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Compiled by the subscribers of ChinMail. 1997.
More Anecdotes on the Way! Check Back in a Day or Two.


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1) Eating through computer mouse cable
2) Eating wallpaper and plaster off the wall behind the TV.
3) Eating leaves off the Swiss cheese plant
4) Eating shoes! (All our chins seem to have a shoe fetish!)

5) Female chin squirting pee into your hair while feeding the chins in the cage below...

6) Peeing in dust bath and food dishes (yuk!)

7) Hiding in the most inaccessible part of your room when it's time to go back in the cage - e.g behind a cupboard, under settee...

8) Biting through water bottles

9) Flipping the food bowl upside down after you've just filled it

10) Pooing in your pockets and shoes!

11) chewing through the speakers cable, causing you to have to buy new ones.

12) refusing to eat food at night before getting a raisin

13) *pretending* not to recognise the word "no"

14) Escaping, then chewing a huge hole in the back of the sofa, removing all the stuffing, and curling up inside!

15) Chewing up the wooden perch inside the cage when they know #%!@#* well they have a zillion chew toys already.

16- Attempting to chew a whole through the door when you aren't >looking.

17- Jumping at you a with a menacing look to try to scare you away.

18) Chewing the buttons on a 150.00 cordless phone.

19) Re: chewing the buttons on a $150 cordless phone? or How about chewing the buttons off an $80 corduroy shirt? (Or any other piece of clothing within reach for that matter)

20) Also: trying to pull your necklace right off your neck from the front!

21) Chewing off a metre of the phone cord

22) Pulling a brand new box of 200 tissues into the cage in about 2 hours, and then looking so proud of themselves as they rolled and played in them :-)

23) Or How about when you are cleaning out the cage and they have to play in the fresh clean pine shavings and scatter them all over the floor.

24.) Hiding behind the refrigerator and laughing at you while you struggle to get them out and then all of a sudden they comeout on their own!!

25.) Jumping in the dog water. Then they gripe at you like you put the water there on purpose so they would jump into it!!!! Especially, if you have to leave for a really important appointment...

26) Or jumping from the top of his cage over to the table right into a full glass of apple juice.

27) Purposely, and repeatedly, do the very things they know you don't want them to...until they are quite certain you have seen them...then scamper off with a devilish grin on their faces, i.e., climbing on the audio equipment and dropping "presents" all over it.

28) Hopping on top of another chinchillas cage and peeing on the unsuspecting chins head, hutch, and food bowls. (then giving a big chinny grin when you catch them)

29) Walking across the computer key board and sending e-mail all over the web.

30) Jumping in the toilet and having to be "fetched"

Tricks done by Specific Chins (not mine - these are quotes from chinmail)

31) Bianca, our first chin was a gift from a friend who was going to school in the UK and couldn't take her with him.. He is a computer programmer and had his Mac on one night when Ms. B was out for her nightly scamper. Well, sure enough, Ms. B managed to 1) click the mouse on his hard drive, 2) run across the keyboard to re-name said hard drive, and 3) click the mouse again to make sure the new "name" was accepted. He says she was trying to communicate. Long live Ms. Bianca, the cyberchin! Melissa, Ms. B, and Phoebe

32) Somehow_ grabbing and pulling into a cage an electric fan cord from 3 feet away, PLUGGED IN MIND YOU, and chewing completely through it without electrocution. Twice. Go figure.

33) My chinchillas taught me the lesson my mother tried to teach me all my childhood, which is: Don't leave your clothes laying around! I discovered that chinnies have a particular fondness for rayon. They have chewed up a couple of my favorite articles of clothing on their nightly runs.

34) This chin owner had her chin's cage in the bathroom off her bedroom which was quite large. Once, in the middle of the night, she went to the bathroom and suddenly found the toilet paper was gone. She knew she had just placed a new roll on. While wondering what she was going to do next, she saw her cute little chin with a cage full of white paper. The chin had somehow gotten hold of a piece of it and pulled the whole roll through the top of the cage. She was trying to place all of it in in her nesting box in hopes of hiding her naughty act. So, beware all of you who have your chin in this location.

Chinchillas are all little devils but they are the cutest things on earth- no competition!

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