Dark Schneider Picture Gallery
This is a gallery of DS and DS only! I've taken large pics of him and taken him out of them to bring you the best pics of DS on the WWW! Hope you enjoy my collection!
Cool pic of DS

Profile shot of DS

Ds in..shorts??!?!?

Have some energy!

What're YOU lookin' at?

Yeah,I know I'm cool...

Another cool pic of DS

With half of Yoko on him.

Who took my Maple-flavored donut???!

DS yaks it up!

And still laughing..

Karu-su certainly told a good joke if he's laughing still!

Strike a pose!

Like my sword? I do!

DS in the 3rd dimension!

Hey! Where'd that girl come from??

DS in a trenchcoat!

With his second ladylove,Arshes Nei!

The lovebirds bed down for the night

Nei uses him as a leaning post

Who let the snake out?!?

How Nei sees him,literally.

There he goes laughing again!

Ticked off much?

He's not gonna use that sword for what I think he's gonna use it for,is he?

Somebody likes to show off!

Like my uniform?


DS gets dressed up!

Sexy man!

My favorite!

From Episode Two

Evil Look

Wouldn't mind having him at MY window!

One word:Sexy!

A rare moment...



Smug look

Putting his cloak on


Forming energy

Ohmigoddess! Is he BLEEDING??!!?

Nice profile shot

After Sheila slaps him for the second time

The background

That's all I have for now! Must find more space for the rest! Ja mata ne!
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