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Ff3 tips'n'hints

< To save money, don't buy the esper behind the building in Tzen, wait until the World of Ruin and it will cost a lot less!!! To get the famous Experience Eggs, go to the Colosseum and bet the Imp Halberd, when you do this you should be around Level 60, when you win, when fighting with the Imp Halberd, you should receive an item. You must bet consecutively the item you win each match. This will eventually get you the Experience Egg! Need the Atma weapon? This is how to get it: it is in the cave of the Sealed Gate. You have to hit every switch you see in the cave to get this awesome weapon that does more damage when you have a lot more hp. The cave is located next to the Imperial Camp. When you are ready to go to Kefka's Tower land your airship ON-TOP of the tower. You cannot land next to it and walk in. To find the Economizer go to the forest on the island north of the Velt in the world of ruin. Stay in the forest and walk around until you fight, it will either be a T-Rex or a Brachiosaur. If you beat a Brachiosaur you may find an Economizer after the battle. This takes a lot of patience because the Economizer may come at any time, your first fight to your 500th, who knows. To waste unwanted enemies and boss enemies quickly just cast Vanish on them, then cast Doom or X-Zone and the enemy or boss enemy will die just like that. Note: Don't use on boss enemies because it doesn't work on them. Equip the Relic Ring and cast Doom on your self and the whole party will be completely refilled with all life and H.P. to maxium. To easily muddle the Mage Master, use Beserk on him early in the fight so he can't cast spells on you and terminate your existence. To earn magic spells quickly in the World of Ruin, go to the desert south of Maranda and bring Edgar or Umaro there. After a couple of fights you will battle a being called Cactrot who gives you ten magic points for killing him. This is also a great place to get experience points. To end the Phantom Trains reign of pain very quickly, use Revivify or Fenix Down on him and he will automatically die. Works well with other undead like the Behometh in the World of Ruin's undead side. If you equip both the Offering and the Genji Glove to a character, he will attack 8 times every round! 4 times with one arm, and 4 times with the other. When you first go to South Figaro, don't pick up any of the chests in the cave you go through. Then, after you first get Celes and have to go the other way, pick up all the chests. One of the treasures will be the Thunder Rod. Use this against the Tunnel Armr and it will be defeated in one shot!! You can equip the Cure Ring to counter the effects of the Thornlet. You may get an Economizer if you steal from the Aquilas in the Phoenix Cave. If you equip Umaro with the Gauntlet Relic, it will raise both his battle power and defense. Equip both the Offering and Thief Glove to Locke, and he will attempt to steal 4 times! You can instantly kill any undead monster by using Revivify, Fenix Down, or any Life spell on them. Equip Gau with the Merit Award relic to increase the strength of all his Rages. Instead of having to go through all of the complicated movements for Sabin's Blitz's, you can do it a much easier alternate way! For the Aura Bolt, punch in D, D, F, instead of the sometimes frustrating roll from down to forward. Most of the Blitz's follow the same sort of pattern. Like for the Bum Rush, instead of having to do a complete 360 degrees roll starting from down and moving counterclockwise, you can simply enter F, F, D, D, B, B, U, U, F! On the floating continent after the scene with Kefka and Gestahl has played through and you have made your escape don't jump on to the airship straight away, wait for Shadow who will appear with about five minutes to spare. Later find Shadow in the Veldt caves and you will automatically return to Thamasa. Shadow will disappear from his sick bed and can be found at the Colliseum. If you wager the Striker Dirk (found only in the Dirk caves) you will fight Shadow. If you beat Shadow he will be in the party for good. Stay at any Inn with Shadow in the party and there is a 1 in 4 chance that you will see one of the four scenes about Shadows past. There might be a fifth sequence. While fighting the Three Stooges, be sure to kill the first of the three so he can't heal the others. In the World of Balance get Relm and Gau in your party and go to the veldt. Have Gau leap. fight a couple more battles until Gau reappears. Then Have Relm paint Gau. If you did it right you'll get tons of really cool Items. It may take a couple of times to work. Note: Using this code may erase your game. Remember those pitiful enemies on the Triangle island in the World of Ruin that would die after losing 2 HP without your even hitting them? Well they're actually good for something! Equip Locke so that he has the Thief Glove and the Offering, in order for him to steal four times. Next, encounter some monsters, preferably in the desert. If you fight the Bone Dragon or something like that, forget it. Encounter Peepers, and you should steal to maybe get an Elixir. Encounter Earthguards, and cast Stop on them, then kill all the other enemies, then capture. It's tough, but you can get a Megaelixir. In Thamasa, in Strago and Relm's house, go upstairs and around the table to your left. In the wall there is a second Memory Ring. When you get Cyan in the World of Ruin, go back to the cliff to get the key to the chest inside is to Rare items, a Book of Secrets and a Machinery Guide! It is possible to beat Chupon in the colosseum! First have Terra, Locke, or Celes at Level 99 with 9999 Hps. Now equip them with the best armor, use the relics Offering and Black Belt, and be sure to equip the Atma Weapon for the person you use. With some luck Chupon doesn't sneeze you and you get the double hits from your regular attack and win the Black Belt attack!! To get the Imp's armor, go to the forest north of the Veldt where you fight the dinosaurs and take Locke. When you fight the tyranos, have Locke steal from them until he gets an Imp's armor. * * * * * Sent in by Dennis Hayden When you are Celes and your ask to save her little boy. On the first floor bottom right hand corner of this floor you will find a Drainer Sword. * * * * * Sent in by Andrew Burton In the first basement in the rich man's house (where you first find Celes), there is another floor down with some cool stuff. Right where the pathway first branches off (the door to Celes is on the right and there are 3 bookcases on the left), you can go south, then east down a stairway and find 2 treasure chests. Just keep searching the south wall, and you will eventually find it, it's not hard to find. This trick takes a while of non stop gaming, so be prepared to leave the game on overnight at least once. At the first save point (you have ?????, VICKS, and WEDGE, before you get to the big Snail), save your game. Do not save after this point! Play through till you get to the Lete river, and on the second branch of the river, always go up. You will loop around and keep fighting monsters this way. Set the Config on the Cursor to Memory, have Edgar use Autocrossbow, Bannon use Health, and you can just kill Sabin so you'll get more xp. Have Terra fight... After many, many hours of doing this (you can do this just by putting your autofire controller on A), Terra (and the others) will be on level 99. Kill yourself, and you will go back to where you had VICKS and WEDGE, but you will be on level 99. Whenever you get a new character now, he/she will also be on level 99. * * * * * Sent in by Travis Bernardo At the end of a fight, the battle gauges will still go up while it shows how much exp. you gained. If you wait for the gauges to go all the way up, then in your next fight you'll get the first attack. * * * * * Sent in by Sabin Take a ride on the Figaro castle, next, select stop and explore. Then go on the path through the prison keep exploring until you reach the underground castle. Find Odin the Esper learn his spell, Meteor. Come back and take 6 steps from the left chair and press "A". If you here a loud noise then go in the library take the steps down and then talk to the statue. Odin will gain a level and become Raiden! * * * * * Sent in by Denver When a character is low on HP, their is a small chance that they'll do a "special" attack that does a lot of damage and looks cool. It can only be done if the character is using FIGHT when their HP is low. It is very random. It's going to be: Character/name of the attack/what it looks like Terra - Riot Blade - Green, half moons hit enemy Locke - Mirager- Jumps toward enemy and makes the sound of the "Bumrush" Edgar - Royal Shock - Light rays hit enemy Sabin - Tiger Break - Leaps toward enemy in a tiger head Celes - Spin Edge - Attacks enemy with sword like a chainsaw Cyan - BackBlade - Jumps at enemy, screen turns black, and you see a sword slice Mog - Moogle Rush - Similar to Sabin's pummel Setzer - Red Card - Throws three sets of cards at enemy Shadow - Shadow Fang - Jumps on, and slashes the enemy Relm - Star Prism - Three orange stars spin around the enemy, killing it Strago - Sabresoul - Jumps at the enemy with a sword slash, killing it Gogo - X-Meteor - A gigantic meteor hits the enemy Gau and Umaro can't do these attacks since they don't have a FIGHT command.

Strago's Lore, and what enemies you can learn them from

Aqua Rake - Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle, Anguiform, Darkforce, Actaneon, Enuo, BlueDrgn, Suriander Aero- Harpy, Darkforce, Sprinter, Tyranosaur, StormDrgn, Rhyos, Poltrgeist, Doomgaze Big Guard - Dark Force, Earth Guard, Guardian, Mover Blow Fish - Cactrot, Brain Pan, Dark Force, KatanaSoul, Phase, Phunbaba, Presenter Clean Sweep - Atma, BlueDrgn, Dark Force, Enuo Condemned - Critic, Dark Force, Nerapa, Still Life, Veteran Dischord - Chaser, Crawler, Dark Force, Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Pipsqueak, Scullion Exploder - Balloon, Bomb, Dark Force, Grenade, Junk, Pipsqueak, Scullion Force Field - Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Grease Monk, Master Pug, Mesosaur, Pug, Tom Thumb Grand Train - Hidon L.3 Muddle - Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dante, Goblin L.4 Flare - Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dueller, Goblin, Trapper L.5 Doom - Dark Force, Didalos, Dueller, Goblin, Sky Base, Trapper L? Pearl - Critic, Dark Force, Dullahan, Innoc Pearl Wind - Abolisher, Curley, Dark Force, Ogor, Peepers, Sprinter, StormDrgn, Vectaur Pep Up - Dark Force, Flan,Intagir, Junk,Muus Quasar - Dark Force Reflect?? - Dark Force Revenge - Borras, Dark Force, Dragon, Gigantos, Pan Dora Rippler - BlueDrgn, Dark Force, Enou, Atma Roulette - Critic, Dark Force, Pipsqueak, Veteran Sour Mouth - Dark Force, Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar Step Mine - Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, Grease Monk, Master Pug, Mesosaur, Pug, Tom Thumb Stone- 1st Class, Brawler, Dark Force, Guardian, Iron Fist, Poppers * * * * * Sent in by Kyle Roth When you first enter the Phantom Train go to the rear car. Talk to the ghost and he will help you through the train. You can have two ghosts without Shadow and one ghost with him. * * * * * Sent in by Kevin Peacock

Character Stats

Name: Age: Height: Weight: Terra Banford 18 5'7 105 lbs. Locke Cole 25 5'9 147 lbs. Mog 11 4' 94 lbs. Edgar Roni Figaro 27 6'2 169 lbs. Sabin Rene Figaro 27 6'3 233 lbs. Cyan Garamonde 50 5'10 158 lbs. Gau1 35 '3 169 lbs. Celes Chere 18 5'9 165 lbs. Setzer Gabbiani 27 5'9 136 lbs. Shadow ?? 5'10 145 lbs. Relm Arrowny 10 5' 88 lbs. Strago Magus 70 4'11 94 lbs. Gogo ?? 5'5 132 lbs. Umaro 46 '10 436 lbs. * * * * * Sent in by David Halliday To beat Chupon in the colosseum, have either Locke, Celes, Terra, or Edgar (basically anyone who can use the Atma Weapon) above Level 70 at least, equip the Genji Glove, Black Belt, and Atma Weapon. Hopefully get the first strike, then hope he strikes you and doesn't Sneeze you, with luck you will counterattack with four 9999 hit along with your four original 9999 hits and he will die. Then either bet Exlirs or use them as you please. * * * * * Sent in by Game Killer First you must know the magic spells Vanish and Doom, preform Vanish on your opponent then on your next turn use Doom. It will kill them instantly. This trick will work on everyone but the head bosses. * * * * * Sent in by Nell Santos When fighting Kefka try equipping a Genji Glove and Offering, and the Atma Weapon and Manslayer. 9999 every hit. * * * * * Sent in by Ruari Here's a way to get the Experience Egg's as many times as you want! Just get as much megaelixers as you can. Then go to the colosseum and bet them. Each time you win you get a Tintanabar. Bet them and each time, you win you get an Experience Egg each time. * * * * * Sent in by MacFarlanes in Calgary If you throw an Atma Weapon at Kefka, the message reads "too much to count" and he dies instantly. * * * * * Sent in by Vern DeMille To do easy blitzes, you can just do a combo of directions. For Aura Bolt push D, D, T. For the Fire Dance push T, T, D, D, A. For the Air Blade push U, U, A, A, D, D, T. For the Bum Rush push T, T, U, U, A, A, D, D, T. * * * * * Sent in by In the World of Ruin, if you've saved Shadow, go to Doma and sleep there with Shadow in your party. You'll see all of Shadow's cut scenes. The first one won't appear until your second nap. Also, right when you find Mog in the World of Ruin, stand in the spot he was standing, face the wall, and press A. You'll find the Moogle Charm which will prevent random enemies from attacking. After that, go immediately to Kefka's tower. Send over three parties of one person each (with Mog as one of the parties) and equip Mog with the Moogle Charm. Then loot Kefka's tower. You'll have to do it 3 times in order to get as many of the treasures as you can without using the other parties. I recommend you do this ASAP, as it really helps with everything else! Third, many people are turned off by Dice and Fixed Dice (these are in Kefka's tower, see hint above) since it puts your Battle Power at 19. However, when Setzer can do 9999 damage with the Fixed Dice, and he can do the same with regular dice at a higher level! The way these work is when Setzer rolls the dice, the higher the numbers on the dice and the higher his level, the more damage you'll do! Once you have the Offering and a Genji Glove, put it on Setzer, give him fixed dice and the dice, and go fight Tyranos and Brachiosaurs in the dino forest. When fighting the boss at the Fanatics' Tower, be sure to cast Life 3 right away so you don't die from his Ultima attack that he does when he dies. I probably don't have to tell you that, but that's for anyone who is stuck there. To defeat bosses that use a certain element (fire, ice, lightning), equip wall rings on everyone, then use the Debilitator until he's weak against his own element. Then when he casts it on you, it'll bounce off and do a lot of damage to him! There's also a small forest in the World of Ruin with Reach Frogs in it. If you use Palidor, the frogs will all jump. Sometimes it locks up since there's nobody there to fight. Try to avoid doing this. When fighting in the Colosseum, Enter the following Game Genie code: AA9D-54D8. It'll screw up the battle sequence so that your character does the same thing over and over again. (It all depends on the enemy). If this thing is an attack, you will kill the enemy before he can touch you. If the attack is a spell, it doesn't take MP. Attacks range from Capturing, to Ultima, to Magitek stuff (I've seen Lit Beam, X-Fer, and TekMissle), to stuff the enemies use themselves (Missile, Teklasers), to special attacks (drawing, Lore, Runic). If your guy does something dumb (I've seen Big Guard, safe, Life, Life 2, and more), simply turn off the Game Genie and try to run. Eventually, your guy will fall back in line. You can also use this code in regular battles, but I wouldn't recommend using it on bosses because in some cases you end up helping the bosses out a lot (E.g. the Three Stooges. Your character casts haste on them.) * * * * * Sent in by Joe Quimby Fight the Behemoth Sr. in the Veldt in the World of Ruin to get and Behemoth Suit, the strongest armor for Strago and Relm. Bet the Behemoth suit to get the Snow Muffler in the Colosseum. * * * * * Sent in by Form a party with Relm. Then once you are attacked by something, cast invisible on the creature. Then with Relm sketch the invisible enemy. Everything then goes crazy, but wait a while. The colors, characters, and enemies are all messed up, but you can still continue to do battle. If your hp is high enough you will eventually win. After you've won, you get tons of new supplies. You get several sets (50+ each) of weapons like Illuminas and Tiger Claws. The one bad thing about this is you lose all of your tools. So do this before you get the chainsaw because once it's gone you can't get it back. Also I have the best luck with Ninjas because they cast invisible on themselves. * * * * * Sent in by Mike. You must have the Ragnarok esper in order to do this. Go to South Figaro Castle and in the basement where you can fight. Use Ragnarok to turn the enemies into items. Some of them will give you a Gengi Glove. You can have up to 99 Gengi Gloves!!!!! * * * * * Sent in by MacFarlanes in Calgary In the colosseum, bid a Fenix Down and have the Offering equipped. You'll fight a simple cactarot (don't be discouraged by the 1 HP damage, as it has only 4 HP) and you'll earn magicite! If anyone knows Gogo, would they ask it if it is an esper, or daryl, and that character Cid? He is an esper, as he has been in every game and never even died when he leaped off an airship clutching a bomb to his chest? And if he will tell, ask Shadow if his real name is Edge. If you throw an Atma Weapon at Kefka, the message reads, "Too much to count" and he dies instantly. * * * * * Sent in by Dan Ratka In the cave to South Figer there is a side trail on the far right where you can get a tinture and if you go there after the end of the world you will get a ether if the treasure box wasn't open. * * * * * Sent in by In the forest where you fight the Brachosaur, you also fight a tyrannosaur's. When you beat a tyrannosaur, you get an Imp Halibard. Bet it at the Colosseum to get a cat hood. Keep betting what you win until you get an Exp.Egg or a Rename card. * * * * * Sent in by David I found another Memento Ring in the second story of Strago's house. If you look up against the wall on the left side and press "A" you will eventually find it. This comes in handy if you save shadow cause he can wear it too. * * * * * Sent in by Gary Wagnar While in Narshe in the World of Ruin, go to the store with the bed in it (not the INN) and talk to the guy in the bed. There are 2 shops like this. One guy gives you the Cursed shield, and one guy asks you if you want him to make a sword out of the magicite "Ragnarok." The Ragnarok Magicite will let you learn Ultima, but tell the guy to make it into a sword. You get the Ragnarok Sword. Bet it at the colosseum and you will get the Illumina Sword. With the cursed shield, equip a person on your team with the "Ribbon" relic and equip the same person with the cursed shield. Fight 255 battles without removing it, and the shield will lose the curse and become the Paladin Shield. Once you have the shield, you can learn Ultima with that. Form a team with Locke in the group. Go to the Island on the World of Ruin where you start, and fight the monsters with 1 HP. Have Locke steal from some of them, and you can steal Megalixers! This is very helpful at Kefka's tower. * * * * * Sent in by After the imperial banquet, if Gestahl opens the weapons storage, there is a flame sabre in the stove AND, an elixir hidden in the lower-right hand corner. Also, in Kefka's Tower there is a room with a hero ring. there is some kind of machine in the lower part of this room, and below that is a LONG passage that leads to an Aegis Shield. There is a White Cape in the Returners Hideout, in the Northern room go behind the crates, there is a hidden passage to the right. (:^)When you fight the first time with Locke and the Moogles, Mog is in one of the parties. Just before this battle is over unequip Mogs Mithrill Shield and Pike. Edgar can use the Pike and the shield will also help. When the first airship first crashes, you can see a cut scene in the engine room about Daryl. * * * * * Hidden Characters: Both of these characters are found in the World of Ruin. Umaro First to find him you must have Mog in your party. Walk through the caves at the northern part of Narshe for a while until you come across a frozen esper, Tritoch. Defeat him and jump off of the ledge where he was sitting. After walking through some caves you'll come across a room with a skull in it. Check the skull (push A) and you'll get an esper. Umaro sees this and tries to take it back. After the fight Mog orders him to join you. Gogo Go to the Triangle Island in the north-eastern part of the world and fight until you come across the Zone Eater. Allow it to swallow you. Inside it's body you'll find a level and at the end of it is Gogo. Big Level's If your having trouble getting through the game because of not enough HPs then try this. In the begging of the game when you travel down the Lete River with Bannon find the first Save Point. After it will be a place where the river forks. You can choose to go up or left. Choose up and you will go in a circle and end up at the fork again. Keep going around in a circle for experience points. When fighting a behemoth DO NOT use the spell White, because the behemoth will use the spell of Storm and knock you back to a one digit HP. Whenever fighting an undead creature, just try using a Fenix Down or a Life Spell, this will probably kill them in a single attack. Use Vanish on your enemy to make them invisible. While they are invisible cast Doom or X - Zone on them and you will have a much greater chance of killing them with the spell. This works on most creatures in the game. * * * * * Here's where you get the Espers. Kirin, Ramuh, Stray, and Siren are in Zozo. Unicorn, Ifrit, Shira, Maduin, Bismark, Shoat, Carbunk, and Phamtom are in the MagiTek Research Facility. Sraphin is in Tzen. Starlet is in Jidood, after fighting Chadarnook. Phoenix is in the Phoenix cave. Palidor is in Solitary island. Odin and Raiden are in the Ancient Castle. Crusader is wherever you fight the eighth dragon. Bahamut is in Doom Gaze. Tritoch is in the cave at Narshe. Alexander is in Cyan's dream in Doma castle. Ragnarok is in Narshe. Terrato is in Umaro's cave. Zoneseek and Golem are in the Auction House in Jidoor. Fenrif is in Mobliz. To find Relm in Jodor, go to the art room, then go to the picture of the lady, where you can find a door by talking to the picture. At the Tower of Fanatics, go to the first room and walk to the right of the chest, you should hear a thud, walk out, then you will see a door on the next floor down, where you can get the Air Anchor. To find Shadow at the Coloseeum bet the Striker. When you are split into two or three groups, and are at a save point, all groups can use a Tent to power back up, as long as one of the groups are on the save point. You can save some money by using relics to heal you when you are Poisoned, an Imp, or have the Dark Spell on you. Equip someone with the Relic Ring, cast doom on that person, then everyone will have there Hit Points up to maximum. From the town Maranda, go south to the desert. There you can fight Cactrot, who will give you 10,000 gold, and 10 Magic Points. Who ever is equipped with the Offering and Gengi Glove can attack eight times. Equip Locke with the Thief's Glove and Ooffering so he can stell four times. You can learn spells from Equipping certain things. Imp's Armor, Tortoise Shield, and Titanium=Imp, 1 point per battle Ice Shiled=Ice, 5 points per battle Paladin Shild=Ultima, 1 point per battle Flame Shiled=Fire 2, 5 points per battle Thunder Shiled=Bolt 2, 5 points per battle Force Shiled=Shell 5, points per battle Cursed Ring=X-Zone, 5 points per battle In the Returners Hide Out where there are three treasure chests, go to the right, to the wall, go down and walk through the wall to find the White Cap. In Lete River, at the second time you choose the way to go, if you choose up, you can keep going in a circle to get more experience points, and gold. To save Cid at the start of the second world, only give him the fish that move very fast, if there isn't one that moves real fast, go back and talk to him again. He will need LOTS of fish, it took me 15 minuts to save him. In the tomb, go to the treasure chest that gives you the Czarina Gown, then walk to the right, through the wall for the Experience Egg. Go to the Triangle Island in the World of Balance. Walk around and you will sooner or later fight a monster named the Intangir. When you first get to him he is invisible. You can only hurt him with magic. Some magic will heal him some will hurt him. When you attack him, he appears and will do Meteo or Meteor to you. He looks like a Sr. Bahamut only blue. When you kill him you get 10 magic points. If you cast the Recovery spell on some one wearing the Wall Ring, the enemy will get healed. Here are the answers that give me the best results at the peace talk dinner. Question 1 For country. Question 2 Jail Kefka. Question 3 Can't be forgiven. Question 4 Celes is an alley. Question 5 Ask all three questions, but don't ask a question more than once. Question 6 Esper's are to strong. Question 7 Do rest. Question 8 End war. Question 9 Do go together to Albrook. * * * * * Sent in by "5x" Fight a Brachosaur in the forest north of the velt to win an Econimizer (he has around 55,000 hp, so cast something like Vanish and X-Zone or Doom.) * * * * * Sent in by Edward Caudle The time of th clock in Zozo is 6:10:50. * * * * * Sent in by In the returner cave when Banon asks you "Will you become our last ray of hope?" say no. then leave the screen come back again and he asks you "Will you become our last ray of hope?" say no. Leave the screen and come back again and he will ask you again. Say no again and instead of the other relic he will give you the Genji Glove!!!! * * * * *

Here's what you can steal or win from some of the enemies.

Enemy Steal Win Air Force Elixar Czaring Ring Apokryphos Cure Ring Nothing Aquila Economizer or Fenix Down Fenix Down Brain Pen Earrings Nothing Buffalax Diamond Vest or Tincture Nothing Ceritops Nothing White Cap or Green Cheery Chimera Hyper Wrist Gold Armor Crusher Super Ball Super Ball Dahling Moggle Suit Nothing Dalaluma Sneak Ring or Jewel Ring Thief Knife or Head Band Dante Diamond Helm. Gold Shield Dragon Genja Glove or Potion Nothing Dueller Chain Saw Nothing Harvester Dragon Boots or Goggles Barrier Ring Innoc Bio Blaster Nothing Ipooh Potion Sneak Ring Katina Soul Strato, Tempest or Murasame Offering Kiwok Nothing White Cape or Green Cherry Madam Goggles Nothing Neck Hunter Dark Hood Peace Ring Power Demen Diamond Vest or Potion Amulet or Revivfy Sr. Behemoth Murasame Behemoth Suit Still Life Fake Mustach Nothing Tunnel Armer Bio Blaster or Air Lancet Elixar Veteran Earrings Nothing Wrex Soul Cure Ring Stunner


You Bet You Fight You Win Tintinabar........Dark Force.........Exp. Egg Exp. Egg..........Steroidite.........Tintinabar Megalixir.........Siegfried..........Tintinibar Marvel Shoes......Tyranosaur.........Tintinabar Rename Card.......Doom Dragon........Marvel Shoes Elixir............Cactrot............Rename Card Gem Box...........Sr. Bethemith......Economizer Ragnarok..........Didalos............Illumina Genji Armor.......Borras.............Air Anchor Cursed Ring.......Steroidite.........Air Anchor Genji Armor.......Borras.............Air Anchor Fire Knuckle......Tumbleweed.........Air Anchor Valiant Knife.....Woolly.............Assassin Murasame..........Borras.............Aura Sky Render........Scullion...........Aura Lance Rage Ring.........Allosaurus.........Blizzard Orb Doom Darts........Opinicus...........Bone Club Rising Sun........Allosaurus.........Bone Club Sniper............Covert.............Bone Club Blade.............Lethal Weapon......Break Blade Imp Halberd.......Allosaurus.........Cat Hood Titanium..........Brachosaur.........Cat Hood Moogle Charm......Outsider...........Charm Bangle Relic Ring........Sky Base...........Charm Bangle Snow Muffler......Retainer...........Charm Bangle Tabby Suit........Vectaur............Chocobo Suit Red Cap...........Rhyos..............Coronet Genji Helmet......Fortis.............Crystal Helm Muscle Belt.......Allosaurus.........Crystal Orb Cursed Shield.....Didalos............Cursed Ring Minerva...........Pug................Czarina Gown Crystal Helm......Dueller............Diamond Helm Graedus...........Karkass............Dirk Thief's Glove.....Harpy..............Dirk Charm Bangle......Retainer...........Dragon Horn Gold Hairpin......Evil Oscar.........Dragon Horn Safety Bit........Pug................Dragon Horn Drainer...........Enuo...............Drainer Crystal Orb.......Borras.............Enhancer Soul Sabre........Opinicus...........Falchion Fixed Dice........Trixter............Fire Knuckle Tiger Fangs.......Mantodea...........Fire Knuckle Falchion..........Outsider...........Flame Shield Ice Shield........Innoc..............Flame Shield Force Armor.......Sr. Behemoth.......Force Armor Paladin Shield....Hemophyte..........Force Shild Nutkin Suit.......Opinicus...........Genji Armor Regal Crown.......Opinicus...........Genji Helm Thunder Shield....Outsider...........Genji Shield Dragon Horn.......Rhyos..............Gold Hairpin Ribbon............Dark Force.........Gold Hairpin Atma Weapon.......GT Behemoth........Graedus Punisher..........Opinicus...........Gravity Rod Rainbow Brush.....Test Rider.........Gravity Rod Pod Bracelet......Hemophyte..........Hero Ring Crystal Mail......Covert.............Ice Shield Flame Shield......Iron Hitman........Ice Shield Fenix Down........Cactrot............Magicite Heal Rod..........Pug................Magus Rod Czarina Gown......Sky Base...........Minerva Break Memento Ring......Chupon.............Memento Ring Cat Hood..........Hoover.............Merit Award Thornlet..........Opinicus...........Mirage Vest Chocobo Suit......Veteran............Moogle Suit Hardened..........Phase..............Murasame Moogle Suit.......Madam..............Nutkin Suit Blizzard..........Scullion...........Ogre Nix Flame Sabre.......Evil Oscar.........Ogre Nix Scimitar..........Covert.............Ogre Nix Thunder Blade.....Steroidite.........Ogre Nix Strato............Aquila.............Pearl Lance Hero Ring.........Rhyos..............Pod Bracelet Blizzard Orb......Allosaurus.........Rage Ring Bone Club.........Test Rider.........Red Jacket Mirage Vest.......Vectagoyle.........Red Jacket Red Jacket........Vectagoyle.........Red Jacket Coronet...........Evil 0scar.........Regal Crown Merit Award.......Covert.............Rename Card Tack Stars........Opinicus...........Rising Sun Illumina..........Scullion...........Scimitar Aura Lance........Land Worm..........Sky Render Dragon Claw.......Test Rider.........Sniper Wing Edge.........Rhyos..............Sniper Behemoth Suit.....Outsider...........Snow Muffler Ogre Nix..........Sr. Behemoth.......Soul Sabre Aura..............Rhyos..............Strato Magus Rod.........Allosaurus.........Strato Pearl Lance.......Sky Base...........Strato Stunner...........Test Rider.........Strato Striker...........Chupon (or Shadow) Striker Assassin..........Test Rider.........Sword Breaker Ninja Star........Chaos Dragon.......Tack Star Tao Robe..........Test Rider.........Tao Robe Sneak Ring........Tap Dancer.........Thief's Glove Thief's Knife.....Wart Puck..........Thief's Glove Force Shield......Dark Force.........Thornlet Gauntlet..........Vectagoyle.........Thunder Shield Genji Glove.......Hemophyte..........Thunder Shield Genji Shield......Retainer...........Thunder Shield Tortoise Shield...Steroidite.........Titanium Aegis Shield......Borras.............Tortoise Shield Imp's Armor.......Rhyos..............Tortoise Shield Trump.............Allosaurus.........Trump Air Anchor........Bronotaur..........Zephyr Cape * * * * * Sent in by Denver

Where all the dragons are, and their weaknesses.

Blue Ancient Castle Weak against lightning and fire. Dirt Opera House Weak against water and wind Gold Kefka's Tower Weak against ice and water Ice Narshe Weak against fire and lightning Red Phoenix Cave Weak against ice and water Skull Kefka's Tower Weak against fire Storm Mt. Zozo Weak against lightning White Fanatic's Tower Has no weaknesses

Bosses and their weaknesses

Whelk HP: 1600 MP: 1000 Weakness: Fire Note: Don't shoot the shell. Marshal HP: 420 MP: 150 Weakness: Fire, Poison Note: Kill the Lobos, then attack him. M-TekArmor HP: 210 MP: 250 Weakness: Lightning Note: Have Edgar use AutoCrossbow. Vargas HP: 11600 MP: 220 Weakness: Poison Note: Have Terra cure, Locke fight, and Edgar use AutoCrossbow. Ultros HP: 3000 MP: 640 Weakness: Fire, Lightning Note: Have Edgar use AutoCrossbow, Terra use Fire, Banon use Health, and Sabin use the Blitz Aurabolt. TunnelArmr HP: 1300 MP: 900 Weakness: Lightning, Water Note: Have Locke attack and Celes use Runic. Leader HP: 456 MP: 20 Weakness: None Note: Keep using Cyan's Dispatch. Telstar HP: 1800 MP: 250 Weakness: Lightning, Water Note: Have Sabin use Aurabolt and Shadow throw Shrunken. Ghost Train HP: 1900 MP: 350 Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Pearl Note: Have Sabin use Aurabolt, Shadow throw Shrunken, and Cyan use any SwdTech. Or just use a Revivify on it. Kefka (in Narshe) HP: 3000 MP: 3000 Weakness: None Note: Depending on who you have in your group, here's what I'd do. Terra-Cure or Attack Locke-Attack Edgar-AutoCrossbow Sabin-Aurabolt Celes-Runic Cyan -Dispatch Gau -A good Rage Dadaluma HP: 3270 MP: 1005 Weakness: Poison Note: Locke-Attack Edgar-Drill or Chain saw Sabin-Aurabolt Celes-Runic Cyan -Dispatch Gau -A good Rage Ultros (in the Opera House) HP: 2550 MP: 500 Weakness: Fire, Lightning Note: Have someone equipped with the Ramuh Esper, and use it. Then one attack with Edgar's Chain Saw should finish him off, if you have him in your party. Guardian HP: Unknown MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Note: Run. You cannot defeat Guardian...yet. Ifrit and Shiva Ifrit HP: 3300 MP: 600 Weakness: Ice Shiva HP: 3000 MP: 500 Weakness: Fire Note: Use Ice on Ifrit and Fire on Shiva, if you have those spells. Have Locke attack, Edgar Chain saw, Sabin Pummel on Ifrit and Fire Dance on Shiva, Celes attack, Cyan Dispatch, and Gau can use any good Rage you have. Cure is definitely needed in this battle. Number 128 HP: 3276 MP: 810 Weakness: None Note: If the body dies, the rest of it dies. Have Locke attack, Edgar use Drill, Sabin Aurabolt, Cyan Dispatch, and Gau Rage. Number 024 HP: 4777 MP: 777 Weakness: Varies Note: Have Edgar Drill or Chain saw, Sabin Suplex, Cyan Dispatch, Gau Rage, and the others attack. Cranes Right HP: 2300 MP: 447 Weakness: Lightning, Water Left HP: 1800 MP: 447 Weakness: Water Note: Use Lightning on the right, not the left one. Have Setzer attack or Slot, Locke attack, Sabin Aurabolt, Edgar Drill, Cyan Dispatch, and Gau Rage. Ninja HP: 1650 MP: 130 Weakness: Lightning, Pearl Note: Use any Espers you have equipped, that attack. Edgar use Drill, Sabin Aurabolt, Cyan Dispatch, Setzer attack or Slot, Mog do the Dusk Requiem dance, Gau Rage, and the others attack. FlameEater HP: 8400 MP: 480 Weakness: Ice Note: Use any ice stuff you have. Ice spells, Espers, or rods. Have Locke and Terra attack, and have Strago use the lore Aqua Rake. Ultros (part 3)* HP: 22000 MP: 750 Weakness: Fire, Lightning Note: Use your attacking Espers, except for the water ones, and just attack. After a while, Relm will join the party. Have her sketch and you'll win. Ultros and Chupon* Ultros HP: 17000 MP: 6000 Weakness: Fire, Lightning Chupon HP: 10000 MP: 4000 Weakness: Ice, Water Note: Take out Ultros first, then go for Chupon. Use Ice spells on Chupon. If you run out of MP have Mog do the Wind Song, Cyan use a SwdTech, Edgar Chain Saw, Sabin Pummel, Setzer Slot, Strago use Aqua Rake, Relm attack or Sketch, Gau Rage, and the others attack. When you win, Chupon will Sneeze you away. Air Force HP: 8000 MP: 750 Weakness: Lightning, Water Note: Use your most powerful spells and Espers. If it launches a Speck, attack it, don't use spells on the speck. Gigantos* HP: 6000 MP: 1120 Weakness: Poison Note: This guy's tough so have someone cast Cure 2 all the time. Have Cyan use a SwdTech, Gau Rage, Setzer Slot, Sabin Aurabolt, Edgar Drill, Mog do the Earth Blues, Relm Sketch, and the rest attack. AtmaWeapon* HP: 24000 MP: 5000 Weakness: None Note: Use your most powerful spells, Espers, and attacks. It shouldn't be too tough. Another way to kill it is to keep casting Rasp. When it runs out of MP it dies. Nerapa HP: 2800 MP: 280 Weakness: Ice, Lightning, Pearl Note: He has a wall spell, so cast wall on one of your characters, and cast attack spells on them. Phunbaba* HP: 28000 MP: 10000 Weakness: Poison Note: Don't use lightning attacks. Use the Phantom Esper to make you invisible, and Sraphim to cure, if needed. Have Sabin Suplex, and Celes use spells. He'll run away soon enough. Tentacles Top left HP: 4000 MP: 500 Weakness: None Bot left HP: 6000 MP: 700 Weakness: Fire Top right HP: 5000 MP: 600 Weakness: None Bot right HP: 7000 MP: 800 Weakness: Ice, Water Note: Don't use ice on the bottom left, or fire on the bottom right, or bolt on the top left one. Have Edgar drill, Sabin attack the bottom right one until its dead then use Fire Dance, and have Celes attack. Presenter* HP: 9845 MP: 1600 Weakness: Fire Note: Have Celes attack, Setzer attack or Slot, Edgar Chain Saw or drill, Also use fire spells. Cast Doom on the head to make it a quick fight. Dullahan* HP: 23450 MP: 1721 Weakness: Fire Note: Use fire spells. Have Celes Runic, Setzer attack or slot, Edgar Chain Saw or drill, and Sabin Suplex. Storm Dragon* HP: 42000 MP: 1250 Weakness: Lightning Note: Use any bolt spells or Espers you have. If you've already got Cyan, use a SwdTech. Allover** HP: 8000 MP: 8000 Weakness: Fire, Pearl Note: The hard thing about this character is that he uses Doom. Just keep attacking and casting fire spells until you kill it. Srbehemoth* 1st one HP: 19000 MP: 1600 Weakness: Fire, Poison 2nd one HP: 19000 MP: 9999 Weakness: Fire, Pearl Note: Use fire spells. Also have Celes and Sabin attack, Cyan use SwdTech, Setzer slot, and Edgar drill or chainsaw. After killing the first one, a second one will attack from behind. Defeat it the same way or use a revivify on it. Chadarnook** Woman HP: 56000 MP: 9400 Weakness: Fire Demon HP: 30000 MP: 7600 Weakness: Fire, Pearl Note: Have Edgar use drill, and everyone else cast fire or use their best attacks. Phunababa (second one)* HP: 26000 MP: 10000 Weakness: Poison Note: You can defeat him the same way as before. Have Edgar use drill, Sabin Suplex, Celes Runic, Gau Rage, Cyan SwdTech, Shadow throw Shrunken, and Setzer slot. After a while, it'll blow a couple of your characters away. Terra will join you then to help finish him off. Doom Gaze* HP: 55555 MP: 38000 Weakness: Fire, Pearl Note: Anytime you encounter it, use as many good spells, attacks, etc. as you can before it runs away. It can't regenerate between fights, so you should eventually kill it. Killing it will get you the Esper Bahamut. Red Dragon* HP: 30000 MP: 1780 Weakness: Ice, Water Note: Use ice spells. Have Terra, Relm, and Sabin attack, Setzer slot, Edgar Chain Saw, Celes attack or Runic, Cyan SwdTech, Stago use Aqua Lore, and Gau Rage. Ice Dragon* HP: 24400 MP: 9000 Weakness: Fire Note: Use fire spells and your best attacks. Tritoch* HP: 30000 MP: 50000 Weakness: Fire Note: Use fire spells or best attacks. Umaro HP: 17200 MP: 6990 Weakness: Fire, Poison Note: Use fire spells or best attacks. Don't use ice spells. White Dragon* HP: 18500 MP: 1200 Weakness: None Note: Use Flare and Ultima if you have them. Have Gogo mimic or cast spells, and everyone else use powerful spells. MagiMaster HP: 50000 MP: 50000 Weakness: Varies Note: There are four ways to beat this guy. 1) Cast Life 3 on your party, then cast berserk on the MagiMaster. He will cast Ultima when he dies so make sure someone has Life 3 on them. 2) Cast Beserk on him and use the Phantom Esper on your party. Now keep casting Rasp on him, when his 50000 MP's are gone, he'll try to cast Ultima. But since he has no MP, he'll fail and die. It takes a LONG time to beat him this way. 3) Equip everyone with wall rings and let MagiMaster kill himself. You still need Life 3 though and a lot of HPs with this method. 4) Cast Beserk on him and use the Phantom Esper. Now keep scanning him as you attack. When he's down to a few thousand HP's use the Palidor Esper. Hopefully, the first character down will kill him. He'll cast Ultima which will kill the one character, but the ones in the air will live. The Three Stooges* Left/Larry HP: 10000 MP: 2000 Weakness: Fire Top/Curley HP: 15000 MP: 2000 Weakness: Ice, Water Right/Moe HP: 12000 MP: 2000 Weakness: None Note: Use Ultima and Bahamut if you have them. If not, use your best attacks and spells. WrexSoul HP: 23066 MP: 5066 Weakness: Ice Note: For a quick battle, use X-Zone. If you don't have this spell, don't worry about the SoulSavers. You first have to attack your own character until they die. This will cause WrexSoul to appear in a form you can kill. Once he's done that, bring your dead character back to life and cast Ultima, Bahamut, and Ice spells. If he disappears, again, repeat this method. Master Pug* HP: 22000 MP: 1200 Weakness: Varies Note: Use Ultima, Bahamut, and Flare. Have Edgar chainsaw, Celes Runic, Sabin Bum Rush, Setzer Slot, Cyan use SwdTech 7, Gau Rage, and everyone else attack. Blue Dragon* HP: 26900 MP: 3800 Weakness: Lightning Note: Use your best attacks, Espers, etc. Katanasoul* HP: 37620 MP: 7400 Weakness: Poison Note: Use Ultima for big damage on him. Hidon** HP: 25000 MP: 12500 Weakness: Earth, Fire, Pearl Note: Use revivify on it, otherwise use Pearl and other good spells. Dirt Dragon* HP: 28500 MP: 16500 Weakness: Water, Wind Note: If you have Gaia equipment on, a lot of the dragon's spells will heal you. Ultima works well. Also, cast float. Atma* HP: 55000 MP: 19000 Weakness: None Note: Ultima works well along with other good attacks. Another way to kill it is to wait for it to run out of MP, then it will die. Gold Dragon* HP: 32400 MP: 4000 Weakness: Water Note: Don't use Lightning spells. Use Ultima, Bahamut, Meteor, along with your best attacks. Inferno & Company Rough HP: 8000 MP: 770 Weakness: Ice Inferno HP: 30800 MP: 9700 Weakness: Lightning Striker HP: 11000 MP: 2600 Weakness: Fire Note: Striker is the claw on the right, Rough is left. Concentrate on Inferno. Use your best attacks. Skull Dragon* HP: 32800 MP: 1999 Weakness: Fire, Pearl Note: Use mostly Fire attacks and spells. Doom* HP: 63000 MP: 4800 Weakness: Pearl Note: Use your best spells until it puts up a force field, then attack. Guardian (second) HP: 60000 MP: 5200 Weakness: Lightning, Water Note: Use lightning spells along with your best attacks. Bum Rush works well. Poltrgeist HP: 58000 MP: 18900 Weakness: Poison Note: Use your best attacks. Ice 3 seems to work well. Final Fight Level 1 Head HP: 30000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Left hand HP: 27000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Right hand HP: 32000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Note: Use your best attacks. The best way to do this is to have 3 attack and the fourth heal. Final Fight Level 2 Left HP: 40000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Middle HP: 24000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown TopRight HP: 27000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown BotRight HP: 30000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Note: Use the same strategy as above. Final Fight Level 3 Left HP: 10000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Right HP: 40000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Note: Concentrate on the angel head. When the right one has low HP it will use really powerful attacks, so be prepared. Kefka HP: Approximately 62000 MP: Unknown Weakness: Unknown Note: Kefka's not too much of a fighter, but he makes up for it big time with his spells. Be ready to cure when he uses Fallen One. Any attack seems to work well against him. A way to make this fight go faster, is to have everyone equipped with flame shields and use Merton. When he brings out Chaos, you know the battle is almost over. Just hang in there a bit longer and you should win. * Means that this enemy can be killed by casting Vanish on it, then Doom. ** Means that this enemy can be killed by casting Vanish on it, then X-Zone. Don't use Vanish/X-Zone on Doom Gaze or you won't get Bahamut. You can use Vanish/Doom on the 1st SrBehemoth, but only Vanish/X-Zone on the 2nd. On the Presenter, you can only use Vanish/Doom on the shell.

A list of the enemies, hit points, and weakness.

1st Class-180-Poison Abolisher-860-none Actaneon-230-Bolt, Fire Adamanchyt-1305-none Air Force-8000-Bolt, Water Allosaurus-3000-Fire, Spirit Allo Ver-8000-Fire, Spirit Anemone-2000-Bolt, Fire Anguiform-315-Bolt Apokryphos-1900-Bolt, Spirit, Water Apparite-781-Ice, Spirit Aquilla-6013-Ice, Water Areneid-87-Ice, Water Aspik-220-Fire Balloon-555-Ice, Water Barb-E-3062-Poison Baskevor-750-none Beakor-290-Fire Behemoth-5800-Ice Black Dragon-4000-Fire, Spirit Bleary-119-Fire Bloompire-12-Fire Bogy-1318-none Bomb-160-Ice, Water Borras-4771-Poison Bounty Man-285-Fire Boxed Set-4030-Spirit Brachosaur-46050-Ice Brainpan-1300-Bolt, Fire, Spirit Brawler-137-Ice Brontaur-10050-Ice Buffalax-2252-Fire, Ice Bug-310-Ice, Water Cactrot-3-Ice, Water Cadet-380-Poison Cephaler-420-Bolt Ceritops-2000-Fire Chaser-1202-Bolt, Water Chaos Dragon-9013-Ice Chicken Lip-545-Ice Chimera-2237-none Chitonid-1111-Bolt Cirpius-134-none Cluck-2236-Ice Coelelite-480-Ice Commander-102-Poison Commando-580-Bolt, Water Covert-4530-Spirit CrassHopper-243-Fire, Wind Crawler-3200-Ice Crawly-122-Fire Critic-1200-none Cruller-1334-Fire, Spirit Crusher-2095-Fire Dahling-3580-Poison Dante-1945-none Dark Force-8940-Spirit Dark Side-255-Fire, Spirit Dark Wind-34-Fire Deep Eye-1334-Fire Delta Bug-612-Fire Didalos-12280-Fire, Spirit Displayer-3826-Fire, Spirit Doberman-465-Fire Doom Dragon-18008-none Dragon-7000-Bolt Drop-1000-Bolt, Water Dueller-7220-Bolt, Water Dullahan-23450-Fire Earth Guard-1-Water Eland-2470-Bolt Enuo-4635-Spirit Evil Oscar-7000-Fire Exocite-196-Bolt, Fire Exoray-1200-Fire, Spirit Fidor-335-Fire Figaliz-4220-Ice Flan-255-Fire Fortis-9800-Bolt, Water Fossil Fang-1399-Fire, Ice, Spirit, Water Gabbldegak-350-Poison Garm-615-Bolt, Water Geckorex-5000-Ice General-650-Poison Ghost-226-Fire, Spirit Gigan Toad-458-Ice Gigantos-6000-Poison Gilomantis-1412-Fire Gobbler-470-none Gloom Shell-2905-Ice Goblin-55555-Spirit Gold Bear-275-none GreaseMonk-132-Poison Grenade-3000-Ice, Water Grunt-100-none GtBehemoth-11000-none Guard-40-Poison Hades Gigas-1200-Poison Harpiai-1418-Wind Harpy-3615-none Harvester-428-Poison Hazer-120-Spirit Head-1600-none Heavy Armor-495-Bolt, Water Hemophyte-6800-none Hermit Crab-305-Water Hidonite-3500-Earth Hipocampus-2444-Fire, Spirit Hoover-12018-Ice, Water Hornet-92-Fire Humpty-800-Fire, Spirit Ing-1100-Spirit, Water Innoc-6600-Bolt, Water Insecare-977-Fire, Wind Intangir-32000-none Io-7862-Bolt, Spirit, Water Ipooh-360-Fire Iron Fist-333-none Iron Hitman-2000-Bolt, Water Joker-467-Bolt, Poison Junk-2000-Bolt, Water Karkass-3850-Fire, Spirit Kiwok-2000-Ice Land Worm-12000-Ice Laser Gun-3300-Bolt, Water Latimeria-1700-Bolt Leader-456-none Leafer-33-Fire, Water Left Blade-700-none Lethal Weapon-9200-Bolt Lich-590-Spirit Lizard-27-Ice Lobo-27-Fire Lunaris-582-none Luridan-2079-Fire, Wind L.10 Magic-1000-Fire, Spirit L.20 Magic-2000-none L.30 Magic-3000-Poison L.40 Magic-4000-Bolt L.50 Magic-5000-Fire, Spirit L.60 Magic-6000-Fire L.70 Magic-7000-Ice, Water L.80 Magic-8000-Poison L.90 Magic-9000-none Madam-8150-Poison Mad Oscar-2900-Fire Magic Urn-100-none Mag Roader1-420-Fire Mag Roader2-250-Water Mag Roader3-1777-none Mag Roader4-1380-none Maliga-952-Bolt, Ice, Water Mandrake-1150-Fire Mantodea-4500-Fire Marshal-420-Fire, Poison Mega Armor-1000-Bolt, Water Mesosaur-1112-Ice Mind Candy-290-Fire, Wind Misfit-1750-Fire, Spirit Missle Bay-3000-Bolt, Water Mover-120-none M-Tek Armor-210-Bolt Muus-900-none Nastidon-1877-Fire Naughty-3000-Bolt, Ice, Spirit Nautiloid-236-Bolt, Fire Neck Hunter-1334-Poison Necromancer-3525-Fire, Spirit Nerapa-2800-Bolt, Fire, Spirit Nightshade-2200-Fire Ninja-1650-Bolt, Spirit Nohrabbit-75-Water Officer-102-Poison Ogor-4211-Bolt, Poison Opinicus-3210-Fire, Spirit Orog-1584-Fire, Spirit Osprey-850-Ice Osteosaur-1584-Fire, Spirit Outsider-8050-Spirit Over Grunk-492-Fire Over Mind-390-Fire, Spirit Parasite-1000-Fire Parasoul-2077-Ice Pan Dora-1522-Fire, Spirit Peepers-1-Ice, Water Phase-4550-Ice Pipsqueak-250-Bolt, Water Piranha-10-Bolt Pluto Armor-2850-Bolt, Water Pm Stalker-265-Fire, Spirit Poppers-1000-Fire Poplium-145-Ice, Spirit Power Demon-2058-Fire, Spirit Primordite-145-Bolt Prometheus-14500-Bolt, Water Proto Armor-670-Bolt Prussian-3300-none Psychot-900-Ice Pterodon-380-Fire Pug-8000-Bolt, Fire Pugs-14001-Fire Punisher-2191-none Rain Man-2722-Ice, Spirit, Water Ralph-620-none Reach Frog-3511-Ice Red Fang-325-none Red Wolf-1510-none Repo Man-35-Poison Retainer-7050-Poison Rhinotaur-232-none Rhinox-800-none Rhobite-135-Water Rhodox-119-none Rhyos-7191-none Rider-1300-Fire, Poison Right Blade-400-none Rinn-110-Fire, Spirit Rough-8000-Ice Samurai-3000-Poison Sand Horse-1025-Ice, Water Sandray-67-Ice, Water Scorpion-290-none Scrapper-1759-none Scullion-27000-Bolt, Water Sea Flower-4200-Bolt, Ice Sewer Rat-299-Fire Sky Armor-900-Bolt, Wind Sky Base-6000-Bolt, Water Sky Cap-3262-Bolt, Water, Wind Slam Dancer-392-Poison Slatter-2600-Spirit Slurm-505-Fire Soldier-100-Poison Soul Dancer-2539-Poison Soul Saver-3066-Ice Sp. Force-700-Poison Specter-1500-Fire, Spirit Spectre-235-Bolt, Wind Spek Tor-250-Water Spit Fire-1400-Bolt, Wind Sprinter-4500-Bolt Spook-420-Bolt, Water Steroidite-25000-Spirit Still Going-200-Fire, Spirit Still Life-4889-Fire Stray Cat-156-none Striker-11000-Fire Suriander-2912-Spirit Tap Dancer-4452-Poison Telstar-1800-Bolt, Water Templar-205-Poison Test Worm-3100-Poison Toe Cutter-2500-Fire, Wind Tomb Thumb-2000-Bolt, Water Trapper-555-Bolt, Water Trilium-147-Fire Trilobiter-150-none Trixter-3815-Spirit Trooper-255-Poison Tumble Weed-6200-Fire Tusker-270-Fire Tyranosaur-12770-Ice Uroburus-50-Ice Ursus-2409-Fire Vaporite-15-Fire, Spirit Vectagoyle-7500-none Vectaur-2800-Ice, Water Vector Pup-166-Fire Vermin-499-Ice Veteran-10000-none Vindr-885-Fire Vomammoth-115-Fire Vulture-412-Wind Warlock-1300-Bolt, Poison Wart Puck-3559-Fire Weed Feeder-480-Fire, Wind Were-Rat-24-Fire Whisper-230-Fire, Spirit Wild Cat-1115-Fire, Ice Wild Rat-160-Fire Wirey Dragon-2802-none Wizard-1677-Bolt, Poison Wooly-3609-Fire Wyvern-892-Ice Zombone-1991-Fire, Spirit Zone Eater-7700-Spirit

This lets you skip the ENTIRE hidden cave adventure! After the battle with golbez in which Rydia re-joins the party, don't move. You will be standing in front of the Dwarf King, who will tell you that you must get the Dark Crystal back. He gives you the Luca Key. Now. Go to the menu and have Rydia cast Warp. You're back in the crystal room. Take the Crystal (that golbez also took) and you will have the Dark Crystal. Take that to the hidden cave. Kain will go through his theaters and take it, and you will have completed the cave without even playing it! Never underestimate the value of casting Besrk and Fast on a character who inflicts a lot of hand-to-hand damage. Especially against bosses. Just don't let him get Charmed. You can safely cast Call spells on a Walled creature. Failing this, cast Wall on a party member, and bounce the offensive spells off his Wall onto your opponent. Spells only bounce once, thus will not reflect back in your face when you do this. * * * * * Sent in by Lan Here's a way to get tons of experience! First, in the core, go to the place where Breath and Mind attack. One of them (I forgot which one) is real dangerous and you should run (I think it's the white one) but the other one (orange) just keeps casting peep! Keep fighting it. Also, when the final imp-like monster found (in the Lunar Subterranian) fights you, he is even dumber than the white guy in the core! He casts peep on himself! But DO NOT use lightning on him, even though it says it! Even though he does get hurt by it a lot, he starts REPEATEDLY casting lit-3, which will kill your party quickly! Instead, use regular attacks and don't get too annoyed by his peeps. * * * * * Sent in by Matt You can find the Samurai Bow on the upper level of the town in the Land of the Summoned Monsters (the floor where the Rat Tail is). Go to the bottom of the floor and look on the inner edge of the walkway for a shadow in the shape of a square. Walk into the square and you will find the four treasures that you can see from the lower level of the town. One will contain the powerful Samurai Bow. * * * * * Sent in by Matt E. There are many special items that can be won from fighting certain groups of enemies. A Dragoon Spear which is effective against dragons can be won from fighting: A Behemoth, Red D. group, Three Red D.'s, or a single Red D. on the way to Zeromus. A Crystal Ring can be won from: Two Behemoths, Two Red D.'s, or a single Red D. A RuneAxe can be won from two Red Giants. A Heroine Robe can be won from a Red Giant, a Kary and a Warlock. The Zeus Gauntlet can be won from two Red Bones and three Skeletons or two Skulls and three Red Bones. Also an easy way to get Artemis Arrows is to sneak Kary's. You can get an unlimited supply of Rosa's strongest arrows which are effective against dragons. * * * * * Sent in by Zero-K The best way to get levels up is when you fight the Marionettes that bring the dolls, hit the Marionette with the weakest person you have, when a doll appears, beat it and hit the Marionette again. After a few hits to the Marionette use a Cure 2-3 on it and keep going. * * * * * Sent in by Ben There are many secret passages in the final cave. Somewhere by the stairs/bridges. I have found one secret passage in which you can find the crystal sword. The Gur you fight to get the crystal sword tells you if you beat him it will be a strong asset to beat Zemus (NOTE: If you are not prepared to fight don't try because this guy is harder than Behomet. Also if you fail once get more exp. and try again because the secret passage is long, but there is a save point right before the crystal sword. It's hit power is 200, it's hit ratio is 99.9%, its power is sacred, and it is good against anybody. If you dart the pan, which you get by talking to Yang at Sylph cave (you must talk to him not only the Sylphs. Do not get the treasure chest in the room with Yang they are just his claws.)then going to Fabul and talking to his wife, takes away 9999 hit points every time. If you go to the item menu (must do in this order) go to a blank spot press A, then go to his/her weapon or shield press A, and then run away (may do with more people at the same time) press X, go to Equip, to the person you took the weapon or shield away from, then press A on the empty spot go down to the weapon you took out, press A, press A again, finally press A again you will have an extra of that weapon. (does not work on arrows.) * * * * * Sent in by Jason Bergeron There are a few hidden items I didn't see mentioned like the Glass Helm and the Artimis Bow. The Glass Helm is found fighting the Breath's on the way to fight Zeramos and the Atemis Bow which to this day eludes me is supposed to gotten from the treasure chest on the Moon containing four of the Archer Babes. To get rid of that annoying rumbling sound when you beat the bosses, pause the game then unpause just as the rumbling starts and the noise has stopped. * * * * * Sent in by Howard This is not so much a tip as it is fun to do, but be warned, it's only for those who have plenty of time. You can have the twins in the game buffed up to the point at which they know all the spells in the game. Once the black magic one reaches level 60, he learns Meto. I think level 50 is the level in which the white magic one learns the spell White. By gaining all this experience, your other characters later on (like Kain) come back at ridiculously high levels. It's fun to hit the water fiend with White/Meto, not to mention using Nuke on anything else in your way. * * * * * Sent in by m0g Here's an easy way to get tons of experience. In the cave leading to the town of monsters cast Float over your party (which is a good idea anyway so the acid/lava/goo/ whatever don't harm you) and walk around until you find a Conjuere that keeps calling Arachne's until you kill him. Keep killing the Arachne's but don't harm the Conjurer. Keep killing the Arachne (whose attack won't harm you if you are Floating) until your states get low or you get bored. Then kill the Congurer and at the end of the battle you'll have tons of exp., tons of GP and tons of potions. * * * * * Sent in by John Jacques These are some call spells you can get for Rydia. Imp Call spell: This one has a very weak attack and takes a long time to get. Fight Imps near Baron. Odds 1 in 200. Bomb Call spell: This one is pretty good, with high damage on one enemy. Get it by fighting Bomb family monsters. Odds 1 in 100. Mage Call spell: This is also a good one, with a Magic attack affecting all enemies. Fight Mages in Cave Magnes. Odds 1 in 100. * * * * * Sent in by Derek Logue Do not use Meteo or White on Zeromus, because if you do, he will cast Weak on the party. He will almost never cast Weak if you do not cast these spells on him. Rely on Bahamut instead and Rosa is supposed to be healing up the party anyway. * * * * * Sent in by Michael Ravis Don't got to the Sylvan Cave until after destroying the Giant of Bab-il. After the Giant is destroyed go to the Slyph's house and Rydia will learn Sylph. If she has the number of magic points that is normally necessary to cast it she'll be able to cast it for free. You will not be able to get the spoon if you do this, but Sylph will always be free. * * * * * Sent in by William Gott Here's an easier way to beat the Dark Elf. When he turns into a dragon, use weak, then hit him. * * * * * Sent in by Gillian Kinney. How to beat up the bosses: Mist Dragon - Choose Parry when it turns into mist and attack when it's in its normal form. Octomamm - Use Tellah's Lit-1 and Rydia's Chocobo. Antlion - Hide Edward. Use Rydia's Chocobo. Mom Bomb and little bombs - Attack and use Chocobo if necessary. Milon - Have Cecil attack Milon and the twins cast Twin. This gets rid of the Ghasts also. Milon Z. - Before you cross the bridge, switch the lines in your party, use a tent, and save. Use Palom's Fire2 (it does more damage than Twin) for hurting, Porom's Cure2 for healing, and Tellah's Heal if you get poisoned. Cecil's image - Parry for three rounds. The battle will stop. Baigan - Make sure you're healed and the game's saved. Sometimes Palom or Tellah (whoever attacks first) can fire off a Lit-2 or Lit-3 to Baigan's body before he casts Wall. Try it and just restart the game if it doesn't work. Attack Baigan's body before you attack the arms because they'll just regenerate if the body's still alive. Kainazzo - Don't do this after you've just killed Baigan; rest up first. Use Lit-2 and Lit-3 and he'll fry in no time. Dark Elf - Relentlessly attack. When he turns into a dragon and breathes on you, use a Cure3 spell on the whole party after each breath attack. Magus Sisters - Concentrate your attacks on Cindy (the middle sister). When somebody in your party is Walled, cast Virus on him/her. 1/3 of the time it will hit Cindy. She takes what seems like a quadrillion hits, but the battle's a joke once she's gone. Valvalis - Have Kain jump and everybody else attack or heal if necessary. Calbrena - Kill as many dolls as you can, but they'll eventually turn into Calbrena. Just try to beat it up as quickly as possible and Cure yourself often so you're not killed. Make sure Cecil is alive at the end of the battle. Golbez appears after Calbrena is killed, and your attacks won't do any damage until he calls a dragon. Have Kain Jump when it's his turn; he will stay in the air, will not be killed by the dragon, and will do damage to Golbez when he lands. Mad Scientist, Balnab, Balnab Z. - These are pretty jokey; just do whatever you want with them. Virus works well. Odin - Use Lit spells and Indra. Asura - Cast Wall on Asura to steal her Cure spells. Use Titan and regular attacks. Leviatan - Use Indra and other lightning magic and Asura for healing. You should be able to beat him right after you've triumphed over Asura (but make sure to heal up first, of course!) King and Queen of Eblan - You don't even have to do anything; they commit suicide. Rubicant - Cast tons of Virus spells and Cure your party often. Bring along lots of Life potion; you'll need it! EvilWall - Use Leviatan, Asura, and regular attacks. Try to beat it up as quickly as possible so it won't Crush your party. 4 Elements (inside the Giant of Bab-il) - Make sure Rydia has at least two level 3 elemental spells before returning to the earth. They cause almost twice as much damage as her elemental Caller spells and are therefore preferable. Here's what to use during the battles: Milon - Fire3 or Jinn Rubicant - Ice3 or Shiva Kainazzo - Lit3 or Indra Valvalis - Lit3 or Indra; full-party Cure4 or Asura if she uses the Storm spell (this is likely, so watch out!) Computer - Beat up in this order: Defender, CPU, Attacker. Use full-party Cure3 or Cure4 after every few Maser attacks. Killing the satellites first is a waste of time because the CPU will use Globe199 (instant death for one party member) and regenerate the satellites. At this point, you will most likely have Excalbur (if you don't, I'll tell you where to get it at the end of this list). Duplicate tons of Excalbur swords (I'll tell you how to do that, also) and keep at least 15 of them on hand, plus one extra for future duplication. Dart Excalbur swords at all of these final bosses. Bahamut - Wall Rosa and as many people as possible while attacking Bahamut with your other party members. He will most likely MegaNuke you; it will bounce off the walls and do tons of damage to him but kill everybody else. Revive, Wall, and attack until Bahamut is killed. Pale Dim (guards Murasame) - Cast full-party Float before going into battle. His main attack is the Quake spell, so this isn't too bad. Just use your standard strategies. Wyvern (guards Crystal Sword) - Use Wall to protect your party and Bahamut and Asura for attack and healing, respectively. Also whale on him with standard attacks. Plague (guards White Spear) - A royal pain in the tookus. Use Bahamut and other attacks to attempt to defeat him before the count runs out. There is a way to beat the count, but it's difficult and requires near-perfect timing. Make sure to save before attempting this. When it's Rosa's turn, wait until the count hits 02 and have her cast Life2 on the party member with first attack. This only works sometimes but is terrific when it does. Hopefully, Rosa will revive a freshly killed party member in the instant before she dies; then, the live party member can use Life potions to wake up the others. If this works, you'll most likely only need it once and can easily beat Plague before the next count runs out. D. Lunar (guards Ribbon Helmets) - Use Bahamut and Asura. These things are a real pain, so be prepared for a long battle. Ogopogo (guards Masamune) - Use Lit3 and keep healing yourself with Asura and full-party Cure4 after he throws Big Waves at you. He dies pretty quickly because Excalburs take off lots of HP. Zeromus - Use the Crystal and get ready for a loooong battle. Attack with White, Bahamut, Nuke, and Meteo plus Darts and normal attacks. You will need lots and lots of Asura, Cure4, Life1, and Life2 spells; make sure to bring Elixir along! Good luck! And now for a section on how to get out-of-the-way items: Spoon Dagger - As soon as you get a ship that can cross lava, go to the Sylvan Cave in the upper left section of the underworld and find Yang and the Sylphs. When you can reach the overworld again, talk to Yang's wife in Fabul and receive a Pan. Return to the underworld, smack Yang with the Pan, and return it to his wife. She will give you a Spoon Dagger which can be Darted at anything for 9999 damage. (There's only one in the game, so save it for Zeromus.) Excalbur - Get a Rat Tail from a treasure chest in the Town of Monsters. In the overworld, use the airship with a hook to take the hovercraft over to Silvera. Use the hovercraft to cross the reefs to a cave on the next island. Give the Rat Tail to a man inside the cave for Adamant. Take the Adamant to Kokkol the Smith in the lower righthand corner of the underworld and he'll turn your Legend Sword into Excalbur. (You can also find Elixir in his bookshelf.) Dragon Whip - The best whip for Rydia is rare and can be obtained (if you're lucky) by fighting Blue Dragons. Unfortunately, the odds against your finding this are pretty steep. Adamant Armor - This is a toughie simply because of the steep odds involved. Look for a room on B5 of the moon that has a treasure chest against the righthand wall. Walk around the room and hope you run into some Pink Puffs. Every time you enter the room, there's a 1 in 64 chance you'll find them. To increase your odds, walk around for a bit, leave the room, and return. Found Pink Puffs? Good so far. Now beat them up and hope they're the 1 group in 64 with a Pink Tail! If you're lucky enough to get the tail, take it to the same man who gave you Adamant to receive Adamant Armor. It's the best armor in the game, and every party member can wear it. Warning: If you want this armor badly, be prepared to spend hours and hours hoping you'll get the Pink Tail. I have only fought 3 groups of Pink Puffs in my entire FF II career, and alas, they had no tail. :( How to duplicate weapons/shields: 1. Equip a character (I'll call him/her X) with the weapon/shield you wish to duplicate. 2. Go into battle and parry until it's X's turn. Choose Item. Point at a blank spot in the item list and then at the item you're duplicating. (This order is important.) Once X is de-equipped, don't do anything else but press L and R to run away. 3. Re-equip X with whatever you wanted to duplicate. X will now be equipped with two weapons or shields. 4. Repeat as often as you want for unlimited free stuff which you can sell, dart, or give to other characters. Unless you're suicidal, do NOT use the White spell on a Behemoth! It causes tons of damage, but the Behemoth will immediately use the Storm spell, which reduces everyone's HP to single digits. It sometimes does this after Meteo as well. You can usually Nuke a Behemoth without it Storming you. Here are some enemies that aren't worth the trouble to fight: D. Machin, FatalEye, Mind, and Breath. They don't give out any more experience or gold than easier enemies and are a complete pain to kill. I recommend getting Asura and Leviatan before tackling the Sealed Cave. They make it so much the cave, the best way to defeat the Trap Doors is as follows. Attack or Parry until it's Rosa's turn, then wait until the Trap Door does a Search on one of your characters. Immediately have Rosa Wall that character. The deadly Dispel incantation will rebound onto the Trap Door, destroying it. Be prepared to take tons of Life Potion and to take several trips through the cave; this method uses lots of MP but is very worthwhile. You can save yourself tons of trouble by using Weak on King-Ryu. It's very effective against these dragons. * * * * *

Game Genie codes

82A3-6F63 Invincible 8267-0D62 Infinite Magic Points EEAD-6703 9,999 Attack, but enemies can also do it 3335-076E+EE2D-008A Lots of gold. After one or two fights you might get 9,999,999 gold! * * * * * "Sent in" by Jesse Smith **AD-A769+CDAD-AFA9 FF Items are free, you get Defence and Prisoner when you buy items. 33 Items are free and you get other items, stronger things when you buy stuff. C2 C3 Items are free and you get other items when you buy stuff, stronger weapons and armor FF30-076E Get lots of Experience after battle OCCA-AF6F Walk through walls, not the best code. * * * * * Sent in by Ben Dombek D3AB-6F63 All Enemies die automatically and you still get GP & EXP. * * * * * Sent in by Rick N. Bruns. 37E5-DDDD Talk to people to bring up a weapon shop. 30E5-DDDD Talk to people to go to battle as Golbeze. 2EE5-DDDD Talk to first person in Barron Castle to warp to the tower of Babil. A7E5-DDDD Talk to people to get a look at the moon. A1E5-DDDD Talk to people to get the Big Whale. B5E5-DDDD Talk to people to fight the last enemy you fought. B6E5-DDDD Talk to people to bring up last treasure menu. CDE5-DDDD Talk to people to get mega speed and an air ship. C1E5-DDDD Talk to people to walk through them. 3333-DDDD Big Chocobo will not appear when you use a carrot. AAAA-DDDD People in towns look different. 33AA-DDDD Towns are different. 33AA-DDDD Fight Red Giant in the intro. NOTE: Screen is messed up. * * * * *