Titanic Sounds

"You can't keep us locked down here... (wav)

"Music to drowned by, now I know I'm in first class!" (wav)

"If this is the direction the rats are goin, 
it's good enough for me!" (wav)

"For God's sake, there are women and children down here..." (wav)

"My Heart Will Go On" "South Park" Remix (ram)

"You jump, I jump, right?" (wav)

"You have a gift Jack, you see people"... "I see you." (wav)

"Iceberg, right ahead!"

"Where to miss"..."To the stars" (wav)

"Are you ready to go back to Titanic?" (wav)

Steerage Music (wav)

"Ah, froget it, Boyo, you'd as like have angels fly out of your arse,
as gettin next to the likes of her." (wav)

"Jack, this is where we first met!" (wav)

"Dawson. Rose Dawson." (wav)

"Don't come any closer, I'll let go! (wav)

"Take a few practice shots over there! (wav)