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Hello all Teen Angel fans. I'm just back off my summer hols and I'm all ready to begin up dating the page again. I've got a few requests to help me with some of the things you've suggested on my survey. I'd like to have a Teen Angel news section but since I don't live in america I can't get to the latest info, so anything which you can mail me would be great. I'll also be starting up a fanfic section. Since the cancelling of the show I'm sure we're all ready for some new episodes. So If anyone wants to write something, or just mail me an idea that would be lovely chucks. Also coming soon,more scripts, the long awaited second quiz,plus the winner of this one who gets their name in blinky letters. Don't hold your breaths but I'm trying to get a shockwave game. And I'll make a new,improved and hopefully WORKING Teen Angel Home Game. That's all for now. If anyone wants to read any of my previous fanfic disasters so you know what I'm going to put up all through you can check out my 'Friends' page. But you have been warned. Now, on with the show.....

This a very small obsession that I have recently developed. I wouldn't call it an obsession exactly, more of an interest. The fact that I rush to the bus station every day after working on my home page so that I get home in time to see it is beside the point. Do you think I'm mad? I do! Well, to go with my small 'interest' I'm going to donate a small section of my page to the show.

The reason I started watching the show whenever I could is that I thought Marty (as shown on this page) was cute. I still do, so don't bother getting at me about it if you don't agree. It's my obsession! Anyway, at FIRST that was the reason. It's still one of them, but over the past few months I've grown to appreciate some of the finer points. Although it's technically a kid's show, there's plenty of subtle adult humour in it. For example, the ever popular 'I'm omnipotent' joke, also featured in 'Friends', provided by the resident giant head, Rod. (If you must know, God's cousin, but he got the job on his own merits).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, and if that's you then you should be ashamed of yourself, here's the basic story. Marty's best bud Steve dared him to take a bit out of an eight month old hamburger (not six month, I would like to make that very clear). After muttering the famous last words, "It's not like it's gonna kill me!", poor 'ikkle Marty croaked. Oh oh. But all is not lost. The big head guy sent him back to be Steve's guardian angel. He's got retractable wings!!!

Shall I tell you what I have planned for this page? Ooo, I don't know.......okay, you've twisted my arm. I expect I'll put in things about the characters and the actors, pictures, scripts shouldn't be too hard. There aren't really that many episodes. A little voice is telling me that I'll soon change my tune when faced with typing them all out. I guess I could put quizes in, but how many people would actually bother to do them? I'll tell you what, if you people really want some quizes, just mail me or leave a message on that answer machine thingy that I've got around here somewhere and I'll think up some questions. Ooo, it'll be fun! Fanfic's always a lot of fun, but somehow I get the idea that Teen Angel fanfic won't be the most popular thing on the net. We'll all just have to wait and see what I come out with at the end. PLEASE mail me with ideas!!!! I'm desperate!!!! I'll add little bits to this page every now and then.

Note: For people reading who are fans of the show, there is nothing at www.angel.marty.cooldude.com. Believe me, I checked. But if anyone knows a way that I could get that address I'd be really grateful. What a sad little life I must lead.

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