Romeo + Juliet Images

Romeo in Pain.. awww, look how hot he is when he's in pain...

The Montague Gang

The Poster

Romeo wearing that shirt, in a publicity shot

Leo, Claire & William Shakespeare

Romeo in Mantua

Romeo & Juliet, close before death

"Is she a Capulet?!"

Romeo, in shock, after he killed Tybalt

The Famous Aquarium Shot

"Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight."

"I am Fortune's Fool!!"

Romeo, in pain

Kissing in the Elevater

Kissing in the pool

Romeo, on his way to kill Tybalt

Romeo looking at the fireworks

Another Aquarium shot

Smokin' in his trailer

Taking a man hostage

Getting Married

I hate you, Claire!

Ohhhhh, why? Why? Why?! Can't I be Claaaaire?!

More to come REALLY soon!