The HDW750 and HDW730
High Definition

The HDW700A has been discontinued now. The NEW replacements are the HDW750 FIT  HD CamCorder and the HDW730 IT HD CamCorder.  

These NEWHD CamCorders are smaller than the HDW700A but have the same performance as the HDW700A.  The demonstration model, HDW750, that we saw also had HDSDI outputs directly out of the unit.  You didn't need a separate adapter. (This may be an option board though, and we will find out for you.)

They are both 10 bit processing cameras, as was the HDW700A, but now have the newer image sensors that are similar to the HDWF900 image sensors, and based on the same technology. They appear to be about 1/2 F stop more sensitive than the HDW700A, but give you the same picture quality.

The units are roughly the same size as the DNW SX camcorders, which makes them smaller and lighter than the HDW700A. They also include a spot for your wireless mic receiver in the rear of the unit.

Due to the improvements in the image sensors, the HDW730 may actually perform as well or better than the HDW700A in regards to smear and sensitivity.  If you are in the market for a 1080i HD camcorder, one of these may be the the one for you!

We will be adding more information as it becomes available to us!

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