Date    with    an    Angel

[Scene: The hall at school.  Martyís sitting on the trash can, talking to the audience.]
Marty: Hi.  Iím Marty DePolo.  Also know as ĎTeen Angelí!  My job is to watch over
my best friend, Steve Beauchamp. [Steve walks past.] Hi Steve!
Steve: Hey Marty. [They give each other 5.]
Marty: See, Steveís the only human who can see or hear me. [Jordan walks past. 
Hi Jordan! [Jordan just keeps on walking.] Bye Jordan.  Now, as a guardian angel I
set my own rules, and make my own hours.  Basically, Iím my own boss. [lightning
from above. Marty looks up] Actually, thatís my boss. [Jumps off the trash can]
Thereís more, but I think it can best be described in a song. [He points up and a guitar
appears in his hands with the case down by his feet.  Plays and sings] Thereís a song
about a boy named Marty.  He had great hair and he loved to party. [Steve walks past
and puts some money in the guitar case.] Thankyou very much. [sings] Marty, Marty,

[Scene: Steveís front room.  Steveís at the table doing work, Judyís in the kitchen and
Pam and Katie are sitting on the couch.  Pamís showing Katie her angel collection.]
Pam: Now, this is my good health angel, and this is my safe driving angel, and this
angel protects me from all harm.  It shoots out pepper spray.
Katie: Wow Aunt Pam.  You have a lot of angels.
Judy: We all do, Katie.  Beautiful angels who watch over us and are devoted to
making us happy.
[Steve reaches for the bowl of chips on the table but they disappear.  We hear a
crunching sound and then Marty appears in the other chair holding the bowl and munching.]
Steve: Hey, my chips!
Marty: [with a full mouth] Shot me, Iím hungry.
Judy: And Aunt Louise is an angel now, and soís Grandpa Joe.
Marty: [getting up] He must be the Ďfall asleep with his hands in his pantsí angel.
Judy: I bet Martyís an angel. [Marty nods in agreement as he starts to pick more food
off the counter.  Pam and Katie start laughing.  Marty looks horrified.]
Pam: If Marty is in heaven heís chained to a bunch of other guys picking up trash.  
[Marty gives Steve an Ďare you going to let them get away with thatí look but Steve
just shrugs his shoulders.]
Judy: Heaven is a very special place.  All your loved ones go there.
Katie: Even my sea-monkeys?
Judy: Even your sea-monkeys.
Katie: So everything you flush down the toilet goes to heaven.
Judy: Well, not everything.
Marty: Iím afraid your mom has no idea what heavenís like.
Judy: Oh, and the clouds, theyíre made of delicious cotton candy.
Marty: [Scoffing] Cotton Candy! Thatís the craziest [thinks]
hmm....[He pops out, then reappears stuffing 
his face with cotton candy] Hey, she got one right!

[Opening Titles]

[Scene: Just inside the entrance to school.  Kenny (the geek) is standing behind a desk
with a clip board.  No oneís paying any attention to him, but he sounds like heís getting 
Kenny: Join the chess club?  Join the chess club?  Join the chess......[looks defeated,
but then Steve and Marty walk around the corner.  Sounding hopeful] Join the chess club?
[Marty waves his arms around franticly and mouths the words ĎNo!í]
Steve: Sure, why not? [Marty turns around and bangs his head against the wall.  Steve
signs the clip board.  Kenny sounds excited]
Kenny: Oh boy!  Now I have somebody to play against!
Marty: Chess club! [His head turns into a siren] Nerd alert!  Nerd alert!
[A little further down the hall.....]
Steve: Incase you havenít noticed, girls arenít exactly falling over each other to go out
with me. [Jessica, in a cheerleader uniform, comes walking up the corridor carrying a
poster for cheerleader try outs when someone walks into her.  Steve catches her.]
Jessica: Thanks, Steve. [ She keeps on going. Steve and Marty both look amazed.]
Steve: Youíre welcome, Jessica.
Marty: Jessica Fishman just said ĎThanks, Steveí, to you?
Steve: This is even better than the time she said ĎHi, Daveí to me.
Marty: This is a golden opportunity.  Ask her out!
Steve: Oh, I donít know.  I canít talk to girls the way I talk to you.
Marty: Well you canít go out with me.  Because a) Iím a boy, and b) Iím dead!
Steve: Cheerleader are untouchable. [Jessicaís just A little way down the hall putting
up her poster.] A mystery wrapped in an enigma....
Marty: Stuffed into a tight sweater!
Steve: [nods] Youíre right.  Iím gonna do it. [He walks over to where Jessica is
putting up her poster.] uh, hi, Jessica.
Jessica: Oh, hi, Steve. [Sheís sticking smiley faces on the poster.]
Steve: So, um, hi Jessica.
Jessica: [gives him a funny look] Hi, Steve. [Steve looks at his watch.  Martyís inside
making clock movements with his arms.]
Marty: Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.  Timeís running out.  Act now.  Supplies are
limited. Offer not valid in Misuria.
Steve: You know, Jessica, I really like your poster.  The design, I mean.
Jessica: You do?
Steve: Yeah, it shows a sophisticated use of colour, composition, and smiley faces.
Jessica: Wow!  No oneís ever noticed my art work before.  They just see me as a cute
face in a cheer leading uniform.
Marty: Oh yeah! [Heís still in the watch with his tongue hanging out and his eyes
popping out of his head.]
Steve: I was wondering, maybe......if youíre not busy some time....[the bell goes]
Jessica: Iíd better get to home Ec.. [she starts to leave.]
Steve: Well, can I take you out sometime?
Jessica: [nods and smiles] Call me later. [She leaves.]
Steve: [To his watch] Did you here that, Marty?  She wants me to call her! 
[4 Martys appear in a line holding pompoms and do a cheer leading dance.]
Martys: Steve, Steve, heís on top.  Now heís late for metal shop!
Steve: Oh, right! [Runs up the stairs.]
Martys: Go Steve!
Marty1: Hey, you guys wanna play bridge?
Marty2: Sounds good.
Marty3: Why not? [They start to walk off though the wall]
Marty4: I wanna be East.  I wanna be East!

[Scene: The rock.  Martyís holding a golf club and thereís a golf ball at his feet.]
Marty: So, thanks to me Steveís going to ask out a cheerleader. [He swings, hits the
ball and it goes soaring into space.]
Heady: Nice shot!  Now, all this sounds very promising, Marty, but teen romance is a 
minefield thraught with obstacles.  Remember what happen to Romeo and Juliet?
Marty: What?
Heady: Romeo and Juliet.  You read it in English last year.  You got a B+.
Marty: Oh, yeah!  Romeo and Juliet. [Thinks for a minute] They went down the 
Mississippi on a raft.
Heady: No, that was Huckleberry Finn.
Marty: Who now?
Heady: Oh, for goodness.....[we hear a beep] Hold on, I have Head Waiting. 
[He disappears and a fluffy pink cloud floats by.  Marty reaches up
and grabs a handful of it with he stuffs in his mouth.]
Heady: How many times do I have to tell them I donít want the Daily News?  Now,
where were we?
Marty: You were telling me about that guy who went down the Mississippi. 
Huckleberry Hound.
Heady: [looks up] Can I be transferred to accounting?

[Scene: Jessicaís home Ec.. Class.  Jessica and her friend Shelly are there. Sheís a 
cheerleader too.  Marty appears near
to were Jessica and Shelly are cooking.]
Marty: Home Ec..  Wasting valuable time and ingredients for over half a century.  Now
itís time to see what Jessica really thinks.
Jessica: So, anyway.  Steve Beauchamp asked me for a date, and I think I might say
Marty: Yes!  I feel like Iíve died and gone to heaven.........Again!
Shelly: Steve Beauchamp?  Eww!
Marty: [walks over to her] Not the reaction I was hoping for.

[Scene: Steveís Metal shop class.  Heís making a weird looking round thing with bits
of metal sticking out of it.  Jordan and Kenny are there too.]
Jordan: Hey, Steveo!  Nice neck brace.
Steve: Thanks, Jordan, but itís a tie rack.
Jordan: Oh,, cool.  Hey, uh, I saw you talking to Jessica before.  Excellent!
[Kenny comes up]
Kenny: You asked out a cheerleader?  Nice opening gambit!
Steve: You know, she just told me to call her, but I think she likes me.

[Cut back to Home Ec..]
Shelly: Youíre a cheerleader.  Heís chess club.  Hello! Thatís like mating a donkey
with a.....a cheerleader.
Jessica: Thatís silly.  If I like a guy I should just go out with him.
Marty: You go girl!
Shelly: But not Steve Beauchamp.  Heíll probably wanna take you someplace really
embarrassing.  Like Putt-putt Golf.

[Cut to Metal Shop]
Kenny: [Excited.] You gotta take her to Putt-putt Golf.  Itís a real hot make-out place.
[Jordan and Steve both give him a funny look.] Well, so I hear.  From my friends in
the Babylon 5 chat room.

[Cut to Home Ec..]
Jessica: Ok, ok.  I wonít go out with him.
Marty: Oh no.  Steveís gonna be crushed.
Shelly: Good.  Now when he calls, donít be mean.  Just do what I do.  Laugh and hang
Marty: Man!  Even for a cheerleader youíre evil!  But you are hot!

[Cut to Metal Shop]
Kenny: Boy, that Jessica Fishman is hot!
Steve: Ah ha, yeah.  Calm down, Kenny.  Iíd better get back to my tie rack. [He picks
it and half of the sticking out bits fall off.]
Kenny: Howís yours coming, Jordan?
Jordan: Well, itís not what I had in my head. [He reaches under the table and pulls up
a big model of the Eiffel Tower and puts it on the desk.  He flicks a switch and it
lights up, plays the french national anthem, and the little flags on the side start to 
move up and down.]

[Scene: Steveís room.  Heís walking around with a cordless phone in is hands
practising his conversation with Jessica.]
Steve: Hello, Jessica.  Itís Steve Beauchamp...........nah.......Jessica, hi, itís Steve.......
Jessica, [something weird in Spanish Iím not even going to attempt to spell] baby.
[Katie comes in carrying something made out of lego.]
Katie: Steve, look at this dog I made. Ruff, ruff!  Isnít he cute?
Steve: Thatís nice, Katie.  Look, Iím trying to do some.....
Katie: He likes you.  Give him a kiss.
Steve: OK, Katie. [He takes it from her, kisses it and gives it back.  She giggles.]
Katie: Thatís his bottom. [Pam walks past the room.]
Steve: Aunt Pam, can you get Katie outta here.  Iím gonna call a girl for a date and Iíd
like some privacy.
Pam: Oh, honey.  Let me give you some advise about dating.  Whatever you do, donít
listen to me.
Steve: Thanks, Pam.  Iíll do that.
Pam: No, donít do that.  Thatís the point. [She leaves taking Katie with her.  Steve
paces up and down the room little, then Marty pops in right in front of him.]
Steve: Ahhgg!
Marty: Whoa!  These pop inís are a lot harder than they look on ĎBewitched.í
Steve: Nah, itís OK.  Iím glad youíre here.  Now you can help me practice for this
phone call.
Marty: Steve, about that.  Iím not sure calling Jessica is such a great idea.
Steve: Come on.  Look, Iíll be me, you be Jessica, OK? [He puts the phone on the bed
and Marty reluctancy sits next to it.]
Steve: [into his finger] Ring ring ring. [He gestures to Marty to pick it up, but he just stares 
at it] Ring, ring, ring, [He stares A little longer then picks up the phone.]
Marty: Hello.
Steve: Jessica, Hi.  Itís Steve Beauchamp.
Marty: Oh hi Steve!  I was just thinking about you as I put ointment on my enormous
canker soar. [He pretends to put ointment on the inside of his mouth but Steve takes
the phone off him and puts it back on the bed.]
Steve: Ring, ring, ring.
Marty: [picks up and speaks in an Italian accent.] Joeís pizzeria!  Joe no here.
Steve: Marty!
Marty: Marty no here either. I got orders.
Steve: I guess weíre done practising. [Takes the phone back.]Now if youíll excuse me
Iíve gotta make a call to the real girl.
Marty: [Gets up] Fine, Iím outta here.
Steve: OK. [Marty clicks his fingers to pop out but only his body disappears.]
Steve: Whereís your body?
Marty: I dunno.  The last time this happened it wound up in a dumpster. [His head
pops out.]
Steve: Alright, here goes. [Starts dialling the number] Just relax.  Hello, Jessica. Hello, 
Jessica.  Hello, Jessica.
Jessica: Hello?
Steve: Jessica!  Jessica, hi!  This is Steve.
Jessica: Steve! I had a feeling you were going to call.
Steve: You did?
[Cut to Marty floating with his wings next to a telegraph pole with a phone connected to the 
box speaking with Jessicaís voice.]
Marty: Call it womenís intuition.  Coming from a girl.  Which is what I am.
[Cut to Steve]
Steve: Yeah, right.  Uh, listen, I was wondering.  Maybe we could get together this 
weekend and...
[Cut to Marty]
Marty: Oo, sorry.  Iím not good enough for you.  Bye! [goes to hang up]
Steve: No!  Wait, wait, wait.  Please donít say that.  How about Friday?
Marty: [In his own voice] Friday!?
Steve: Are you OK?
Marty: [In Jessicaís voice] Oh yes! *ahem* Fine, fine.  Everythingís fine.
Steve: Great!  Iíll pick you up at seven thirty.
Marty: Seven thirty? Ah.....em...I mean.......[defeated] OK.
Steve: Thanks, Jessica.  Bye. [Hangs up.] Yeah!!! Iíve got a date with Jessica
Marty: Oh no! [drops the phone] I have a date with Steve Beauchamp!

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Martyís sitting on the rock in Space explaining to Heady whatís happened.]
Marty: I couldnít bare to see my bud get hurt.
Heady: Spoken like a true guardian angel.  To feel the pain of others is a sign of pure
Marty: So I agreed to go out with him on Friday night.
Heady: [Starts laughing hysterically.  While laughing] You have a date with Steve?
The other heads are gonna roll when they hear this.
Marty: Are you done?
Heady: [Still laughing] Almost. [Laughs some more then calms down.] Alright. As I
see it you have two choices. Tell Steve the truth.  Or thereís the quick and dirty way.
Marty: [Leaps to his feet and puts up his hand.] Quick and dirty.  Quick and dirty.
Heady: Why am I not surprised?  Alright, Marty.  For the purpose of this date I will
give you the power to become Jessica Fishman.
Marty: Really?
Heady: But hands off the merchandise.
Marty: No fair! [We hear a zippy noise and Marty gets a little lighter.]
Heady: It is done.  Now, becoming someone else isnít an easy power to master.  You 
will need to work on it.
Marty: Piece of cake.  Watch this.  Jessica Fishman! [His head turns into a fishesí]
Heady: [Starts laughing again.] You look like my first wife.

[Scene: Steveís front room.  Judy cleaning up the kitchen when Steve comes in
dressed for his date.]
Judy: Oh, Steve.  You look so handsome. Aw, my little boyís first date.
Steve: Oh, itís not my first date.
Judy: Itís your first date outside the family.
Steve: Mom! [Katie comes in and Judy leaves.]
Katie: Steve, I made you a corsage to get to Jessica. [She shows him a mess of lego]
Steve: Thanks, Katie, but I donít think Jessica....
Katie: I killed my dog to make you this.
Steve: Thanks, Katie. [He takes it from her.  Judy comes back with a camera.]
Judy: Smile honey!  
Steve: Oh, Mom. [she takes a picture.]
Judy: Aw.  Have fun.  Come on Katie. [They both leave.  Steve puts the mess of lego
on the couch.  Marty pops in.]
Steve: Oh, hey, Marty.
Marty: Hey!  Just came to give you some last minute advise.  Donít kiss her, donít 
touch her, and remember, No means no. [He pops back out again.  Steve looks really
confused.  Cut outside Steveís house.  Marty pops back in.  To keep things simple 
when he turns into Jessica Iíll still call him Marty.]
Marty: Here goes nothing. [he wiggles around a little and turns into Jessica.  In his
own voice] Hm, suddenly I really wanna listen to Allanis Morrisette.
[Back in Steveís house.]
Steve: Hey, thanks for driving us, Aunt Pam.
Pam: Tonight I am not your Aunt Pam.  I am your limo driver. [The door bell rings
and Steve and Pam look a little surprised.  Steve goes to answer it.  It is, of course 
Marty doing a very good Jessica impression.]
Steve: Jessica.
Marty: Hi, Steve.  I was so excited I though, why not come early?  Hee hee.  Well,
letís go. [Marty turns and falls over onto the wall.]
Steve: Are you OK?
Marty: No problem.  No problem. I....Iím just not used to high heels. [He stumbles out
of the door.]
Pam: So where am I driving you?
Steve: Well, I was thinking we could start off at the mall. [Thereís a crash from
Pam: Keep her away from the Pottery Barn. [She pats him on the shoulder and they

[Scene: Inside the car.  Steve and ĎJessicaí are sitting in the backseat.  Pamís driving
and Martyís gazing out of the window.]
Steve: Jessica, you look great. [Marty doesnít respond.] Jessica?  
Marty: Oh!  Jessica!  Thatís me! Iím Jessica.  Iím Jessica!
Pam: Great, she talks just like she walks.
Steve: So, after the movie where do you wanna go eat?
Marty: Somewhere with salads.  We woman love salads.  That and that jerk from
Lord of the Dance.  We love him too.
Pam: Yeah, that man moves like pure poetry. [A car horn honks and Pam swerves out
of the way. Steve gets swung closer to Marty.  A little to close for Martyís liking.]
Pam: [Shouting] You idiot!  You had Stop sigh!  Oh.  Oops, I had a stop sign.
Steve: [really, very, very close to Marty ( I donít know if youíre getting just how close
he is.)] Sorry. [He moves away.]
Marty: [In his own voice] Oh dear.

[Scene: In a restaurant.  Steve and Marty as Jessica are sitting at a table in the corner. 
They both look like theyíre having fun.  Theyíre laughing about the movie they saw.]
Steve: So you really liked the Van Dam movie?
Marty: Oh yeah! Especially when he hits the guy with the two by four and says [they
say it together] ĎIím getting bored.í [A waitress brings a bowl of chips over.]
Marty: Man, is she hot!
Steve: What?
Marty: I woman can appreciate another woman. [He takes a chip and eats it.]
Steve: Well, as far as Iím concerned, youíre the prettiest girl here. [He takes Martyís 
hand.  He jumps up quickly knocking the bowl of chips all over the table.]
Steve: Did I say something wrong?
Marty: No.  Jordan! [We can see that Jordanís come in.  Marty runs over to him and 
puts an arm around him.] Jordan Labelle.  What a surprise to see you here. [Marty
sits him down next to Steve] Well, I am sure that you guys have a lot to talk about so
Iím just gonna leave and never come back. [He starts to run off but Jordan grabs
Jordan: Oh, no, no, no.  No, itís not my style to interfere with another guyís date. [He 
gets up and Marty grabs him with both hands by the shirt.] 
Marty: Interfere all you want! Please!
Jordan: No.  Sorry. [He lets him go.  Jordan looks up] God. Why do you give me this 
power over women. [He walks off.]
Steve: Is everything OK, Jessica?
Marty: Sure, sure.  I just have to go to the bathroom.  Itís.....itís this darn bra, [he
starts tugging at it] itís so tight. I.....itís on backwards.  Oh well, La de da!  
[He punches Steve playfully on the shoulder as he walks past.  He then walks through
the closed door of the ladies and then back through the gents as himself again.  He 
hops around and grabs his foot in pain.]
Marty: Ooo, ooo, those pumps are torture!  Ok, Iíve just gotta let Steve down
gently and go home before this thing get anymore complicated. [ He looks over to
the door.] AH! [Jessica has walked in] Itís the real Jessica!
[Pam is sitting at a table near the door and spots her.]
Pam: Hi, honey! Do you change clothes in the middle of a date?
Jessica: Do I know you? [Pam looks shocked.]
Marty: Gotta get her outta here.  I know!  Iíll set off her car alarm! [He points to the 
door and Jessicaís car alarm goes off.  She gets one of those little remote control
thingys out of her bag and turns it off.] Ooo, your powers are great too.  Oh, I canít
let her get to Steve.  Gotta think fast! [He jumps into a big stuffed bear that by the 
door and taps Jessica on the shoulder.  She turns, sees the bear, then runs out of the
door.  Marty steps out of the bear as Jessica again.  In his own voice.] Mental note,
practise thinking fast. [He starts to walk back to Steve] Alright, relax.  Stick to the
plan.  Iím almost outta the woods. [He sits down.]
Steve: Hey, is everything Ok?
Marty: [In Jessicaís voice] Fine, fine.  Everythingís fine. [He goes to take some chips
but his hand is still a bearís paw.] Ah! [He quickly hides it under the table and
smiles sweetly.]

[Scene: Steveís front room.  Judyís sitting on the couch reading a magazine.  Pam
comes in and Judy jumps up.]
Judy: How did it go?
Pam: Great.  I found a hair in my potato skin and got a free desert.
Judy: I meant the date.
Pam: Oh, that?  Itís still going on.  Out there on the porch. [Judy goes over to the
window and has a little peek at whatís going on.
Judy: Aw, young love.  A boy, a girl, and the moon.  Just like I remember it. [She
stops spying and the scene cuts to outside.]
Steve: Look, Jessica.  Iím not very good at this, but could I give you a good night
Jessica: A kiss?  On the lips?  With me? [Steve closes his eyes and goes in for the kill, 
Marty pushes himself up as far against the wall as he can then turns back into himself.
Steve opens his eyes and screams.]
Steve: AHHHH!!!!! [Cut to inside.  Pam looks up]
Pam: Now thatís the way I remember it. [Cut to back outside.]
Marty: I guess this means you wonít be taking me to the homecoming dance.
Steve: What did you do with my date?
Marty: Donít you get it?  There was no date.  Well, there was, with me.  And I had a 
wonderful time.  But you didnít go out with Jessica.
Steve: I didnít?
Marty: No.  I found out she was going to blow you off when you called, so I took her
place.  That way you wouldnít feel so bad.
Steve: It didnít work. [Steve looks a little sick] I feel like Iím gonna throw up.
Marty: Yes.  But at least youíll be throwing up a lovely dinner.
Steve: Marty, why didnít you just tell me the truth?
Marty: Of course, the truth.  If only someone had mentioned that earlier this whole
ugly mess could have been avoided. [Lightning from above.  Marty look up to the
sky] point taken.
Steve: I thought I was doing so well on this date.  It turns out thatís Ďcause I was
dating you.
 Marty: Hey, man, any girl would have had a great time tonight.  You were funny,
charming, a little cheap.  I notice Iím not holding a box of chocolates.
Steve: Do you really think Iím a good date?
Marty: Yeah!  ĎCause you were being yourself. And girls like that.  Besides, you are
Steve: [embarrassed] Shut up.
Marty: No, youíve got a young Cornard OíBrian thing going.  And you have great
Steve: I said, shut up.
Marty: Alright, alright.  

[Scene: The school hall.  As Steve and Marty come down the stairs a voice comes
over the intercom.]
Voice: This is Principle Crawford speaking.  Will the student who stole the letters ĎCí
and ĎLí from the ĎClass of 96' plaque please return them.  That is all.
[Steve looks at Marty and shakes his head.  Marty grins and produces the missing 
letters from behind his back.  Steve was down the hall and nearly runs into Jessica 
coming around the corner.]
Jessica: Steve!
Steve: Oh, hi, Jessica. [He carries on walking and Marty comes up to see whatís going
Jessica: Hey, I thought you were going to call me the other night.  What happened?
Steve: Yeah, I was but.......
Jessica: Was it something I did?  I hope it wasnít something I did.
Marty: Oh, I get it.  By not calling her you made her insecure, and now she wants you.
Just like I planned. [Cue the lightning from above] Alright!  I lucked out.
Jessica: So, is it OK if I call you sometime?
Steve: Yes, sure, yeah, thatíd be great!
Jessica: Great.  Iíll talk to you soon.
Steve: OK. [Marty produces a microphone from nowhere and puts an arm around
Marty: Steve Beauchamp!  Youíve just had the cutest girl in school ask you out on a
date.  What are you gonna do now?
Steve: Iím going to the chess club. [He walks off.]

[Scene: The same Restaurant as before and Steve and Jessica are sitting at the same 
Steve: So, um, after dinner I was thinking we could go and see the Bett Middler
Jessica: Bett Middler?  That cow?  Letís see some Van Dam. [She stuffs a chip in her
Steve: Marty?
Jessica: Did you just call me Marty? [Marty pops in]
Marty: Will you relax?  Itís not me this time.  I would never wear those shoes with
that blouse.  Hello!  Fashion police! [He pretends to drive around the table making 
police car noises.]

[Tag scene: Steveís room.  Him and Katie and playing cards.]
Katie: Well? [Steve looks nervous.  He looks to Marty whoís standing behind Katie]
Marty: Sheís got a pair of threes.
Steve: I will raise you a dollar.
Katie: I call.  
Steve: OK. [Katie shows her cards.]
Katie: Full house.
Steve: Full house? [He looks at Marty.]
Marty: [flaps his wings] I lied! [He waves and pops out.]

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