What People are Saying About Leonardo

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        Here are some direct quotes ABOUT Leonardo:

     People asked: As a onetine teen idol, what advice can you give
     to Leonardo DiCaprio?

     Joey Lawrence: "My advice to Leonardo is, 'Don't do any movies 
     with animatronic monkeys.' No, seriously, I applaud all of his
     creative choices."

     Peter Noone: "Be nice to all the little girls now, because one 
     day they'll be 40-plus, and they'll still be coming to see you."

     Leif Garrett: "If there is anything I would tell anybody in this
     profession, it is never believe your own press. Rock on, Leo."

    "King Leo" - E! Online

    "Leo was so beautiful and tender. He made it clear that pleasing 
     me was his top priority. Leonardo is a raw sexual lover and he 
     held me in his arms until I exploded." - Model Karen Butler

    "The Great One." -- TNT

    "... the sparkling prince-- the golden-locked boy the whole world 
     seems to want to bang right now. Un-hun, his mighty majesty, 
     Leonardo DiCaprio!" - E! Online

     On Leo's Kissing:

     Judith Godrèche (Christine, in MITIM): "Is he a good kisser? Yes.
     Very good kisser."

    "Love making with Leonardo is the most wonderful expirence in the 
     world... being Leo's lover is like living out a glorius fantasy. 
     He's even better [in bed] then his millions of female fans could 
     have imagined him to be... I still feel exitement when I recall 
     how his body felt pressed against mine... I first night we made 
     love is a night I'll never forget... Leo's a gental, tender and 
     caring lover who could make any girl putting in his hands. It 
     certainly worked with me, especially after a fantastic first 
     kiss.  He's a terrific kisser on top of everything else. He's so 
     sweet in real life too... Any girl strong enough to pin him down 
     and get him to settle will be very lucky. Leo's going to make a 
     terrific husband and father someday. I just know it."
                     -- Kristen Zang (for picture, see "The Gallery" 

    "He's becoming the Beatles right before our eyes."
                     -- Greg Kinnear

    "He gets laid a lot. So much, it's not even funny."
                     -- Leonardo's close freind, Stephen Dorff

    "I think Leonardo [DiCaprio] is our Brando, our Mozart, our 
    special, magical, mystical talent... Leonardo just has it. He 
    doesn't reach for it, he doesn't have to go learn it, he just has 
    it, and it's a beautiful thing because he's a beautiful person." 
                     -- Sharon Stone

    "Leo's obviously very aesthetically pleasing,"
                     -- Claire Danes

    "We did that [the bow kissing] scene about 40 times. And I just 
     thought, "Oh, I just can't kiss this guy anymore!""
                    -- Kate Winslet
    "He's probably the world's most beautiful-looking man,"
                    -- Kate Winslet    

    "He's very funny. He's a very funny guy, so I was just thrilled 
    really, but my fear was that I was just going to fall compleatly 
    in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, because he is beautiful and he is
     a fantastic actor."
                    -- Kate Winslet 
    "I just love him to bits!"
                    -- Kate Winslet

    "We became great mates!"
                    -- Kate Winslet

    "Leo's a sweet kid and, yeah, he's a hot little kid, isn't he?"
                    -- Francis Fisher (plays Kate Winslet's Mum in

    "Leo's the bomb."
                    -- Claire Danes

    "Yeah, he's a cutie... but so, yeah, he's really, really incredably
    talented, and goofy and sweet..."
                    -- Claire Danes

    "Now this is basically the love making scene. If there's one 
    woman left on the planet who doesn't want to fuck you, one 
    woman living in the Yukon who just got a T.V., she will after 
    she sees this!"
                     -- Titanic  director James Cameron while filming 
    the, "Jack! I'm flying!" scene

    "He's a genius. He's insaine. And compleatly wild and he didn't 
    listen to me at all. And I was his mother!"
                     -- Meryl Streep

    "I know him. He is such a sweet guy. I think his sense 
    of style is very fresh, very romantic, very individual." 
                     -- Gianni Versace

    "[Your favourite movie couple]It's Leo as a Montague and Claire 
     as a Capulet. But couldn't they have, like, lived or something?"
                      -- Seventeen, July 1997

    "Well, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt had better watch out, 
    cause judging from what happenend in Tokyo over the weekend, 
    Leonardo DiCaprio is quickly on his way to becoming America's 
    hottest sex-symbol." 
                      -- Entertainement Tonight

    "You sure have great taste in obsessions!"
                              -- My Mom

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