Come on! There are only people interested?!

The Contest Info & Rules

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Who: You.

What: I want you to make a banner for the church.

When: Like, right......... now!

Where: At your computer.

Why: Because the Church need a banner!

Deadline: It's never ending! I'm always looking for new banners!

Prize Info: All who enter will get a "participational prize" of a
collection of 2 really RARE Leo pictures, and an hornerable mention.

Other Info: The winner(s), will recive a collection of 2 really RARE Leo pictures
and he/she/they will become member(s) of the month, and he/she/they
will forever be praised by, moi.
And please send GIF and JPG banners only.

Some Insperation...

I think these banners are really cool...