Read This First

   Hi, my name is Chloe, and I am the creator of The Church of 
Leonardo DiCaprio. Let me tell you first, that this site is not as 
crazy as it seems. I'm not tryint to say that Leonardo is The God Of 
All, but more The God Of Screen. I'm a very creative person, and when 
I got the Internet, I wanted to expess my love for Leonardo DiCaprio. 
But I didn't want, "Just Another Leo Page", with links, pics and news. 
I wanted something more original then that. If anything, it kind of 
pokes fun at our sociaty, for their worship of celebrities. My site is 
not serious. I have plenty of members (myself included) who have REAL 
religions out side of the COLD. Besides, usually the person who send 
hate mail are religious. There for, you know that there are other 
religions besides yours, we don't bug you, so please leave us alone. 
Why do you care? If you send me hate mail, it's a waste of time, 
because Im not going to shut this site down. If you don't like it, 
don't visit it! Please, don't bother cause it won't change a thing.

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