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   Canadian Government Involvement in Vietnam



           Through the Canada-United States Defence Production Sharing Agreements, industry in Canada furnished some $2.47 billion worth of war material to the United States between 1965 and 1973. The records of the agreement do not provide, however, a comprehensive picture of Canadian arms sales to the United States.

          In 1972, for instance, when the figure for sales under the Agreements was $175.0 million, Pentagon sources indicate that U.S. military procurement in Canada totalled at least $226.0 million.

          This increase in U.S. purchases in Canada coincides with the escalation of the Vietnam War. In 1965, purchases in Canada jumped 55.6 per cent.

         "Peace in Vietnam, if and when it comes, would hit Canadian aerospace factories hard," declared David Goldmen, President of the Air Industries Association . "Right now the demand for some items by the U.S. military is so acute that competitive pricing takes second place to fast production capabilities." (Financial Post, September, 1967).

            On the basis of an official Pentagon survey of contracts worth $200,000 or more for the years, 1968 to 1974, it appears that at least 37.5 per cent of all Canadian defence sales ($447,023,000) consisted of materials destined for the Southeast Asia theatre. Decoding Pentagon and other confidential sources determines that each of the Canadian products in the accompanying list were contracted for by the United States and shipped to the Indochinese war theatre.

Canadian Products Destined for Vietnam

 A-7 Navigational Systems

A-7A Map Display Systems

Aircraft engines, gasoline

Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components

Aircraft Launching Equipment

Airframe Structural Components

Ammunition 30 - 125 mm

Antenna Waveguides

Anti-Personnel Grenades

Armor, Personnel

Artillery Propellants

Beaver, Caribou, and other aircraft systems

Bomb Bays


Cartridge Cases and Bomb Bodies

Chemical Defoliants
     Agent Orange

Communication Equipment

Crane and Shove Attachments

Crash Position Indicators

Demolition Materials Raft

Doppler Navigational Systems

Electrical and Electronic Parts

F-4 Rolls Royce Engines

Otter Landing Gear Equipment

Passenger Motor Vehicles

Pipes and Tubes

Plastic Personnel Ground Burst Mines

Power Conversion Equipment

PT6 Twin Engines for Beech King

Prefabricated Buildings

Radar Equipment Airborne

Radio Relay Sets

Radio/TV Equipment, except Airborne

Bulk Explosives

F-4 Weapons Release Systems

F-5 Fuel Cells

F-5 Wing Mounted Fuel Tanks

Fibreglass Bazooka Barrels

Flight Instruments

4.3 Inch shells

Fuses and Primers

Gas Reciprocating engines

Gas Turbines and Jet Engines

Gear Boxes


Green Berets

Helicopter Landing and Security

Helicopter Rotor Blades

Helicopter Simulators

Helicopter Transmission

Hydraulics for F-111

M53 Gun Sights

Maintenance of Aircraft Engines

Mercury Batteries

Modification of Rebuilding of Aircraft

Mortar Casts


Octral Bursting Agent

Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment

Remote Vapour Detection Devices

Rocket Warheads

Rubber Fuel Tanks

Rye Whiskey

Smoke Grenades, Flares and Pyrotechnics

Special Purpose Clothing

Sweep Wing Actuation For F-1


Tires and Tubes, Pneumatic

Trucks and Truck Tractors

Underwater Sound Equipment

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