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Here's a small selection of my favourite quotes from the show. There are so many that I like I've had to limit myself to the ones which really stand out amoung the others. There's a space at the bottom where you can suggest your own favourite quotes and I'll be only too happy to add them to the list. I'll be adding sound bytes before long too, so stay tuned.

Marty: So long wings. See you in Palm Springs.
Heady: I'm not going to take your wings.
Marty: Really? Then what are you gonna take? Oh, oh! I hope I don't have to say 'See you on Venus'.

Marty: Your smile is as bright as book burning in my country.
Nia: Book burning? That's so sad.
Marty: Did I mention the books were by Steve Allen?

Marty:[As Jessica] I just have to go to the bathroom. It's this darn bra, it's so tight! It's, it's on backwards. Oh well, La de da!

Pam: If Marty is in Heaven he's chained to a bunch of other guys picking up trash.

Steve: I can't talk to girls the way I talk to you.
Marty: Well you can't go out with me, 'cos A) I'm a boy, and B) I'm dead!

Marty: These Hanson girls are hot! Especially this middle one. Hmm Bop!

Marty: Are you sure she likes you, or your voice? 'Cos if it's your voice then she really likes me, and I'm not seeing women right now. Mostly 'cos they can't see me.

Steve: So, what are you going to dance to the Halloween wear?
Marty: Don't go back. Just pretend that's what you meant to say.

Heady: That's quite a conundrum.
Marty: Yes, it is.
Heady: You have no idea what I conundrum is.
Marty: No, I don't.

Best Quote


Marty: The bad news is, I can't reverse the spell.
Steve: What's the good news?
Marty: Just 'cos there's bad news doesn't mean there's good news.

I'd like to thank Julie for suggesting the following quotes.
Steve: So, now what
Marty: The Teen Angel Home game... travel version?
Steve: OK
Marty: I get to be Marty.

Marty: The room, it's starting to spin. Everything.....going black! Remember me as I was. The most beautiful boy in the world!
Steve: Marty, you're already dead.
Marty: I know, but this time I wanted to do it with style.

Marty: Deja-vu! I've been in this exact poisition before!
Steve: Yes you have, twice.
Marty: Deja-vu...vu!

Marty: Later Stewie,see you in St. Louie
Marty: So long Cumberton, See you in Lumberton
Cumberton: Very good sir. Where the devil is Lumberton?

Suggested by an unknown fan
Marty:Blah,Blah,Blah,Peace,We're out!
(Steve pours a pitcher of milk onto the floor, Marty appears, sporting a milk mustache and holding a glass of milk) Marty: Got Marty?
Thanks to Juliana for that one.
Here's some from Natasha.
Steve: No, no, no way. The last time you dared me we both got kicked out of Santaís village. Marty: I thought that elf was plastic! Poor little guy......
Judy: Heaven is a very special place. All your loved ones go there. Katie: Even my sea-monkeys? Judy: Even your sea-monkeys. Katie: So everything you flush down the toilet goes to heaven. Judy: Well, not everything.
Steve: No, no. Wait a second. You always dare me. And I always do it. So this time I dare you....to eat......The Burger. [Holds out the burger for Marty who takes it. Marty: [decisively] All right! I will! [Looks at it, then back at Steve] Itís notlike itís gonna kill me.
From Sarah Presley.....
Marty: Joe's pizzaria, Joe no here. Steve: Marty! Marty: Marty no here either, I got orders!
Marty: Meat on a stick! Meat on a stick! Is it a cat? Is it a horse? You won't know it till you try. Meat on a stick, never lost the race! Meat on a stick, garanteed to be 95% possum free! Meat on a stick.
Marty: OH, hi Steve! I was just thinking about you as I put ointment on my enormous cancker sore!
Miss Gross: And teenage boys can be paricularly hard on you if your name is Miss Gross. Judy: Hey, try growing up as Judy Bluddy. My middle name is Rudy. Miss Gross: Why do parents do these things? Judy: I don't know! Marty: uh, oh! Female bonding! I sense the devils hand at work, or atleast Oprah's. Miss Gross:And being the woman in the faculty makes it even harder. Marty: Abandon ship! Women and angels first! Cocktails on the leodo deck!
Nitskie: Beauchamp! Steve: OH, hi Mr. Nitskie. Nitskie: I don't know what's going on here, but unlike todays military, in my classroom not everything goes. Steve: This is Vlad. He's a foreign exchange student from Bulgaria. Marty: Nitskie, do you know that in my country your name means an unusualy smelly pile of menuire?
Marty: This looks like a job for: TEEN ANGEL! Brought to you by acne ten, the pimple people.
Suggested by Candice
Jordan: Man I had tree dates lined up for tonight. Now I have to cancel two!
And this from Sarah Lacy
Marty: I'm on the loose. And I look like a moose!
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