Emigrants from Abedaron Caernarvonshire, North Wales to the USA

The following is taken from a manuscript (Bangor MSS 16910) deposited at the Dept of Manuscripts, University College, Bangor.

Family................................................................year of departure..............Destination

ABRAHAM, Robert                                        1818   Abedaron                    Trenton NJ
CHARLES, Ellen                                            1818  Bardsey Island             Remsen NY
DAVIES, George P                                        1795  Abedaron                     Steuben NY
EDMUND, William     wife                              1817  Rhydlios, Abedaron    Steuben NY
EVANS, Evan             wife&6                         1838  Ty Twg, Abedaron       Remsen NY
EVANS Evan                                                   1811 Ty Canol, Abedaron     Oneida  NY
EVANS, William         wife&3                         1829  Abedaron                     Steuben NY
FRANCIS, Francis                                          1827 Abedaron                      Remsen NY
GRIFFITH, Evan         wife&3                          1818  Llawrena, Abedaron    Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, G.R.          Wife& 5                        1830 Abedaron                      Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, John          Wife                             1818 Abedaron                       New York NY
GRIFFITH, Nicodemus Wife                           1801 Blawty, Abedaron          Remsen NY
GRIFFITH, R.G.                                                1825 Llidiardau, Abedaron    Remsen NY
GRIFFITH, Sion                                                1801 Blawty, Aberdaron         Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, Timothy      Wife&8                        1801 Blawty, Abedaron          Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, Walles                                              1801 Blawty Abedaron           Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, William       Wife                              1818 Llanllawen Abedaron     Steuben NY
GRIFFITH, William                                             1795 Abedaron                        Steuben NY
HUGHES, David           Wife&7                        1828 Abedaron                        Marcy NY
HUGHES, Hugh             with                              1818 Rhydlios, Abedaron       Remsen NY
HUGHES, John             Parents                        1818  Rhydlios Abedaron       Remsen NY
HUGHES, William         Wife&1                        1819 Abedaron                        Remsen NY
JONES, Griffith              Wife&7                        1801 Glanygors, Abedaron    Steuben NY
JONES, James              Wife&6                        1827 Ffatri Abedaron              Steuben NY
JONES, John                                                       1818 Abedaron                        Steuben NY
JONES, John P              Wife&5                         1819 Bardsey Island               Oneida  NY
JONES, Jonathan           Wife                             1795 Abedaron                       Remsen NY
JONES, Morris               Wife                              1839 Abedaron                      Floyd   NY
JONES, Thomas                                                  1818 Ty Croes Abedaron      Remsen NY
JONES, William              Wife&5                          1817 Bryn Poeth Abedaron   Steubon NY
JONES, William              Wife&3                          1817 Abedaron                      Steuben NY
LEWIS, Jane Mrs                                                    1818 Fachwen Abedaron      Steuben NY
MCKINSEY, Elizabeth                                            1800 Abedaron                       New York NY
OWEN, John                    Wife&5                            1800 Ty Croes Abedaron
    OWENS, Obadiah                                                   1818 Pencurn, Abedaron       Steuben NY
OWENS, Owen                Wife&5                           1822 Abedaron                        Steuben NY
PIERCE W.G.                                                            1795 Ty Hen, Abedaron         Steuben NY
PRITCHARD, John           Wife                                1827 Abedaron                        Steuben NY
PRITCHARD, Robert                                                1826 Bardsey Island                Oneida NY
RICHARDS, John              Wife&3                           1827 Abedaron                        La Crosse
RICHARDS, O.R.               Wife&4                           1827  Abedaron                       Remsen NY
RICHARDS, William          Wife&6                           1818 Bardsey Island                            NY
ROBERTS, Griffith             Wife                                1827 Cam Eos Abedaron      Remsen NY
ROBERTS, Richard           Wife                                1824 Tanyfron Abedaron        Steuben NY<
ROBERTS William             Wife&5                           1818  Tyn Anelog Abedaron   Remsen NY
THOMAS Evan                    Wife&5                          1818 Gwyddel Ucha Abedaron  Remsen NY
THOMAS, James                Wife                                1818 Abedaron                         Steuben NY
THOMAS John                     Wife&5                           1819 Abedaron                        Steuben NY
WILLIAMS, W.R.                                                           1817 Abedaron                        Oswego NY

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