Marty buys the farm-the quiz!

Here's the first in what I hope to be a long series of Teen Angel quizes. All of the questions are on the first episode 'Marty buys the farm', one of my favourites! Anyway, just fill in the answers and send it off, and I'll post up the answers and winners, eventually. You don't actually win anything, but you do get your name on the answer page in blinky coloured letters.


Question 1: What does Steve think might be in the refrigerator?
Question 2: What's on the second floor the lift goes past on the way up to the Court of Eternal Judgement?
Question 3: What's the first thing Marty says to the Head?
Question 4: What did Marty nominate for class moto?
Question 5: How much did Judy's plant cost?
Question 6: What was written on the sign Marty put on the map?
Question 7: Which chapter was on the Monroe doctrine?
Chapter six
Chapter seven
Chapter eight
Question 8: How does Marty get Mr Nitzke to wake up?
Question 9: What does Nitzke say he's going to be doing in the teacher's lounge?
Question 10: Which stamp was James Monroe on?
Bonus question: What colour was the silly string Katie sprayed on Steve?

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