the kit from your Sony Broadcast Dealer or from Sony direct.  The kit is known as the UGK-F900.  It contains a new DR board for the ccd block and a new AD board for the digital processing.  It also contains a 5600K filter that can be used instead of the star filter. The kit improved the overall dynamic range from 300->1 to 500->1 to allow for higher light to dark ratio shots.  The cost of the kit, from what we understand, is $4500.00.  Sony Service will install it for a flat rate of $250.00.  You can also install it yourself, but the Sony warranty may not apply.  Contact Sony Sales for mor information.  (Note: If your camera is not a "/2", IF software 1.40 or higher, you will need to have your unit upgraded to a "/2" before the UGK-F900 can be installed.)

As soon as we get some more information for you, it will be right here! (Or you can visit Sony's CineAlta site for more on this great HD camcorder)

*The current software version for the HDWF900 is 1.42 and improves function performance with the remote RMB150 controller. If you have version 1.24 or 1.27, Sony recommends you upgrade now. We are not sure if there are costs involved, but if your camera is still under the original warranty, it should be covered by the warranty. The upgrade is available at Sony service centers in the Burbank, CA., Norcross, GA. and Oradell, NJ.  Call ahead to verify they can do it for you in a short period of time. If you currently have  v1.30 we suggest you upgrade to the  1.40 version.  For more information we suggest you contact Sony Broadcast Service.  This is considered a "/2" or Slash 2 camera.

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