For Trisha & Co.

  Oh, boy...
  First, of all, you said you wanted a front-page apology. Well, I can't
 fit it all on there, so I gave you a link.
  OK, first thing's first. It was important to me to have a graphic, 
 because to me, it seems professional. I would have made one myself,
 but the fact is, I just don't know how. So, I thought I'd make a 
 contesyt out of it. I was very dissapointed, when no one entered. So,
 I started threats. I said I's shut the site down if I didn't get any
 entries. I probably shouldn't have done that, but I did. As I mentioned,
 before in the news, it was basically school stress acting. I already said
 I was sorry, for that.
  Maybe people don't "care" about the graphic, but I do, and I expected
 at least one person would enter, because I know lots of members have
 the knoledge. Why wouldn't someone want to give me a hand?
  So, lst night, in emergancy, I e-mail serveral people who I knew had
 nice banners and graphics on their sites. I explained my situation,
 and Picca, sent me a graphic. I didn't like it that much, (like you, 
 Trisha) but it was all I had, so I used it, and awarded Picca her
 earned pize.
  That explanes my behaviour.
  Now, about you site bashing:
  You were saying that I only ever update the news. That's not true. Maybe
 it seems that way, because I upadte it so often, but I do update the other 
 things. I will nw say a bit about each of my links.
 Become a Member ---- What's there to update? it simply states
                            how to become a member
 The Bible ----- A basic Leo bio and filmography. I update
                          the filmography whenever a new Leo movie
                          comes out. I can't really change the bio. 
 Members ---- Here is the member list. I update it every time
                        I get a new request for mmbership.
 The Leonardo Daily News --- This, you know I update!
 Site News & Updates --- I update this part, whenever I add a new 
                             section, contest, or some new pictures,.
 Multimedia Gallery --- I add new pictures whenever I find some 
                             good ones. I don't update it as much as
                             I'd like to, though.
 The Meeting Schedual --- What's there to update? The meetings are
                              the same times every week.
 The Meeting Room  --- It's just a chat room. You can't change 
 Quotes By & About Leo -- Whenever I finf something, I add it.
 Send Hate Mail  --- This is my defence portion on the site. It 
                           explaines how I don't think Leo's really God,
                           I'm just spoofing how most of the planet 
                           feels about him
 The Guestbook --- Only YOU can update that.
 About Me   --- If I grow an inch, I'll change my height. That's
                         about it though. Sometimes I add new pictures
                         of myself. I like for people to know how's giving
                         them the site. Not that people REALLY care, it's
                         just that SOME might want to know a bit about 
 E-mail Me --- I can't change that. Unless I get a new e-mail
                        address, or something.
 Banners --- If someone submits a banner to me, I'll add it.
 FAQ  --- When popular question comes up, I'll add it to 
                      the list. 
 Links --- They DO need updating. I seriously was planning
                      to do that on Sunday. Ironic, eh?
 My Tribute To Tracy --- Nothing I can change there.
 E-mail Anti Titaniacs --- Whenever I get hate mail, I'll add the 
 Help me. --- When I need help with something, I'll post 
                       .details here
   There. No wdo you see? I also have to dael with a lot of crap from 
 narrow-minded people who hate Leo, or they don't understand that I 
 don't actually believe that Leo's God.
  If you still don't belive that this site is up to your code, stop
 coming. I feel taht most members are happy with there free package. If
 you are not, you can always unsubsrcibe. I'll just need you member 
  I wasn't lieing about the site being only for members. In fact, I am
 still working on it. I've been corisponding with a person who knows 
 about java. I know nothing that's why I'll need her help. Jesus 
 Christ! Things take time! I wasn't lieing! The site will NEVER be only
 for members. That way, people who were not members couldn't subsribe.
 They's need a preview, first. I'd have a members only area. With free
 pictures an dlinks and stuff. That way people have a reason to join.
  I'm always trying to improve the site. If my explanations above, do
 not satisfy you, just stop coming. I know for a fact, that I have a 
 very creative site and it's good. It's a lot better than some other
 sites out there, right? You don't e-mail someone jsut cause you don't
 like their site, right? You just don't come back, that's all. You 
 obviously DO like my site, because you are fighting to see it made
 better. I'm always trying to do that. Always.
                                          Thanks for your time,
 P.S., If you have any more questions or concerns, just e-mail me. 
 c/o the church, or personally. Just please don't flood the guestbook.
 P.P.S., If you would rather speak to me personally, I'll be at 
 tomorrow's meeting. (Aunday at 5pm Central)

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