*** The Illustrious Chocobo Knights ***

Welcome to the home page of the Chocobo Knights! I started this page back in the late 90's so please forgive the simplistic layout. This' mainy just a personal homepage to show pics of my interests. But there's a variety of things here for you to check out, so chances are you'll find something that'll take your fancy. Enjoy! - Choco Steve (aka Heat Rave R)

About Me (call it vanity ^.^)
A few pics of what I look like
Photo Album
Pics of my friends and I stylin' it ^_~
Chocobo Knights Cosplay
Pics of us in costume at anime cons, back in the day
The Mach5 ZX
my Speed Racer-themed Datsun 280ZX
My old '98 Prelude: "Moonlight Vision"
specs and pics of my old show-winning car
Lego Replicas
A couple of Lego replica creations of mine
The Ultimate Pokemon...Clefairy!
Neat Quotes to Make You Think
"You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead"

Obligatory Copyright Info

All photos and artwork on this site are the property of their respective owners and I make no pretense about owning or making them (unless I actually did make them), nor am trying to make any money off them. So don't have a cow if you see something of yours on here; I only put it here 'cause I think it's good.