Welcome Program Directors!

We'd like to thank you for coming here. We're hoping that it means you have an interest in the show. We've done some marketing here locally, and the response seems to be good so far. We're doing a test run on two stations and have a commitment from a third.

The show costs you nothing to run. We will include advertising on the show for our sponsors. It will be sent to you on cassette, although if things go as we hope, we will change to CD format.

We endeavor to keep the show around 47 minutes long, leaving you enough time to get your commercials and news breaks in. Occasionally, the show pushes 50 minutes, but we will minimize that.

To get the show, simply E-Mail us at civilwarradio@hotmail.com.
You can contact us during the days at 913-684-8839 or 8882. Evenings please call 785-242-9243 or 785-594-7548.

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Why Should You Run The Show?

Here are some statistics:
Civil War News conducted a poll of its readership and found the following information:

Their subscribership (approximately 20,000) spent over 10 million dollars in one year on Civil War books, art, relics, reproduction items, and collectibles. That comes to over 500 dollars per person.

Their demographics:
1. Average Age:
2. College Educated:
3. Post-Graduate Degree
4. Average Family Income
61.5 percent
33.5 percent
60,467 Dollars
Can you think of better demographics for Advertisers?!?!
Virtually everyone can trace an ancestor to the Civil War. Therefore, most people would have some interest in the topic. Not everyone is interested in car repair or gardening. We're trying to develop a show like The Learning Channel or The History Channel on the radio. When I get to the store on Saturday morning, I turn my radio off because some guy is talking about transmissions. We want a show that will keep the listener in the car until the show is over!
Thank you for your consideration!
Matt Matthews and Brian J. Orloff

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