The Teen Angel Home Game

The game is here, but the pieces aren't. Until then, you can play with pennies or something. Enjoy!

I'm very sorry if I'm breaching any copyright laws with this game, but I'm only 16 and know nothing about the law. I just thought this would be something fun to have.

This is not of course the actual Teen Angel home game. I don't even know if there is one, but I've made up a simple one of my own. It's really easy to play. You'll need a die and some scissors to cut of the playing pieces. Glue is good to, but not essential.

The rules are really simple. It's just like a regular board game. Everyone playing picks a character. The game starts from where Marty eats the burger and ends when the first person gets to heaven. The fact that Marty is the only dead character isn't important. Just pretend you have a time traveling cat and you went forward to a time where everyone's an angel. Anyway, back to the rules. You just work your way around the board and follow the instructions. If you throw a six you get another turn. When you reach 'the stairway to heaven' you have to throw and exact number to finish.

To set up click on the link below and you'll go onto the pieces page. All the game pieces are there. You just have to print them, cut them out and stick them together. You'll see what I mean. Then you can click on the link from that page and you'll go to the game page. You'll have to print out the board. It'll fit on an A4 sheet of paper. You may need a magnifying glass to actually read it, but that's a sacrifice you'll have to make to fit it on a sensibly sized piece of paper. It'll look best on a colour printer, but I'll have a black and white version soon for those of you without colour printers. Once you've done all that and the ink's dry, you're ready to play!

If you like my game then give me some feed back. Or if you can think of something that would make the game even better then mail me. I will up date the game from time to time so keep coming back and see if it's changed. Hope you enjoy the game!

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