I am April (a.k.a Cess to some).
I decided to make this page because I felt it was time
to let my friend's know how special they are to me. So,
I made a Friend's page with a description beside each
and everyone of them pertaining to how much I care about

To make my page a little more interesting to view and
read I added some info about me and a chapter of a
story I wrote for a contest awhile back. I also added
a message board where you can write down anything that
is on your mind.

Therefore, please feel free to view my site and make
any comments you feel are necessary. I have enclosed
my e-mail address and a guestbook. Please sign it.
Thanks, have fun!

Also, a very special gratitude of thanks
for Mike (Red) and Kath for helping me with this page.
Without them, there wouldn't even BE a page!
Thank you, you two. :)

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