Bob's Cool Jazz Originals

Original Jazz Midi Files - Courtesy of:Bob Gaynor
You might want to check out Bob's New MP3 site. As of June '99 he has uploaded his original tunes in their entirety as MP3s toMP3.com

Sir Joe Sir Joe II Goin Back Home Goin Back Home II
Phunk St Leu Mellow Hombre Locust Dance

Original Jazz/Funk/Fusion/Latin Midi-Coutesy of: Eric's Midi Shop - Quality Midi
Eric Elliot Originals

Top Gruve Sgroove Funk
Give It To Me Hellgate Ironman
Kick It Jacknife Day Break
Salsa-de-Trisha Zimbabwe Ebossa
Baila El Coco ESalsa2

Original Latin Midi-Coutesy of:
Latin Midi by David Lahey

1B4 Arturo Babalui
Josephina Sambatiq Shakazoa

Anto's World Midi Original Midi-Coutesy of:"ANTO" - Italian Musician/Composer
World Midi by Antonio Martorella

Allorade Bahia Bolletti Joyed


Original Midi-Coutesy of: Dan Zigner - B.B.B. Music (Ballads, Blues & Bytes)
Check out Dan's Mp3's
This music is © 1998 by Daniel Signer - B.B.B. Music (Ballads, Blues & Bytes)
All rights reserved.
Latin Lover Blue Mind Jaaazzzz
Jamalama Tekkno Rockshock

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