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We are legal researchers, consultants, translators, information system managers, business developers; Chinese and Caucasian; holders of masters and bachelors degrees in Chinese history, economics, anthropology; former students in Harbin, victims of being evicted from local Beijing apartments, travellers throughout China, and more...

Despite this diversity (and we hope that range of backgrounds is reflected in the interesting and wide-ranging content of this site), we do share a few important things in common: we are young (in our 20's), speak Mandarin Chinese, and have some odd attraction to China, whether it is boiled mutton at Man Fu Lou or memorizing the name of construction materials in Chinese. Most importantly, we all hold full-time jobs and haved lived in Beijing for one to five years.

We view our differences and yet committment to full time work and living in China as a vital asset to bringing you fresh and useful information about what it's like to be here. After all, this site is only our hobby. We don't have time to sit around and surf the net all day, so it's vital for us too to only find, use, and present web sites and information that can be used in our daily busy lives, for work or pleasure. After all, we developed (a little) China Insight to learn more about HTML, explore the web's possibilities and, above all, share useful China information that professionals rely on. The web was always out there, but the question is how it could be useful to us without being a massive time sink. We had (and still have) this need, particularly as it applies to our lives in China, and now we're trying to fill the gap.

Do let us know if you sense us veering from our mission or how we can make this site even better. If you really think we're on to something, join us. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible, although we have lives too -- and are prone to taking long vacations without e-mail access.

Michael Wenderoth and the China Insight development team
(a little) China Insight
March 1, 1998

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