Teen Angel episode guide

If you want more info on each episode just clink on the link. I've not got all the real names, so if no name is available I've put a little '*' and something to tell you which episode it is. I'll put the correct names and airing dates as I find them out.

Marty Buys the Farm (Aired 9/26/97)
Date with an Angel (Aired 10/3/97)
Sings like an Angel (Aired 10/10/97)
Wrestling with an Angel (Aired 10/17/97)
Honest Abe and Popular Steve (Aired 10/24/97)
I love Nitzke (Aired 10/31/97)
One Dog Night (Aired 11/7/97)
Jeremiah was a Bullfrog (Aired 11/14/97)
Feather's Day (Aired 11/28/97)
Steve & Marty & Jordan & Uncle Lou (Aired 12/5/97)
Living Doll (Aried 12/19/97)
Grumpy Young Men (Aired 1/9/98)
Who's the Boss (Aired 1/16/98)I've not seen this one yet, so don't click here.
The play's the thing (Aired 1/23/98)
The Un-Natural (Aired 2/6/98)I've seen it now!!!!
Look Ma, No Face It turns out I have seen this one after all. Go ahead and click.

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