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Hello,and welcome to my page devoted to the greatest gaming series of all time.....SPACE QUEST!!!This page hasn't been updated for awhile,but as of today,May 14 of the year 1998,it is being updated(I can't believe it either).Ok,now first off,please don't send me anymore e-mail asking for the Space Quest games.If you really want them,go buy them,or better yet,buy the Space Quest Colllection(I did and I love it).It really isn't that much money and if you want to know where you can get,feel free to send me an e-mail.Now that thats all said and done with,later there will be some more downloads and I'm gonna try to start giving out awards for the some of the cool Space Quest sites that are out there,so if you have a site devoted to Roger Wilco,Space Quest,Fester Blatz,or anything else in the Space Quest Universe,let me know.Also,if you are visitor number 500 let me know by either signing my guestbook,or e-mailing me.I'd like to thank all the people that have put up a link on on their page to mine,so everyone,thanks.Also,the quote of the week will be changed to the quote of the month since I can't find that many quotes to use.Thats about it,hope you enjoy my site and remember,if you have any questions,comments,or suggesions,let me know and I'll do what I can do.

The quote of the Month is:"Zap Zap,your dead"-Gary Owens,Space Quest 4

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Vistor number 500 was David H.,and he wins this cool space shuttle,compliments of Tiny's Used Space Vehicles located in the Ulence Flats,so David,enjoy(don't forget to check out David's site,the World 'O Wonders,in my list of links)

Here are walkthrus for all 6 Space Quest games

Click here: for the walkthru to the Space Quest 1 VGA version
Click here: for a walkthru for the original Space Quest
Click here: for a walkthru for Space Quest 2
Click here: for another walkthru for Space Quest 2
Click here: for a walkthru for Space Quest 3
Click here: for a walkthru for Space Quest 4
Click here: for another walkthru for Space Quest 4
Click here : for a walkthru for Space Quest 5(NOTE-when trying to get the cloaking device,I have found 2 other combinations to the device,so if the one in the solve doesn't work,e-mail me,and I will send you them)
Click here: for a walkthru for Space Quest 6

Welcome to the downloads area.Note-these are all .zip files,you will need Winzip at www.winzip.com

Click here: for the Space Quest 6 theme song
Click here: for some cool Space Quest icons

The Space Quest Time-Line
Space Quest:The Sarien Encounter- Realeased in in 1986 and came on two 360k floppies, with 16-color graphics and no soundcard support,it introduced our favorite intergalctic janitor/hero,Roger Wilco and is billed "The Game That Started It All".It defined the classic Space Quest humor and was one of the first computer games to use an arcade sequence(the skimmer scene).

Space Quest II:Vohauls Revenge- Released in 1987 on three 5-1/4" disks.Rogers uniform was an improvement from his previous one,with his purple sleeves and boots.Space Quest II introduces Sludge Vohaul,a man that plays a big role in Roger's future.

Space Quest III:The Pirates of Pestulon- Released in Spring of 1989,this was the first Space Quest that supported a soundcard.The Two Guys are introduced as characters,and the classic Astro-Chicken game is introduced.Also,the game details the aftermath of Roger's mail fraud with Arnoid,the Exterminator droid.Roger's uniform is similar to his one in Space Quest II,only with an added transmitter on his belt.In the graphics,Roger's mouth dissapears(freaky,if you ask me).

Space Quest IV:Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers- Released in 1991 with 256-color graphics and a point and click interface.The plot is,Rog is sent thru time by his son from the future to stop Sludge Vohaul from conquering Xenon.Roger still wears the purple sleeves,and his tunic is once again white(he looks pretty cool with the new uniform and all tose graphics).Another freaky thing with Roger,his hair changes color from brown to blonde(change is a good thing).Gary Owens also makes his first appearance as the narrator.

Space Quest I VGA Remake- The original Space Quest was re-released in 1991 with a new VGA look.The game was still given the 1950s Sci-Fi movie look.The graphics were like the ones used in SQ4,and it used the original story.It also had a point and click interface like SQ4.

Space Quest V:The Next Mutation- Released in 1993 and used the Dynamix game engine and graphics.This game was also the break-up of the Two Guys from Andromeda.Only Mark Crowe helped make this fifth installment to the series.It used VGA graphics and remained point and click.In this game,Roger commands an intergalactic garbage scow named the Eureka.It also introduces the self-centered Captain Quirk,Roger's future wife,Beatrice Wankmeister,and Roger's wacky and lovable crew of Flo and Droole.Also,Roger's mail fraud is revisited with the bounty huntress droid,WD-40.The Space Quest humor(as always)is present,and the game is focused on being a Star Trek parody.Roger gets a new uniform,leaving his janitors suit for a Star Confederacy uniform.

Space Quest VI:The Spinal Frontier- Released in 1995 and appeared only on CD-ROM format(the first of all the Space Quest games to do so).There were many changes to the game,such as the designer(Josh Mandel to Scott Murphy) and also the title.The graphics and sound ,I thought,were spectacular.Rog also goes back to his janitors uniform(my favorite of all his suits.The most notable change to his clothes as to the prior games that used the janitors uniform was the StarCon crest that appeared on the center of the uniform.In this sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the sequel to the game that started it all,Roger is once again janitors,and is stationed on Deepship 86.Roger stumbles onto a plot that will drain the life out of Roger's new love,Stellar Santiago,and into the newest villain to the Space Quest universe(and the deadest,she gets killed off),Sharpei.

I will now shed some light,
On Space Quest 7(wasn't that PUNNY,BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,ok,I'm done)

Space Quest 7 IS on its way,but there is no official release date.It should be released within the next year-and-a-half to two years,around Christmas of '98 at the earliest.Scott Murphy and Leslie Balfour are currently working on the game.

Here are some images from Space Quest 7

NOTE-to see a picture at full size,right click with your mouse and then select "view image"the image should go to full screen.There is really no info on the alien at the top with the cigar,it may be an original sketch of the alien in the middle.The alien in the center is known as Dougie,which has been described as a slime monster.Leslie Balfour stated that,"Dougie likes to hang around with his friends on the street corners of Polysorbate LX and haslle people(or other things)that walk by.Rog may have to deal with Dougie,but for now,Dougie and his friends are enjoying their existence without fear of Roger or anyone else".This means that Rog may be heading back to Polysorbate LX in SQ7.The last image is a cool looking laser pistol.It was recently revealed by Scott Murphy,that this gun will not be an inventory item,but an image on the upcoming Space Quest 7 website that Sierra will put out(to bad,it would have been cool to see Rog blast Dougie into the next millenium,oh well).

There is NOT a playable demo of Space Quest 7,YET.The Space Quest team is working on such a thing as we speak(or as we read,or something).There is,however,a non-interactive preview of Space Quest 7 on the new Space Quest collection which can be ordered from Sierra.The preview can also be found at the Wilco Burger(which I have a link to).

Space Quest 7 will be a 3D game,however it will not require a 3D accelerator card.Also,Space Quest 7 will NOT be a role-playing game,it will still be an adventure game(no complaint here).There will however,be some type of a multiplayer feature in the game.

The wacky rumor that Space Quest 7 will be a Duke Nukem shoot 'em up game is FALSE.As Scott Murphy said,"Rogers not a fighter,he's uh...,well he's not a fighter except when he has to be"(I couldn't agree more).

It is also unknown if Roger will jettison Bea or Stellar in SQ7,but you have to remember,Bea is supposedly Roger's future wife.And then theres Stellar Santiago,a Starcon Corpsman that Roger got to know up-close and personal,inside and out(for those of you taht are not familiar with Space Quest 6,Roger shrinks down and actualy goes into Stellars body).When Scott Murphy was asked if Roger would leave Stellar for Bea,Scott cryptically said,"Obviously you've never seen Beatrice in the morning."

For those of you that are wondering who the head villain will be in SQ7,the Space Quest 7 AVI on the Space Quest collection indicated that Sludge Vohaul will be the head villain.

Also,in SQ7,we will find out more about Roger's past from before the Sarien Encounter(SQ1).This right now is all the information I have right now on SQ7,for more info,you should check out the Virtual Broomcloset,or The Official Save Space Quest 7 homepage(I have links to both).

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