Pictures of Me & My Friends

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I'm "lounging"

My sister Rachel, Me, Emilene and her brother Jeremy at the beach

Hugg, mine and Emi's phony band

Emilene looking possessed

Chris, Bobby, sabrina, Hayley & Teresa reading my magazine, 
"Hip Sister"

Emi's the Dévil

Lue licking Leo

Sara and Emi

Dave in a dress... again

Bobby, Chris & Hayley

Cory with a bag on his head

Dave showing us his underwear

Me giving my friend, Sabrina, a "look"

Hayley, at a dance

Dave in a dress

Me on the skytrain, two years ago, in Vancouver

A phony picture of Leo, me and Teresa

Sabrina, by a door

My stub, from the first time I saw Titanic

A picture of my mom, at my age

Me and my Aunt Lynn

Me, from my family's 1998 portrait

My teacher, Mlle. Dudeck, who looks like Neve Campbell

My Mom, Grandma, sister Rachel, and I

Me sitting on a rail

Me, Mom, Rachel... somewhere "southern"

My cousin James, and I... all dolled up, 10 years ago

James, two years ago... with a ribbon in his hair

Me in my cousin Corey's wedding, last summer

Me getting ready to ski!

... and then, taking a brake

I'm sleeping...