Kerrigan's Page

This is a page about one of my two cats, Kerrigan. She is a spayed female brown tabby and white domestic longhair, and we estimate she was born sometime around July 11, 2000. My husband and I adopted her from the Amherst Small Animal Hospital's Kitten Adoption Program in November, 2000, when she was about fourteen weeks old, as a friend for our other cat, Ari. After a rocky start, the two of them have become good friends, and even play together.

Kerrigan is a very sweet and quiet kitty; she has a small, high-pitched voice, and prefers to approach new people and situations with caution. She loves to watch the birds from her window perch in our dining room, and likes to chase balls and play with toy mice -- she especially seems to like the ones with the feathery tails!

In case you were wondering, Kerrigan is named for a character in Blizzard's StarCraft computer game.

Follow the link to see some pictures of Kerrigan!

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