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Why are there ads from Tripod in your home page? We're sorry if this is a little annoying, but we got this web space site for free, and in exchange we allow Tripod to post advertisements. If we want to eliminate the ads, we have to pay money - money we don't have (because we would then have to find a way to extract money from you, and that would defeat the purpose of this site). We are involved in a little e-commerce in one page in our site, however, the China Book Corner section, where we have partnered with Barnes and Noble and receive a tiny commission for book referrals (this is still in the works). We still believe we are providing a service (and the books are discounted). Any money (and there has been none so far) generated will be steered right back into improving this site.

Why aren't there more pictures? Ah, you must not live in China, where surfing the web can sometimes be like watching paint dry. More images = slower browsing time. Plus, we firmly believe that content is more important than layout. If the ISP situation improves in China, or we relocate to a faster server, or fewer of our readers are from China, we'll add more images. Image sizes have been downsized for faster surfing as it is.

Why can't you increase the frequency of posting new idioms and slang? Believe us, Chen A-yi would love to. But China Insight is small time, and we have jobs where we cannot maintain this site full time eifght hours a day. If the site grows and the hit load immense, we might find someone to do this more than part-time. For now, this is a home grown operation providing what we hope is useful and insightful information.

Why don't you update the site more frequently? Time, time time - if we had the time we would do it. You want to help us for free? Send us an e-mail. Relocating to Tripod and using Microsoft Frontpage now allows us to ftp changes and do most of our composing offine, which in plain English means that we can make changes much quicker. Furthermore, we've added new message boards, which will hopefully increase information without us having to do it all. Help us -- post something! We hope you see the difference in the coming months.

I would sign the guestbook, but I'm afraid of being part of a spam list. Yes, we too are always concerned about e-mailing out personal information as well. Please be assured, however, that China Insight will never take our e-mail list and provide it to third parties.

You need better features! Like what? We don't know what you like, or what you want unless you tell us! We can make the site better --but not without feedback.

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