Extracts of names from "Dissent in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth" by Hywel D Emanuel published in The National Library of Wales Journal 1954-5.
Reproduced here with permission of The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Transcribed by Caryl Williams
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1807, May 13; Protestant (endorsed); Anabaptist); the house of Thomas NICHOLAS; Thomas PREECE, Partridge SIMS, Marmaduke JONES, Thomas NICOLAS, William PROBURT; No 225. (Endorsed; 1807, September 15)

1818, April 25; Protestant (endorsed; Baptist); the dwelling house of William RUDGE, farmer; the said William RUDGE, Jacob WATKINS, James HUGHES, David WILLIAMS, William LEWIS; No 226. (Endorsed; 1818, May 21)

1820 June 12; Wesleyan Methodist; the house of David THOMAS of Cupids Hill; the said David THOMAS; No 227 (Endorsed 1820, August)

1825 May; Protestant; the building called the Town Hall; Thomas LOADER, James JENKINS; No 228. (Endorsed 1825, May 12 )

1829 January 19 Protestant (endorsed Welsh Calvanistic Methodist); a house occupied by George BENNETT, cordwainer; the said George BENNETT, Ebenezer SKEEL, Prees DAVIES, J (?) ROWLANDS; No 229 (Endorsed ; Received 1829, January 21)

1840, April 1: Protestant; the Town Hall; William HUMFREYS, Bridge street, Hereford; No 231. (Endorsed: Certificate dated 1840, August 13)

1846, September 7; Protestant (endorsed; Christians); a room in the house occupied by Richard FARRE; William YAPP of Bridge street Hereford; No 232. (Endorsed: Certificate dated 1846, September 19.)


1818, March 24; Baptist; a dwelling-house called the Slow occuoied by William PRICHARD, farmer: Thomas HARRIES, Richard LLOYD, Thomas HOPKINS; No 233. (Endorsed; 1818, April4)

1829, November 6; Protestant (Endorsed; Bible Christian Society); a dwelling house belonging to Thomas SIMMONS and occupied by him; William MILLER of the hamlet of Porthcassegg, parish of St Arvans, co. Momnouth, minister Thomas SIMONS, John PRICHARD; No 234 (Endorsed; Registered 1829, November 11)


1805, July 17; Baptist; the house of Samuel JONES; John HIER, Minister, Johnathan DAVIES, John WILLIAMS; No 235

1805, July 17; Baptist, the house of Mary SAMUEL called Henllys court; John HIER Minister, Johnathan DAVIES, John WILLIAMS; No 237

1824, April 8 Particular Baptist, a building called Castle y Buch or Castle House; Thomas GEORGE, John SAMUEL, William JONES, Phillip JONES, Joseph LOYDD, William THOMAS, Joseph WILLIAMS, No 238 (Endorsed 1824, April 28)

1837, November 17; Baptist Zoar Chapel; William REES of the parish of Llanfihangel Llantarnum, Co. Monmouth, farmer a trustee of the said chapel, R.E REES, William REES; No 239, (Endorsed 1837, December 8)

Hirwaun, parish of Aberdare

Undated (endorsed; received 1826, June 15);Particular Baptist; a meeting house called Ramoth; William JONES, Thomas HOPKINS, Thomas JONES, John RICHARD, Isaac FRANCIS; No 240.

1850, January 15; Latter Day Saints; a room adjoining the Patriot Public House; Daniel EVANS from the parish of Abedare; No 241, (Endorsed; Certificate dated 1850, January 18)

Kemeys Commander

1820, August 10; Independant; a house called the Ty Isay (or the Lower House), the property of William Richards; the reverand David THOMAS, William RICHARDS, William RICHARDS, Thomas MORGAN, Benjamin MARFELL; No 242 (Endorsed 1820, September 29)

Kemeys Inferior

1821, July 9; Independant; a chapel; James WILLIAMS, Pastor, Isaac PASK, James BAILIS, John EDWARDS, Rees GRIFFITHS; No 243. (Endorsed 1821, July 16)


1817, August 21; Independant; a house called Lletty'r Deryn occupied by William PASK, farmer; the Reverand David THOMAS, James PASK, John PASK, Isaac PASK, William PASK, James POWEL; No 244. (Endorsed 1817, August 27)

1846, January 9; Bible Christian; a certain Building; James MORGAN, George MICHAEL, Robert MALPAS; No 245. (Endorsed; certificate dated 1846, January 30)


1830, October 2; Protestant (endorsed; Methodist); a certain meeting house; David EDWARD, farmer; No 246. (Endorsed; 1831, January 3)

Langstone or Llangstone

1820, September 22; Independant; a house called Coyd y Caerau, the property of James BAILEY and occupied by him; the Reverend David THOMAS, the said James BAILEY, David FRANCIS; No 247. (Endorsed; 1820, September 29)

1820, November 27; Baptist; the dwelling house of Elizabeth HOWELLS; David PHILLIPS of Caerleon, Co. Monmouth, Dissenting Minister, the said Elizabeth HOWELLS, William JAMES, Mathew WILLS No 248. (Endorsed; Certificate dated 1820, December 23)

1851 February3 Latter Day Saints, a house situated at Catsash; Thomas WILLIAMS of Newport Co Monmouth; No 249. (endorsed; Certificate dated 1851, February 4 )


1809, May 24; Wesleyan; a house called Ty Maes Y Llan in the possession of Mathew MORGAN; Edward JONES, Minister, William JENKIN, Edward MORGAN, Thomas THOMAS, John EVANS, Mathew JOSEPH, Mathew MORGAN; No 250. (endorsed 1809, May 26 )


1826 October 23; Protestant (endorsed; Calvanistic Methodist); a dwelling house in the occupation of Ann RICHARD, spinster; Richard THOMAS farmer; No 251 (endorsed; Received 1826 October 23)


1802 February 4; Protestant; the dwelling-house of Marmaduke JONES; the said Marmaduke JONES, John WILLIAMS, James JONES; No 252 (endorsed; Certified 1802 February 4 )

Undated (endorsed; Registered 1810, January25); Independant; a house called Lower House inhabited by David PRITCHARD; James WILLIAMS, Minister, William WATKINS, John JAYNE, David PRICHARD; No 253.

1818, September 3; Baptist; the dwelling house of William JONES, farmer; the said William JONES, David PRICHARD, John JAMES, William POWELL; No 254


1759 August 5; Independant; the house of Stephen JONES; Abraham WILLIAMS, William JONES, Stephen JONES, Thomas JAMES; No 255. (Endorsed; Registered 1760, November 20)

1816 May 5; Protestant (endorsed; Wesleyan); a school room called the Sunday School Room; Thomas HUGHES; No 256 (endorsed received 1816 May 21)

1818 January 1; Baptist; a dwelling house called Blaenycwm in the occupation of Lewis LEWIS; William JONES, Thomas HOPKINS, Samuel PERKINS; No 257 (endorsed; Received 1818, January 17)

1820 November 8 Baptist; the New Glasgoed chapel; Lewis LEWIS of Glasgoed, Co Monmouth, Dissenting Minister, William ROBERTS, John WILLIAMS; No 258. (endorsed; 1820, November 17)

Llanbedr, Co Monmouth

1821 June 28; Protestant (endorsed; Calvanist); the dwelling house of James WILLIAMS; John ARMITAGE of Newport, Minister of the Gospel; No 259.


Undated (endorsed; 1758); Independant; the dwelling house of Elizabeth LEWIS at Byrthun now erected and fitted for a meeting house; Henry DAVIES, David WILLIAM, John VAUGHN, Henry MILLER, Thomas HERRY(?), Rees JENKINS, Lewis DAVID, Thomas RICHARD, Thomas DAVID, Thomas STRADLING, Richard MILES, Lewlin ROBERT, David WILLIAM, Mary RICHARD, Marry (?) MORIS; No 260.

1797 February 18; Independant; a house situated in the village of Aburthin used as a meeting house for many years past; John WILLIAMS, Thomas WILLIAMS, David RICHARD, David THOMAS, Henry EDMUND, Jenkin JEREMIAH, David OWEN; No 261 (Endorsed; Registered the same day)

1800 June 2; Independant; a house in the possession of Robert REES; Howell POWELL, Thomas THOMAS, William THOMAS, Watkin JACOB; No 262.

1802 June 25; Independant; a house called Maindy (endorsed; Newly-erected); Willaim THOMAS, Watkin LEWIS, Richard JENKIN, Hugh MORGAN, David JOHN, Richard THOMAS, members of the said church; No 263 (endorsed 1802, September 23)


Undated (late 18th Century) Presbyterian; the dwelling house of Richard DAVID; the said Richard DAVID, William EVAN, Thomas DAVID, Richard WILLIAM; No 265.

1816 April 27 Welsh Methodist ; a buidling called the Tithe Barn; Christopher BALLARD, farmer; No 266. (endorsed received 1816 April 27

1818 September 18 Baptist; a building called Bethlehem; Thomas EDWARDS 1818 September 18 Baptist; a building called Bethlehem; Thomas EDWARDS of Lanbethery in the parish of Lanfarcan, farmer Richard Lloyd (?), Philip DAVID, William JONES; No 267.

1821 June 29; Protestant (endorsed; Wesleyan); the dwelling house occupied by Christopher BALLARD, shopkeeper, situated at Lancadle, the propery of Evan SYMMONS, gent.; the said Christopher BALLARD; No 268. (endorsed 1821, June 30)

1832 June 9; Protestant (endorsed; Welsh Methodist); a dwelling house in the occupation of William SAMUEL, yeoman, at Llanbethery; the said William SAMUEL; No 269. (endorsed 1832 June 11)

1835 March 28; Calvanistic Independant; a meeting-house erected in the said parish; Benjamin MORGAN of the parish of Lalncarfan, Minister of the Gospel, John WILLIAMS :No 270

1835 December 1; Calvanistic Methodist; a buliding called Zoar; Benjamin EVANS of the parish of St Fagans, Minister of the Gospel; No 271.


1802 January 19 Protestant; a room in the house of Thomas JAMES; the said Thomas JAMES, William WILTON, William EVANS, Rachel FRANKLYN; No 272. (endorsed; Certified 1802, January 19)

1804 November 6; Protestant; the dwelling house of Jonathan DAVID; John HIER, Harry REES, Edward EDMUNDS, William MATHEW; No 273 (endorsed; certified 1804, November 8 )

1809 January 28; Wesleyan; a dwelling house called Betharan in the occupation of Thomas LEWIS; Edward JONES, Minister, William EVANS, David ROSSER, Thomas LEWIS, Edmund LEWIS, John JONES. Thomas JONAS; No 274. (endorsed 1809, March 11)

1814 August 9; Wesleyan; a chapel; David JONES, Minister of the Gospel; No 275 (endorsed; Registered 1814 August 9)

1817 March 1; Welsh Methodist; the dwelling house of William LEWELYN, farmer; the said William LEWELYN, ; No 276 (endorsed Received 1817 May 8)

1818 February 20; Baptist; a dwelling house held by virtue of a lease by William MATHEWS and lately occupied by ---- HOWELL; Griffith DAVIES, William JONES, Lewis LEWIS; No 277, (Endorsed 1818 March)

1845 (endorsed; Certificate granted 1845, January 28); Indeoendant; a building situated near Llandaff yard; David DAVIES, Minister of the Gospel; No 278.

Llanddewi Fach

1834 January 22; Protestant; a house erected in the said parish being part of the estate of Francis JONES; David DAVIES, Minister, Edward WRENCH; No 279.

Llanddewi Rhydderch

1819 September 7; Protestant; the dwelling house of John WILLIAMS farmer; the said John WILLIAMS, William DAVIES; No 280 (endorsed; 1819, November 19)

1826 October 14; Independant; a house occupied by Francis MORGAN carpenter; Francis MORGAN Thomas PARRY, James KINSEY, Thomas REES; No 281 (endorsed; Received 1826 November 6)

1827 June 6, Baptist; a new bulding erected on a part of the estate of John WILLIAMS of Treseison in the parish of Llanddewi Rhytherch, farmer; the said John WILLIAMS, William JONES, Andrew WILLIAMS; No 282 (endorsed Received 1827 June 30)

1829 May 15; Protestant (endorsed Calvanist ); a house in the possession of Wiliam COWLES caled Moseroth; Henry JONES, John BOWEN, J. (?) Rowlands, Ministers: No 283 (endorsed; received 1829, May 16 )


1784 February 6 Independant; the dwelling house of Edward EVANS; William THOMAS, Francis MORGAN, William WILLIAMS, Lewis EDWARDS, Herbert WILLIAMS, Edward FRANCIS, John GIBBON, William JONES, Henry MORGAN, Thomas HARRY, Henry THOMAS; No 284 (endorsed; registered 1784, February 12 )

1817 September 23; Baptist; a dwelling house in the occupation of Henry THOMAS; John HIER, William JONES, John JENKINS; No 285


Undated (endorsed; Registered 1813, August 6); Baptist; the house of Stephen ROBINS; James WILLIAMS, Edward EVANS, John DAVIES, John HARRIS, Thomas DAVIES, Stephen ROBINS; No 286.

1823 August 20; Baptist; a building being the property of Edward George, blacksmith, in the occupation of the said Edward GEORGE; William JONES, Thomas THOMAS, Thomas HOPKINS; No 287. (endorsed; Received 1823, September 1 )

1840 May 21; Protestant; a chapel and premises in the holding and occupation of James MORRIS; the said James MORRIS; No 288. (endorsed; 2/6d. sent to Llandaff)

Llandevaud, Parish of Llanmartin.

Undated (endorsed; Certificate dated 1850, January 24) Latter Day Saints; a house beonging to John THABALD; John VENTRIS of the parish of Lalandaff; No 289


1802 April 6; Protestant; the dwelling house of Christopher MORRIS; Thomas FOXALL, William MORRIS, Stephen GAMES; No 290 (endorsed; certified 1802, April 13 )

1802 October 8; Protestant; a chapel; Thomas TURNER, William JONES, Christopher MORRIS, John SYDSERFF (?): No 291 (endorsed; certifiied 1803, February 15 )

1821, July 13; Baptist; a dweling house in the occupation of Charles WILLIAMS mariner; John EDY, Thomas HOPKINS, William FEREDAY; No 292

1824 October 21; Baptist ; a building called Hephzibah; John EDY of the town of Cardiff, baker, John GOWER, Charles LEWIS, William WILLIAMS; No 293 (endorsed; 1824 November 4 )

1826 July 17 Protestant (endorsed Bryanites); a dwelling house in the occupation of James HODGES; John ENYON, Minister, William MORRIS, John WATKINS, William HOPKINS; No 294 (endorsed; received 1826 July 19 )

1829 September 22; Baptist; a new building called BEULAH; John EDY of the town of Cardiff baker, James HOWELL, Edward STEPHENS (diocesan registrar); No 295 (endorsed registered 1829, September 22 )

1830 September 20; Baptist; a house in the possession or occupation of Susan NUEL; John EDY, John LEWELLIN , Edward STEPHENS (diocesan registrar); No 296 (endorsed received 1830, September 22)

Llandough, Co Glamorgan

1821, May 12; Baptist; the dwelling house of John GEDRYCH, farmer, being part of the estate of the marquess of Bute; the said John GEDRYCH, William EDWARD, Thomas PHILLIP; No 297 (endorsed; 1821 May 14)


,P> 1839 April 30;Particular Baptist; a meeting house; William EDWARDS of the parish of Llandaff, farmer, John WILLIAMS; No 298.


1820 May 4; Protestant; a meeting house called Capel Newydd; Morgan THOMAS of the parish of Coychurch, farmer, Thomas WILLIAM, David WILLIAM; No 299. (endorsed; Registered 1823, April 9)

1831 June 14; Baptist; a building called Paran intended for use as a chapel; William WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, William BUTLER, John JENKINS; No 300 (endorsed; Registered 1831, June 15)

1843 November 10, Independant; a building called Bethania; Hopkin HOPKINS, farmer, and Morgan WILLIAM ; No 301 (endorsed; Registered 1843, November 10)


1841, August 11; Calvanistic Methodist; a meeting house called Hepzibah; Henry JONES of St Mellons, Co Monmouth, Minister of the Gospel; No 302. (endorsed certificate dated 1841, August 12 )


1812 March 9; Independant or congregational; a dwelling house called by the name of Hewl Gerig occupied by James WILLIAMS; Emanuel DAVIES, Minister, Henry HOWELL, William ANDREWS, Samuel HOWELL, Thomas MORGAN, Thomas EVANS, William ROSSER, William JONES, Josiah DAVIES, Rees DAVIES, Daniel JAMES, Edmund HOSKINS; No 303 (Endorsed; registered 1812, April 21)

1819 September 7; Protestant (endorsed; Particular Baptist) ; the dwelling house of John DAVIES, farmer; the said John DAVIES, William DAVIES; No 304 (endorsed 1819, December 9)


1812 June 6 Calvanistic Methodist; a house called Capel Trod yr Rhyw; John REES Minister, Morgan LEWIS, Evan RICHARD, John HARRY, Edward HARRIES, John ROWLAND, Rees MATHEWS; No 305 (endorsed registered 1812, June13)

1815 February 2; Independant; a meeting house called Cpel Mavon; Hopkin BEVAN, Minister, David EVAN, Evan RICHARD; No 306. (endorsed received 1815, March 16 )

1827 March 16; Independant; a building called Leachwenleadan in the occupation of Thomas THOMAS, farmer; the said Thomas THOMAS, Edmund BYVE (?); No 307. (endorsed Received 1827 March 16)

1831 March 9; Independant; a building called Zoar in the occupation of Thomas THOMAS of Leachwenleaden, farmer; the said Thomas THOMAS; No 308)

1833 May 2; Independant; a meeting house called Libanus; Lewis LEWIS (of) Trefychan, farmer; No 309.

1838, May 9; Protestant (endorsed; Welsh Methodist); a building called Ebenezer; David LEWIS of the parish of Llanfabon, collier; 310. (endorsed; 1838, May 18 )

1848 December 16; Latter Day Saints; a school room in the village of Llanfabon; Dan JONES of the parish of Merthyr Tydvil; No 311. (endorsed; 1838, May 18)


1804 April 13; Independant; a newly erected house called Providence Tabernacle; Daniel JOHN, Walter THOMAS, Edward LEWIS; No 312.

1817 May 22; Baptist; a building called Bethany; William MORGAN, William JONES, Thomas BEAVAN; No 313 (endorsed 1817, August 28)

1827 July 10; Protestant (endorsed; Bryanites); Gilcal Chapel beonging to and occupied by John Lewis JAMES, John HARRY, George GODWIN; No 314. (endorsed; 1827, July 18 )

Llanfair Kilgeddin

1802 February 4; Protestant; the dwelling house of James WATKINS; the said James WATKINS. Miles EDWARD, Thomas EVANS; No 315. (endorsed; certified 1802, February 4 )

1821, June 5; Protestant (endorsed; Calvanist); a messuage or tenement called Y Pistill in the occupation of Francis DAVIES, farmer; the said Francis DAVIES; No 316, (endorsed 1821 June 8 )

1823 October 30 Protestant; the dwelling house of William MORGAN, farmer; the said William MORGAN, Thomas HARRIS, Benjamin JONES, Charles MORGAN; No 317 )

Llanfihangel Crucorney

1822 June 3 Protestant (endorsed; Wesleyan); the dwelling house of Mary MADDY, farmer; the said William WOODALL of Abergavenny, Minister of the Gospel, John GLASBROOKE, Jamess PRICE; No 318 (endorsed; received 1822, July 8 )

1837, December 30; Protestant (endorsed;Particular Baptist ); a building or meeting house; Jeremiah GRIFFITHS, farmer, residing at Alltyrnis in the parish of Walterstone, Co Hereford; No 319 (endorsed 1838, January 12 )

Llanfihangel Llantarnam

1837, November 17; Baptist; the dwelling house of Rees Edward REES, farmer, called Ty Coch; the said Rees Edward REES, William REES, Wiliam REES; No 320 (endorsed 1837, December 8 )

Lalnfihangel Tor y Mynydd

1817 June 29; Independant; a house called the house of Charles EDWARDS, the ame being vacant; the Reverend David THOMAS, Joh PASK, John WILLIAMS, William EDWARDS, James POWEL, James PASK, Isaac PASK, Samuel PHILIPS, Charles EDWARDS, John WHITE (?), John EDWARDS, James PRITCHERD; No 321. (endorsed 1817, August 27 )

1834 January 16; Protestant (endorsed Bryanites) a house in the possession of W. MORRISE; William RUNNALLS of the parish of Barton Reevs ( ? Penterry) Co Monmouth; No 322, (endorsed Received 1834, January 29 )

Llanfihangel Ystern Llewern

1818---; Baptist; the dwelling-house of John EDWARDS. labourer; the said John EDWARDS, Thomas CAWTHURN, John HAND, Thomas WATKINS; No 323.

1844, November 25; Baptist. a chapel capapble of holding one hundred and fifty persons more or less; Walter DAVIES, farmer, of the parish of Llantilio Crossenny, Co Monmouth, one of the trustees of the said chapel, Thomas COBNER, Thomas LEWIS; No 324. (endorsed certificate dated 1845, January 3 )


1828 December 11; Baptist; a dwelling house in the occupation of Wiliam GODWIN situated at Llanfoist near Abergavenny; Charles EVANS, Seth EVANS, J WYKE, John DANIEL, J JENKINS, James DANIEL; No 325. (endorsed received 1828, December 26 )


1815 November 2; Particular Baptist; a house built for assembly and worship; George CONWAY, Wiliam CONWAY, Benjamin CONWAY, Job JENKINS, Edward JENKINS, Evan EVANS, Griffith WILLIAM, William POWELL, John DANIELL, John CONWAY, Joseph CONWAY, No 326 (endorsed; registered 1815, November 7 )

Llanfrecha Lower

1803 October; Baptist; a new house called Sion Chapel near the Tinplate Mills; John JENKINS, senior, David JENKINS, William LEWIS; No 327

1827 March 28; Baptist;a dwelling house, the property of Moses WILLIAMS situated near Crossyceilog and occupied by the said Moses WILLIAMS; Henry ABSALOM, John ROGERS, John WILLIAMS; No 328 (endorsed Registered 1827, April 23)

Llanfrechfa Upper

1839 March 11; Baptist; a new chapel called Siloam situated in Cwmbran; Stephen PRICE of Pontnewydd in the parish of Trevethin, Baptist Minister, Thomas HOPKINS, William JONES; No 329.


1838 April 20 Independant; a building called Saron. William GRIFFITHS, minister of the Gospel, David JONES; No 330. (endorsed; 1838, April 21 )


1759, August 5; Independant; the house of Harry THOMAS; Thomas ROGERS, John WATERS, Frabcis MORGAN, John JONES; No 331 (endorsed; Registered 1760, November 20)

1812 October 17; Baptist; a malthouse belonging to Thomas EVANS; Thomas EVANS, Baptist Minister at Caerleon, David ROGERS, David ROGERS, Junior, William MILLS, John JONES, No 332 (endorsed Registered 1812, November 24 )


1759 September 5 Independant; the house of William CHARLES; William CHARLES, Abraham WILLIAMS, Rees WILLIAM, Stephen JONES: No 333 (endorsed Registered 1760, November 20)

1820, December 25; Baptist; the dwelling house of John RICHARDS, freeholder; the said John RICHARDS, John WILLIAMS, Thomas MORGAN; No 334 (endorsed Received 1821 March 12)

1824 April 27 Protestant (endorsed; Independant); a house occupied by John WILLIAMS called Langattwg’s Court; John WILLIAMS, Thomas REES, Ebenezer SKEEL; No 335. (endorsed 1824 October 18)

Llangattock Lingoed

1818 March 15; Protestant (endorsed; Baptist); the dwelling house of Nicolas PRICE, farmer; the said Nicholas PRICE, Thomas DAVIES, John MILLETT, Jacob WATKINS, No 336 (endorsed; 1818 May 21)

Llangattock Vibon Avel

1837, April 5, Protestant : a dwelling house and premises situated at Newcastle in the above parish in the holding and occupation of John PHILLIPS of Newcastle aforesaid; the said John PHILLIPS, William BEAHAM; No 337. (endorsed; 1837, April 8)


1820, May 22, Independant; a house being the property of Thomas GEORGE and occupied by him: the Reverend David THOMAS, James GRIFFITHS, William RICHARDS, Isaac PASK, Thomas GEORGE, John WILLIAMS; No 338. (endorsed 1820, July 5 )


1812 March 18; Baptist; the house of James GEORGE; the said James GEORGE, Edward POWELL, William POWELL, Philip LEONARD, Thomas EVANS, Baptist Minister; No 339 (endorsed Registered 1812 July 4)

April 1: Independant: a house called Tu’r Ysgol occupied by Michael THOMAS, smith; David THOMAS, John MORGAN, William EDMOND, Richard JONES, Philip MORGAN, Micah THOMAS, James WILLIAMS, Minister; No 340 (endorsed Registered 1814, April 14)

1818 March 24 Baptist; a dwelling house called Heolas occupied by William HERBERT farmer; William JONES, Thomas HOPKINS, E. HOPKINS,; No 341. (endorsed 1818, May 21 )

1818 August 9; Independant; the Union Chapel; James WILLIAMS, Minister, Edmund E(D)MONDS, deacon, Edward JONES, John THOMOS, John JONES; No 342. (endorsed; Registered 1818, August 11 )

Llangwm, Co Monmouth

1802, September 8; Baptist; a building lately erected and called Penuel; Thomas REES, Thomas WILLIAMS, John JONES, John REES, William REES; No 343. (endorsed; 1802, November 11 )

1818 March 24; Baptist; a dwelling house called Bayliau occupied by Wiliam Arthur, blacksmith; Samuel PERKINS, John GOWER, William JONES; No 344 (endorsed 1818 April 4 )

Llangwm Uchaf, Co Monmouth.

1840 May 7; Particular Baptist; a certain building or meeting house; David Phillips of the parish of Llangattock-iuxta-Caerleon, Dissenting Minister; No 345, (endorsed; Certificate dated 1840, June 10 )


1800 February 22; Independant; a new meeting house erected in the village of Langonoyd; Evan JENKINS, Rowland GRIFFITH, Thomas RICHARD, Morgan POWELL, members of the said society of Independants; No 346.(endorsed certified 1800, February 24 )

1843 November 2; Protestant (endorsed; Calvanistic Methodist); a chapel or meeting house called Babell situated in the village of Llangynwyd; Richard THOMAS of Pencoed in the parish of Coychurch, Minister of the Gospel; No 347. (endorsed certificate dated 1843, November 11.)

1844 May 21, ; Baptist; a building called Sion, being part of the premises appertaining to a blacksmith’s shop; Thomas HOPKIN of Maesteg in the parish of Llangynwyd, Baptist Minister, Daniel WILLIAMS, William WILLIAMS, Joseph WILLIAMS, John HOWELL, Robbert TERRY, John JONES; No 348. (endorsed; certificate dated 1844, may 24 )


1824 May 23; Independant; a meeting house called Penuel; Shadrack (al. Shadrach) DAVIES of Talygarn, Dissenting Minister, Thomas RICHARDS, Evan JENKINS; No 349 (endorsed; received 1825, February 3)


1759 August 5; Independant; the house of John JENKINS; John WATERS, John JONES, William WILLIAMS, William ABSOLOM; No 350 (endorsed; registered 1760, November 20)


Undated (endorsed; registered 1795, August 20); Independant; the dwelling house of William JAMES called Skyborwen; William JAMES, Minister, Lewis THOMAS, senior, and Lewis THOMAS, junior, deacons, William THOMAS; No 351.

1802 January 4; Protestant; the dwelling house of William ROBERTS; Joseph ROBERTS, Nathaniel WATKINS, Charles WILLIAMS, John MICHAEL, John JONES, John SYDSERFF; No 352 (endorsed certified 1802 January 19 )

Undated (endorsed; 1819, July 18); Particular Baptist; a building called Ty Gwillim: Thomas HARRY, Thomas LEYSHON, Thomas JONES, Charles MAYSEY, Henry CAMPBELL, James EDMUNDS, Morgan EVANS, Henry REES, Edmund JONES, John JONES; No 353.

1842 March 29; Bible Christian; Bethel Chapel; Samuel BENNETT, Dissenting Minister; No 354 (endorsed certificate dated 1842, May 13)


1829 October 31; Protestant (endorsed; Bible Christian Society); a dwelling house belonging to John WATKINS and occupied by John MORGAN; Abraham MORRIS of the hamlet of Porthcasseg in the parish of St Arvans, Co Monmouth, Minister, John MORGAN, John GLASS; No 355 (endorsed Registered 1829 November 11)


1814 October 24 Independant; Bethel Chapel; Evan WILLIAMS, Minister, Edward TAMPLIN, Isaac BEVAN, George REESE, William BEVAN, Francis EVANS, : No 356 (endorsed Registered 1814, October 26 )

1820 May 22 Independant; a house, the property of Isaac PASK and occupied by the same; the Reverend David THOMAS, James GRIFFITHS, William RICHARDS, Isaac PASK, Thomas GEORGE, John WILLIAMS; No 357 (endorsed; 1820, July 5 )

1829 June 20; Independant; a house, the property of Thomas HARRY and occupied by the same; David THOMAS Pastor, Walter WOOD, Thomas FARMER; No 358(endorsed Received 1829, June 27)

1841 February 22; Calvanistic Methodist; a meting house called Bethel; Benjamin SAMUEL of the parish of Bishton, farmer (subscribed; Bishton Castle, Bishton); No 359 (endorsed Certificate dated 1841; July 15)


1807 May 3; Baptist: a house erected for divine worship; Benjamin LEWIS, Daniel MORGAN, Henrry JENKINS, Richard JONES, William MORGAN, Thomas PHILLIPS, part for the whole; No 360 (endorsed Registered 1807, May 4 )

1807 May 29; Wesleyan; a chapel erected on a piece of land called the Code; Thomas LITTLEHALES, William SMITH, Richard THOMAS; No 361 (endorsed registered 1807 June 16)

1820 October 14; Baptist; the dwelling house of Thomas MORGAN, freeholder; the said Thomas NORGAN, John HARRIS, Marmaduke JONES, John RICHARDS; No 362 (endorsed Certificate dated 1820, November 25)

1821 June 5; Protestant (endorsed; Calvanist); a meeting house called Peniel; Evan WILLIAMS of the parish of Goytrey, Minister of the Gospel; No 363 (endorsed; 1821, June 8 )

1823 December 15; Particular Baptist; a building called the Lower Hendre in the occupation of Ann JAMES; Jenkin HARRIES, Protestant Dissenting Minister, the said Ann JAMES, John PHILLIPS, Thomas MORGAN, No 364.

1826 January 6; Baptist; a new bulding called Ebenezer; Thomas JONES of the parish of Llanover; Labourer, one of the trustees Thomas THOMAS, John DAVIES, John ROWLANDS, No 365. (endorsed granted 1826 January 6)


1799 April 26; Protestant; the dwelling house of William ELLIS: Morgan DAVID, Minister John WILLIAMS, John HARRIS, William ELLIS, William EDMUNDS; No 366

1802 February 4; Protestant; the dwelling house of John WILLIAMS; the said John WILLIAMS, Seth JENKINS, William ELLIS; No 367 (endorsed; Certified 1802, February 4 )

1827 May 29; Protestant (endorsed Bryanite); a dwelling house belonging to Charles HARBURT and occupied by him: Charles BLAKE of the hamlet of Porthcassegg in the parish of St Arvans, Co Monmouth; the said Charles HARBURT, John WILLIAMS, Thomas JONES; No 369 (endorsed 1827, July 18)


1759 September 15; Independant; a vacant house of John WATERS called Ty’r Yscol; William GEORGE, William MORGAN, John WATERS, William PHILIP; No 370 (endorsed; registered 1760, November 20)

1818 April 8; Protestant; the dwelling house of William LEWIS; Rees DAVIES of the town of Newport, Minister of the Gospel, William LEWIS, John WILLIAMS: No 371. (endosed 1818 April 9)

1834 August 9; Independant; the dwelling house of Thomas EDWARDS, surgeon, called the Three Black Birds, Croesimwlch; David HUGHES, Independant Minister at mill street, Newport; No 372

Llantilio Crossenny

1807, September 8; Anababptist; the house of William WILLIAMS in Tal-y-coed village; Micah THOMAS, J. WYKE, Marmaduke JONES, William WILLIAMES, John PHILLIPS, James JONES; No 373 (endorsed 1807, September 15)

1809 October 26 Particular Baptist; the house of Thomas HARRIS, Micah THOMAS, J.WYKE, Evan HERBERT, John JONES: No 374 (endorsed registered 1809 November 11)

1818 April 18; Protestant (endorsed; Baptist) the dwelling house of William THOMAS farmer,: the said William THOMAS, John HICKS, William PHILLIPS, John LEWIS, No 375 (endorsed 1818, May 21)

1818 April 27; Protestant (endorsed; Baptist) the dwelling house of John JONES, labourer; the said John JONES, Enoch WATKINS, Thomas WALBEOFFE, Valentine OWENS, No 376. (endorsed 1818 May 21)

Llantilio Pertholey

1768 February 3; Presbyterian; a house called the Newhouse situated at the Bettus in the above parish in the tenure and occupation of James JONES; No 377 (endorsed Registered 1768, Febryary 4)

1812 March 28; Calvanistic Methodist; a hopuse called Capel y Forest y Moil; William HARIES, Minister, William JONES, John WILLIAMS, Henry POWELL, William EVANS, No 378, (endorsed Registered 1812, April 3)

1817 April 15 ; Protestant (endorsed Baptist) the dwelling house of James DAVIES, farmer, called Ty yn Wern; the said James DAVIES, Micah THOMAS, J HARRIS, J. JENKINS; No 379 (endorsed; Received 1817, May 5 )

Llantrisant, Co Glamorgan

1801 January 16; Protestant; the dwelling house of Thomas LEWELLIN; the said Thomas LEWELLIN, Thomas DAVIES, William DAVIES : No 380 (endorsed certificied 1802 January 19)

1803, May 30; the persuasion of Whitfield; a house late in the possession of Edward WILLIAMS of Istrad BARWICK (?) ; William LEWIS, John WILLIAMS, Richard WILLIAMS, Thomas HARRIES, David EVAN, Evan WILLIAM, William MORGAN, Evan JAMES, John EVANS : No 381

1807 February 3; Independant; a room, part of a house belonging to James JACOB, called the George; Griffith HUGHES, the said James JACOB, Thomas LEWELLIN, William MORGAN; Richard OWEN, W. JOHN, Evan JAMES, John EVANS: No 381

1809 September 6 Independant; the newly built house called Bethel Chapel; James JACOB, William MORGAN, Thomas LEWELLIN: No 383 (endorsed Registered 1809, September 6 )

undated (endorsed Registered 1810, July 9); Particular Baptist; the house adjoining the mill of Pont Rywsae(s)on, now in the possession of John JENKIN: James PERROT, Pastor of the paricular Baptist congregation assembling at Cross Park in the parish of St Nicholas, Richard JONES, Lewis EDWARD, Thomas GRIFFITH, Evan LEWELLIN, John THOMAS, David JOHN, part for the whole; No 384

1812 March 28; Wesleyan; a house in the occupation of William JENKINS; William DAVIES, Minister, Edward WILLIAMS, Thomas DAVIES, Thomas THOMAS, William JENKINS; No 385 (endorsed; Registered 1812, April 9)

1812 December 16;Protestant; the dweling house of Catherine Evan, widow, called Caerlan; the said Catherine EVAN, Morgan JONES, Robert THOMAS, William THOMAS, Howel HOPKIN; No 386 (endorsed; Registered 1812, December 17)

1813 June 22; Protestant (endorsed; Presbyterian; the dwelling house of Robert WILLIAM of Trevyrhg ishaf, labourer; the said Robert WILLIAM, Morgan JONES, Robert THOMAS, William THOMAS, Thomas ROWLAND: No 388 (endosed Registered 1813, July 3 )

1815 January 9; Calvanist; a building called Ty-Canol; Evan WILLIAM, labourer, Shadrach DAVIES; No 389. (endorsed; Received 1815, January 9 )

1823, October 3; Baptist; the school-room of Edmund JONES, Baptist Minister, situated in Swan Street, being the property of R.F.RICKARDS, esq, of the town, but in the occupation of the said Edmund JONES; the said Edmund JONES, William MORGAN, Samuel HUSSEY; No 390 (endorsed Certificate dated 1823, October 6 )

1826 May 1; Baptist; a house built upon the property of J.HARRIS, Treverheg, situated near the Crosskeys; David JAMES of Llantrisant, Baptist Minister, William MORGAN, William JONES : No 391, (endorsed; Received 1826, May 1)

1828, November 19; Protestant; a chapel called the Tabernacle; William JOHN, farmer; No 392 (endorsed; Received 1829, February 7)

1830 October 2; Protestant; a meeting house called ZION Chapel; Richard EVAN(s), farmer; No 393. (endorsed; 1830, December 13 )

1843, November 2; Protestant; (endorsed; Calvanistic Methodist); a chapel called Ebenezer situated at Dinas Cymmer; Richard THOMAS of Pencoed, parish of Coychurch, Minister of the Gospel; No 394 (endorsed Certificate dated 1843, November 11 )

Llantrissant, Co Monmouth

1810 April 6; Wesleyan Methodist; the dweling house in the occupation of John WILLIAMS; W.WOODALL, Minister, John WILLIAMS, John LEWIS, John ROSSER; No 395 (endorsed Registered 1810, April 18)

1812 June 22; Baptist; the house of Elizabeth EDMUNDS, Thomas EVANS, Baptist Minister, John HAYWARD, William JONES, the said Elizabeth EDMUNDS, Thomas ANDREWS, senior; No 396 (endorsed Registered 1812 July 7)

1841 February 19; Baptist; the dwelling house of William EDMUNDS, farmer; the said William EDMUNDS, John FRIR...(?), Richard ROBERTS; No 397 (endorsed Certificate dated 1841, March 1)


1786 June 7 Independant; the dwelling house of Edward MORRIS called Horse land, William LEWIS, Thomas JONES, , Evan JONES, Thomas JOHN, Richard THOMAS, Edmund DAVID, Richard WILLIAM, David WILLIAM, David WILLIAMS, Jenkin JEREMIAH, William JEREMIAH, John GRIFFITH, Evan DAVID, Morgan DAVID, William THOMAS, Jenkin JEREMIAH Junior; No 398 (endorsed 1808 March 2)

1814 May 2; Calvanist; a building called Garn, Thomas JENKINS, farmer, Shadrach DAVIES, Thomas THOMAS, No 400 (endorsed Registered 1814, July 2)

1815 April 10; Calvanist; a building called Pentwyn; Lewis DAVID, shopkeeper, Shadrach DAVIES : No 401. (endorsed Received 1815, April 10)

Llantwit Fardre

1812 June 9; Calvanistic Methodist; Bryntirion meeting house; Benjamin WILLIAMS, Minister, Thomas WILLIAMS, Evan EVANS, John WILLIAM, David MORGAN, Edmund JOHN, William LEWIS, David MORGAN, William DAVID, members; No 402 (endorsed Registered 1812, December 29 )

1831 July 19; Independant; a meeting house called Providence near Newbridge; Daniel THOMAS, Trallwm, preacher and lock keeper; No 403. (endorsed; 1831, July 21)

1842 May 19; Calvanistic Methodist; a chapel or meeting house called Saron situated in the village of Tre Forest; Lewis Thomas of the parish of Llantwit Fardre, agent; No 404 (endorsed Certificate dated 1842 May 19)

1842 July 14; Independant; a building called Tabernacle; Levi LAURENCE, Mimister of the Gospel; No 405 (endorsed certificate dated 1842 July 15)

1845 May 20; Baptist; a building called Libanus, Trefforest; David WILLIAMS, William EVANS, Moses THOMAS, William WILLIAMS; No 406 (endorsed 1845 May 21)

1849 February 7; Latter-Day Saints; a room situated over the White Hart, John PHILLIPS, of the parish of Eglwys Elain; No 407 (endorsed certificate dated 1850 March 14)


1799 March 26; Independant; a house near Melin y Court called Aberclydach, a house called Pandy, the dwelling house of Evan HOPKIN, a house on Clyne Farm in the occupation of William GRIFFITH; W. DAVIES, Evan HOPKIN, Thomas BOWEN, Richard JOHN, Thomas BOWEN, No 410

1799 August 5 ; Independant; a dwelling house called Gelly Gar Fawr occupied by Thomas HOPKIN, W.DAVIES, Evan HOPKIN, Thomas BOWEN: No 411

1800 September 9 Protestant; a meeting house called Melin Court; Thomas BOWEN, Richard JOHN, Thomas BOWEN; No 412

1802 March 21; Protestant; a meeting house called Melin-Court; Thomas BOWEN, Richard JOHN, Thomas BOWEN,: No 412

1802 March 21; Protestant; a dwelling house called Crythan in the parish of lower Llantwit near Neath; Thomas BOWEN, John HOWELL, Watkin WATKIN; No 413

Llantwit Major

1754 October 1 Presbyterian; the dwelling house of ‘our brother’ pierce CHARLES; Nicholas STOAKES, Thomas GRONOW, Thomas JAMES, Richard DAVID, Thomas OWEN, No 414 (Subscribed registered 6th October)

1807 March 10; Independant, a new meeting house called Bethesda Chappel, Thomas REDWOOD, and Thomas WILLIAM, Ministers, Henry EDMUND, Thomas JOHN, David JAMES, John GRIFFITH, David OWEN, Thomas WILLIAM, David OWEN, Thomas WILLIAM, David OWEN, Owen THOMAS, Timothy JONES, No 415, (endorsed certified 1807, March 12)

1813 June 10; Wesleyan; a chapel; Joseph ARMSTRONG of Cardiff, Minister of the Gospel, William WILLIAMS No 416 (endorsed Registered 1813 June 17)

1815 May 11: Independant Calvanist; a meeting house called Ebenezer, Watkin WATKINS, Minister, Robert WILLIAM elder, Thomas LEWLLYN, deacon, William THOMAS, No 417 (endorsed Received 1815 May 11)

1823 September 23; Protestant; a chapel or meeting house called the Tabernacle; Elias BASSETT of the parish of Lantwit major, gentleman; No 418

1830 October 22 Baptist; a meeting house or chapel called Bethel; Jabez LAWRENCE of the parish of Llantwit Major, Baptist Minister; No 419 (endorsed 1830 October 23)

1848 February 9 Wesleyan; a newly erected building called the Wesleyan Chapel at Lantwit Major;William White ROUCH of Cardiff, Wesleyan Minister; No 420 (endorsed Registered 1848, February 10) 1850 February 7; Latter Day Saints; a dwelling house; John JONES of the town of Bridgend; No 421 (endorsed Certificate dated 1850 February 7)


Undated (endorsed; Granted 1804, August 1 ); Baptist; the dwelling house of William WATKINS; William WATKINS, D. George DAVIS; No 422

1810 January 19; Independant; a newly-erected chapel called Providence Chapel; Emanuel DAVIES, Minister, John JAYNE, Joseph JAYNE, Henry JAYNE, William WATKINS, William ROSSER, John COWLES, David Lloyd; No 423. (Endorsed; Registered 1810, June 2)


1803 May 12 Protestant (endorsed; Independant); The dwelling house of David EVANS called the Smith shop; Emanuel DAVIES, Hanover, Thomas EVANS, William PARRY, Ebenezer SKEEL, No 424 (Endorsed; 1803 May 25)


Undated (probably in the episcopate of Richard WATSON, 1782-1816); Baptist; a house called Gelliworgan; Watkin EVAN, Mimister, Edward MORGAN, David MORGAN, Jinkin EDWARD, Thomas EDWARD, Morgan THOMAS, Lewis MORRICE, Morgan REES, Richard THOMAS, Jinkin THOMAS, David EDWARD, Rees DAVID; No 426

1811 January 26 Particular Baptist; a house called Carmel; John JENKINS, Minister, David ROBERT ‘diacon’ William GRIFFIS, Adam ROWLAND, Thomas RICHARD, Joseph WILLIAMS, Evan MORGAN, Evan JOB; No 427 (Endorsed Registered 1811, August 17 )

1812 August 15; Independant; a house called Cappel y Van Hallog; Benjamin WILLIAMS, Minister, John WILLIAMS, Joseph DAVIES, No 429 (Endorsed; Registered 1812, December 23) Undated (endorsed; Registered 1813, March 27) Particular Baptist; the dwelling house of Robert EVANS called Cefen-llecha-ycha; James PERROTT, Baptist Minister, Thomas EVANS, Robert EVANS, Evan THOMAS; No 431

Undated (endorsed; Registered 1813. March 27);Particular Baptist; the dwelling house of Evan MOSES called Ynus-y-bool; James PERROTT, Baptist Minister, Morgan JONES, William MORGAN, No 432

1820 November 18;Methodist a meeting house called Penuel; Thomas MORRIS of the parish of Llanwonno; shopkeeper; No 433

1839 October 14 Baptist; a chapel called Carmel situated at Newbridge in the parish of Llanwonno; James RICHARDS of Newbridge aforesaid, Baptist Minister, Thomas GIBBON, John WILLIAMS, No 434 (Endorsed; Certificate Dated 1840, December 15)


1776 June 17 ; Independant; a vacant house called Skibbor vach; Richard LEWIS, William JONES, William GEORGE, John RICHARD, Edward COSLETT, Morgan EVAN, Thomas LEWIS, William JENKINS, Henry THOMAS, William ROGERS, Edward DAVIES, Edward RICHARD, Rees THOMAS, Benjamin WATTS, Thomas SAUNDRS; No 436 (Endorsed Registered 1776 June 20 )

1808 March 12 Particular Baptist; the dwelling house of Edmund DAVID; Thomas HOPKINS, Jonathan DAVID, William JONES, No 437

1813 March 7 Particular Baptist; the house of William JENKINS, James EDMUND, Harry JONES, William JENKINS, John EDWARDS, No 438 (endorsed Registered 1813 April 3)

1813 May 24 Protestant (endorsed Wesleyan) a house called ‘Sgubor Fach in the occupation of William ROSSER; William DAVIES of Ely; No 439 (endorsed; Registered 1813 May 27)

1821 January 8 Particular Baptist a meeting house called Siloam; James EDMUNDS of Caerphilly, Baptist Minister, No 440 (endorsed 1821 January 12)

Undated (endorsed; Certificate dated 1841, May 10; Independant; a house , the property of Henery WILLIAMS, John ONES of Ruddry, Minister of the Gospel, No 441

1843 November 2 Protestant (endorsed; Calvanistic Methodist); a chapel or meeting house called Capel y Groes; Richard THOMAS, of Pencoed, in the parish of Coychurch, Minister of the Gospel; No 442 (endorsed Certificate dated 1843, November 11)

Maesteg, Parish of Llangynwyd

1840 March 30 Independant; building called Carmel near Maesteg Iron Works; William MORGAN, of the parish of Llangynwyd, Minister of the Gospel and a trustee of the said building, John JENKIN, John MARTIN; No 443 (Endorsed; 1840, April 2 )


1812 March 11 Baptist; the house of Mrs JAMES; Thomas EVANS, Baptist Minister, Mary JAMES, Thomas JAMES, William WALTERS, No 444 (endorsed Registered 1812, July 4)

1814 January 11 Protestant (endorsed Wesleyan) a dwelling house in the occupation of Thomas SMITH, farmer William WOODALL of Newport, Minister of the Gospel, William FOORD William WILLIAMS No 445 (endosed Registered 1814 January 28)

1817 May 22 Baptist; a building called Ebenezer; William JONES, Thomas LEONARD, Edward MORGAN, No 446 (endorsed 1817 August 28)


1825 December- Protestant (endorsed Independant) the dwelling house of William LEWIS; John ARMITAGE of Newport, Minister of the Gospel, William LEWIS, John WILLIAMS No 447 (endorsed Received 1825 December 13)


1824 January 20: Protestant; a certain messuage in the occupation of Edward JENKIN of the parish of Margam, yeoman, being the property of Christopher Rice Mansel TALBOT, esquire; the said Edward JENKIN, Thomas WILLIAM; No 448 (endorsed 1824 January 26)

1824 January 20 Protestant; a certain messuage in the occupation of Edward JENKIN of the parish of Margam carpenter, being the property of Christopher Rice Mansel TALBOT, esquire; the said William JENKIN, Thomas WILLIAM; No 449

1838 December 21; Welsh Calvanistic; a newly erected chapel called Beulah being the property of Christopher Rice Mansel TALBOT, esquire; David EVANS, blacksmith; No 450 (endorsed; Received 1839, January 14)

1844 July 12 Protestant (endorsed; Calvanistic Methodist) a building called Velinvach y Varteg; Richard THOMAS of Pencoed in the parish of Coychurch, Minster of the Gospel; No 451 (endorsed Certificate dated 1844 July 12)

1845 July 4 Protestant; Dyffryn Ajalon Chapel; Benjamin EVANS of St Fagans, Minster of the Gospel, No 452 (endorsed Certificate dated 1845, July 8)


1759 September 15 Independant; the house of Edward MATHEW, Morgan JONES, Abraham WILLIAMS, Daniel JAMES, Henry MORGAN; No 453. (endorsed Registered 1760 November 20)


1814 January 11 Protestant (endorsed; Wesleyan); a dwelling house in the occupation of John CHILDS, husbandman; William WOODALL of the town of Newport, Minster of the Gospel, Thomas WILLIAMS, Thomas ROWE, No 454 (endorsed Registered 1814 January 25)

1819 May 20 Wesleyan; the dwelling house of Richard PAIN; William BROCKLEHURST of Newport, Wesleyan Minister; No 455 (endorsed 1819, June 7)

1826 October 31; Wesleyan; a dwelling house in the occupation of Richard PAIN; Evan PARRY of Monmouth, Wesleyan Minister, the said Richard PAIN; No 456 (endorsed; Received 1826 November 4)

1832, December 12; Wesleyan; a chapel; John ROBINSON of Monmouth Welsyan Minister; No 457. (endorsed; Certificate dated 1832, December 17)

Merthyr Tydfil

1792 September 24; Baptist; the house of Morgan JINKINS called Back House in the village of Merthyr; Wiliam PRICE, Minister, Evan MAYBRY, deacon, Evan LLOYD, Rees DAVIES, David JONES, John LEWIS, Harri RICHERT, Harry THOMAS, David HARY, William THOMAS, Thomas WILLIAMS, Thomas JONES, John RICE, Thomas DAVIS with others (not named) making a total of 30; No 448.

1798 February 2; Independant; a room forming part of the Crown Inn; Howell POWELL, Thomas REES, Thomas WILLIAMS, Lewis FOSTER, John SALATHIAL; No 459

1799, December 10; Wesleyan Methodist; a newly erected chapel; C KIRKPATRICK, minster, J.T THOMPSON, David WILLIAMS, John EDWARDS, Lewis TREHERNE, Flonce MAHONEY, William EVANS, Roger EVANS, Edmund BROWN, leaders and members of the Methodist Society in Merthyr Tydfil, and James BIRCH, Samuel BIRCH, Thomas GUEST, Joseph MATHEWS, Cornelius GUEST, William SMITH, Benjamin MILLWARD, trustees for the said chapel; No 460

1800 June 6; Baptist; Ebenezer Meeting House, William PRICE, Minster, Rees DAVID, deacon, Thomas DAVID, trustee; No 461

1805 July 26; Independant; a newly erected chapel; called Zoar Chapel situated near Pontmorlas; Daniel LEWIS, Minster, David NICHOLAS, Lewis FOSTER, Isaac JONES, David JENKINS, Isaac DAVIES, William EVANS, Evan MORGANS, in the name of the whole church; No 462 (endorsed 1805 September 10)

1805 December 17 Independant : the house of Thomas WILLIAM, David OLIVER, Minster, William EVAN, Watkin PHILIP, Thomas WILLIAM, Nathaniel THOMAS, Edward HARRY, Jenkin WILLIAM, Thomas JONES, No 463 (endorsed; Granted 1805, December 27)

1806 July 3 Baptist; the dwelling house of the Reverend Edward EVANS called Llettu’r Glommen (the said Reverend Evan EVANS being the bearer of this petition); Daniel DAVIS, Minister of the Gospel, Thomas JONES, CLERK, William WILLIAMS; No 464 (endorsed 1806 July 4 )

1806 November 19 English Baptist (‘Whereas no regular service is kept in the English language amongst the Baptists in Merthyr Tydfil......’) the providence Chapel; DanieL DAVIES, Minister, William BOWEN deacon, Edward EVANS, Daniel DAVIS, Gwenllwyn (?), George BROWN, Thomas HOPKINS, John HICHHINGS, William MATHEWS; No 465 (endorsed Registered 1806, December 18)

1808 February 20; Independant; a house called Philadelphia; David NICHOLAS, Lewis FOSTER, and David JENKINS, congregation; No 466 (endorsed 1808 March 3)

1809 February 4 Independant; a house called Betharan; David NICHOLAS and David JENKINS, deacons. Lewis FOSTER, and William LLOYDE, elders; No 467 (endorsed 1809, February 6)

1811 February 2; Baptist; a house called Blaen Nant y Fedw occupied by Edward LEWIS; petitioners as for No 211 sub Gelliger; No 211 (endosed Registered 1811, July 23)

1811 July 19; Independant; a house called Bethesda; Methusalem JONES, Minister, Lewis FOSTER elder, Davod BENYON, John PHILIP; No 468 (endorsed 1811, July 23)

1812, November 20; Presbyterian; a dwelling house and schoolroom thereto attached situated at Yns y Bont in the occupation of William MORGAN, schoolmaster; the said William MORGAN, Daniel DAVIES, John LEWIS, John JONES, Chris. JAMES, David WILLIAMS, William WILLIAMS, John WILLIAMS, David DAVIS, No 469 (Endorsed; Registered 1812, December 28)

1819 January 22; Presbyterian; a room situated near Messrs. Lewis’s Meat Market; the room being in the occupation of Joseph COFFIN; the said Joseph COFFIN, David WILLIAMS, Willaim WILLIAMS, William HOWELLS, Morgan DAVIES : No 470 (endorsed 1819, January 23)

1829 December 9; Calvanistic Methodist; the Pensylvania Chapel situated at Pontmorlais; David WILLIAMS, Dissenting Minister; No 471 (endorsed; 1829, December 14)

1830 August 4; Particular Baptist; the dwelling house of Thomas EDWARDS called Bryn Sion; Jenkin HARRIES of Gwernllwyn ycha, Dissenting Minister, the said Thomas EDWARDS, William John BOWEN, Jenkin REES; No 472 (ensorsed 1830 August 5)

1832 April 2 ; Particular Baptist; the new meeting house called Bryn Sion built on Mrs OVERTON’s premises; Gregory JONES of Dowlais, Dissenting Minister, Mary OVERTON; No 472 (endorsed; 1832, April 11)

1836 March 25; Calvanistic Independant (endorsed; Independant); a building called Saron of Tuoed y rhiw (sic); Methusalem JONES, Minister of the Gospel; No 474

1838 March 30; Baptist; a building called Bethel situated in George town; Thomas DAVIES, Baptist Minister, William JONES, John DAVIES, No 475 (endorsed 1838, May)

1840 December 29; Protestant (endorsed Calvanistic Methodist) a meeting house called Bethlehem situated at Pant Tywyll; William MORRIS of Coed-y- Cymmer in the parish of Vaynor, Co Brecon, assurance agent; No 476 (endorsed; Certificate; No 476 (endorsed; Certificate dated 1841 January 2)

1841 June 21; Baptist; a chapel called High street Chapel situated in High street; Abraham JONES Baptist Minister, William JONES, Thomas HOPKINS, No 478 (endorsed 1841, June 22)

1842 February 4 Independant; a building called the English Independant Chapel; David Gibson CURRIE; No 479 (endorsed Certificate dated 1842, February 4)

1846 March 27; Latter Day Saints; a hall called the Cymreigyddion Hall being over the White Lion Inn; Dan JONES of the parish of Merthyr Tydfil; No 480 (endorsed Certificate dated 1846, March 27)

1847, July 29 Latter Day Saints: a house the residence of Thomas EVANS, situated in Shepperd’s Row, George Town, William JENKINS of Cardiff; No 481. (endorsed Certificate dated 1847, July 29)

1850 January 15; Latter Day Saints; a room adjoining the Ivy Bush near the Iron Bridge; John DAVIS of the parish of Merthyr Tydfil; No 482 (Endorsed Certificate dated 1850, January 18)