My Tribute to Tracy

     When Princess Diana died, there were swormes of Leo pages turned 
into "Diana Tribute" pages. Probably cause these people were fans on 
Diana or maybe they weren't, they were just extreamly shocked. I was a
bit frazed when I heard; I first found out at B's site. I thought it 
was a joke at first. Then I rememberd that B was a fan of Diana's so 
she wouldn't do a thing like like. 

     But now out Leo Loving Sociaty has expirienced another kind of 
loss, but not to death. I'm talking about Tracy. She was the most loyal 
Leo fan and had a great Leo site. If someone had a rare Leo picture, 
they could send it to her and she 
would scan it. she sent out a beautifully creative Leo Newsletter. 
Everyday. It was amazing. She played the role all of us dreamed of 
playing, she was Juliet in her school's play. She was also only 13 and 
had made so much of herself. Even with her buy schedual, she still 
managed to answer all that pointless e-mail and end it with a ":)".  
We've lost that Tracy. Not to death, but she has left our sociaty. She 
no longer loves Leo, she belives we "need help". Maybe she's right, but 
it's still not going to help everyone forget about that "Leonardo 
Cappiccino" guy. It's so strange that she would do this now; with 
'Titanic' here. She antisipated it with all of us for a whole year. I 
found this all out at her page, this week when I visited it, I saw it 
was no longer a Leo page. I felt as much, even more shock then when I 
found out about Diana. It seems sick, doesn't it? But it's the truth. 
I cried. 

         What did we do to loose such a wonderful girl who was more 
mature that the oldest woman? Maybe we didn't thank her enough. That 
doesn't matter now, we took her for granted, and now she's gone. She's 
not coming back.   

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