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Do you have an orgasm over a perfect qing1 zheng4 yu2 (steamed fish)? Does it take you 15 minutes to discuss the merits of each dish with the waitress before ordering? Must you know the Chinese name of every dish? Have you ever spent time translating a menu for a small restaurant just to practice your restaurant Chinese and to build a relationship with the waiter, chef and boss so meals in the future are free or done especially for you? Do you flirt with the waitresses in hopes of getting a discount card to the restaurant?

If so, read on. If not, this section probably isn’t for you.

What makes these restaurants special is that they have not been spoiled by foreigners or by getting massive press. If we had wanted that we would have started a restaurant review column a long time ago - so share this with friends only. What I look for in a restaurant is atmosphere, and good CHEAP food (30-60 RMB per person). For most of these restaurants, you need (have to) to know Chinese.

(Note: This page still under construction -- phone numbers, addresses and best dishes to be added - sorry it's taking so long. Most of these places aren't listed, so we're making the rounds again. Yum!)

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Beijing Duck:




Dong Bei

Hot pot:



Jia chang (Homestyle):

Snack foods (xiao chi):


Dim sum/Cantonese:




Vegetarian (yes, we are carnivores, but this place actually makes stuff that fools us):

Tell us your favorite dive in Beijing

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