Wrestling    with    an    Angel

[Scene: Space, the final frontier!  No, wait, wrong show.  In the starry sky thereís a flaming 
comet streaking across the screen.  It changes direction and shoots down to the front of the 
screen.  It turns out to be Marty sitting on the rock that he always sits on when heís talking to
Marty: I got a question, Head. 
Heady: Shoot.
Marty: The Three Stooges, are they in Heaven?
Heady: Only two of them.
Marty: Poor Shemp.  What about Elvis Presley?  Heís up here, right?
Heady: Oh yes.  Elvis has left the planet.  In fact, heís right behind you.
Marty: Cool! [Marty turns around quickly.  Heady starts laughing.]
Heady: You are so easy! [Marty looks hurt.] Oh, donít feel bad.  God played that same joke 
on me in the year 3.  Of course he didnít use Elvis.  He used Joseph of Arimathea.
Marty: Yes, yes, very funny.  If Kenan needs a side kick you da man.  I gotta get to lunch. Iíd
invite you but I see youíve already eaten.
Heady: What?
Marty: Youíve got a little ketchup there.
Heady: Um, where?
Marty: Right there!  Just to the left of your mouth. [Heady sticks out his tongue and tries to 
reach the none existent ketchup.] Just a little higher, just a little.....
Heady: Wait a minute!  I donít eat Ketchup!
Marty: So long Stewie, see you in St. Lewie. [He salutes heady and pops out.  Heady growls]

[Opening Titles.]

[Scene: School gym.  Steve and Marty are holding basket balls.]
Steve: Can you believe Michael Jordan can dunk it from here? [Marty looks down and then
gives Steve a Ďjust watch thisí look.  He jumps up into the air, floats over to the hoop and 
dunks the ball.  Still floating he leans on the ring.]
Marty: Howís this for hang time?
Steve: Not too shabby. [Marty gets back down to the ground by walking down some invisible
steps.  A whistle blows and the coach comes in]
Coach: Right now, line up! [Everyone stands in a line] Alright.  Today weíre going to play 
that wonderful game that was invented by James Naksmith.  How can tell me what it is?
[Everyone just looks confused] It involves a hoop, a net, and a ball? [they still look confused]
For Godís sake, itís basket ball!  
All: [Getting it] Oh!  Yeah!
Coach: Alright, weíre playing basket ball today.  I need two captains.
Jordan: For what?
Coach: Basket ball!  Basket ball!!! What is wrong with you people?  Alright, twins, youíre 
the captains. 
Twin#1: Whoís team am I on?
Coach: The captains pick the teams!!  Youíre in high school for crying out loud.  Donít you
understand the concept of picking teams?
Twin#2: Ok, Coach, I got it now. [He looks at the line, then at twin#1.] I pick Lewis!
Coach: No, son.  You canít pick Lewis.  Heís the other captain.  You can pick anyone else, 
but if you pick me Iíll kill you with my bare hands.  OK?
Twin#2: OK. I pick Jordan. [As people are picked they go and stand with their team]
Twin#1: I pick Sammy.
Twin#2: I pick Zack.
Marty: Oh oh.
Steve: What?
Marty: Youíre dangerously close to getting picked last.
Steve: Come on.  Iím not the greatest athlete, but Iím better than Jessie.
Twin#1: Jessie.  
Steve: And Adam.
Twin#2: I pick Adam.
Steve: Oh no!  I am gonna get picked last!
Marty: Well it looks bad, but for ten years thereís been one buffer between you and being
picked last.  Darrel Leebo. [They look at Darrel, a geeky looking weed in huge glasses.]
Twin#1: [In slow motion] I pick Darrel Leebo.
Steve: NOOOOOO!!!!!
Marty: [normally] I think weíre being a little over dramatic.

[Scene: School.  Steve and Marty are walking down the steps in the corridor.]
Steve: I canít believe it!  Picked last!
Marty: Ah, donít worry.  No one remembers those things. [The twins walk past.]
Twin#2: Sorry I picked you last in basket ball.
Twin#1: I didnít pick you at all! [Jordan walks past]
Jordan: Sorry man. [He shakes Steveís hand and walks off.  Then Kyle walks up laughing]
Kyle: Hello, Last Boy! Heh heh heh.  Hey, I made a pun.
Steve: That wasnít a pun.
Kyle: What is it?
Steve: Er, unprovoked abuse?
Kyle: Fine by me.  Iím outta here. [He starts to leave.]
Marty: Hey, have a nice trip! [He sticks out his foot and Kyle trips over it and goes sprawling
across the floor.] Now THAT was a pun.

[Scene: Steveís room.  Heís lying on one of those weight lifting bench thingys struggling to 
lift a weight. He brings it down to his neck but canít get it back up again and starts choking.  
Judy comes in with a basket of laundry and sees whatís going on.]
Judy: Oh my God, honey, what are you doing? [She lifts the weight easily and puts it on itís 
Steve: I was picked last today for basket ball.
Judy: Well thatís no reason to kill yourself.
Steve: No Mom.  Iím trying to build up my muscles so I can be a better athlete.  All the kids 
at school think Iím such a lameo at sports.
Judy: Honey, you have other talents.  Why donít you take up the bag-pipes again?
Steve: Mom, Iím tried of being a geek.  Iím through with the bag-pipes, my ventriloquism,
clog-dancing, my origami, my speaking Klingon, I am done!
Judy: What about your rock polisher?
Steve: Whatís wrong with my rock polisher?
Judy: Oh, nothing. Nothing.
Steve: Now will you excuse me?  Iím trying to train.
Judy: Well just donít push yourself too hard.  Nobody can be good right away.  Look at me.  I 
didnít win a single beauty pageant........til I was eight!  Well, Iíd better go start dinner, honey.
[She leaves.  Steve gets back on the weight lifting bench and starts lifting the weight again.
The tune to ĎA spoonful of sugarí starts to play and Marty floats down from the ceiling with
an umbrella.  
Marty: [in a British accent] Hello governor.  Itís me, Marty Poppins.
Steve: Hey, Marty. [He closes the umbrella and throws it to one side.  He looks at all the 
weight lifting stuff Steveís got]
Marty: Whatís all this stuff for?
Steve: Being picked last was a real wake up call.  Iím changing my life.
Marty: Why would you wanna change your life.  You have everything you want.  Your
ventriloquism, your origami, [in Klingon with subtitles] You speak fluent Klingon.
Steve: Quit the Klingon, man.  Iím serious.  All my life Iíve been picked on and laughed at in
gym, but that is all going to change.
Marty: You got it my friend. [He snaps his fingers and Steve suddenly grows huge muscles.]
Steve: No, no, this is not what I meant.
Marty: Sorry, I forgot the buns of steel! [He goes to snap his fingers again but Steve stops 
Steve: No, no.  I wanna do it on my own.
Marty: [disappointed] Oh, right. [He snaps his fingers and Steve goes back to normal.]
Steve: I wanna show people the new Steve Beauchamp, so Iím gonna run, lift weights, and
this Friday Iím trying out for the wrestling team.
Marty: Youíre really serious about this arenít you?
Steve: Yeah, you know it!  And wrestling is the perfect sport for me.  I mean, it requires 
brains, Iíll be up against people my own size.
Marty: And you look good in tights.
Steve: Right! [realises what he said] Hey! [thinks] really?
Marty: If this means so much to you my friend, not only are you going to learn to wrestle, 
youíre gonna learn from the best! [He snaps his fingers and two huge guys appear wearing 
nothing but little red bits of material.] Steve, meet Hericlese and Ajax, two ancient Greece
wrestlers. Hericlese, Ajax, meet Steveaclese, aka the Battling Bag-piper.
Steve: So, uh, can I get you guys some......er.....pants?
Marty: Alright, enough with the chit-chat.  Hericlese, show Steveaclese your moveaclese.
[Hericlese and Ajax get ready to wrestle and thereís a knock at the door.  Pam comes in]
Pam: Steve, have you seen.....[sees the two guys and shuts the door.  Cut to Pam]
Pam: Donít ask, donít tell.  

[Scene: School gym.  People are lifting weights and generally preparing for wrestling 
practice.  Steve comes running up to coach.]
Steve: Excuse me, Coach Fortner?
Coach: Oh, you again.
Steve: Listen, I really wanna try out for the wrestling team.
Coach: Sure, you can make the team. He can make the team.  Everyone can make the team.
Steve: Really?
Coach: NO! Eb...ey...sd....yd.....Iím choking on my rage here!  Fine, Iíll give I a try out.  Yo,
Berkstrum. [Kyle puts down the weight he was lifting and runs over.] [To Steve] You beat
Kyle here, youíre on the team.
Steve: You want me to wrestle him?
Kyle: Alright! [Steve goes over to the mat in the middle of the floor and puts on his head  protection.
Coach: Now I donít want you to hurt this kid, just scare him....Ah, hurt him......No, donít hurt
him......Surprise me! [Kyle goes to the ring.]
Steve: Listen, Iím not physically gifted, but Iím trying to change my life and I.....
Kyle: Dead meat!
Steve: I knew youíd understand. [Marty pops in at the side of the Gym and coach blows the 
whistle.  Steve and Kyle start to circle each other.  Steveís waving his arms around in a daft 
looking karate chop motion.  He goes for Kyleís legs.]
Marty: All right Steve!  Way to......[Kyle picks him up by waist upside down and drops him]
Marty:......fall. [Kyle grabs him by the foot and holds him as he scrabbles to get out of the 
ring.  Marty knees down in front of him]
Marty: Come on, Steve.  Remember the Little Engine that could?  I think you can, I think you
can....[Kyle picks him up and spins him over his head] I know Iím wrong, I know Iím wrong.
Alright, should I help him or shouldnít I. [Kyle holds him by the legs and swings him round 
and round.  Every time he comes passed Marty we hear him go ĎWhah!í] On the one hand he
really wants to do this for himself.  On the other hand...
Marty: Thereís that. [He jumps to his feet.] Kyle, by the awesome power of Heaven I give you
an invisible wedgy.[ He pulls at the air and Kyle falls over clutching his bottom.]
Kyle: Ahhhggg! [Steve jumps on top of him and pins him]
Coach: Pin?
Steve: Oh my gosh, I did it.  I pinned him! I pinned him!
Coach: Say it ainít so, Kyle.  Say it ainít so!
Kyle: Well, I suppose I have no choice but to return to my first love.  Calligraphy.
[Coach makes a few stressed noises and Kyle runs off.  He goes up to Steve]
Coach: Good work, Beauchamp.  You were like an animal out there.  Like a....
Steve: Like a shark with arms!
Coach: What? That makes no.....why would a shark......Oh!  Heh heh heh heh.  A shark with
arms.  Yeah! [He shakes his hand.] Congratulations, son.  Youíre on the team.
Steve: Thanks coach Fortner. [Marty taps him on the shoulder.]Man, I said I was going to do it
and I did it!  Iím not a complete lameo at sports!
Marty: No, not complete, no.  Listen, about your victory, I....
Steve: I did it all on my own, man.  They canít take that away from me.
Marty:[hesitates]......Congratulations. [He snaps his fingers and a basket full of bread appears 
in front of Steve]
Steve: Oh, wow, thanks. [Coach blows his whistle and walks over.]
Coach: Sorry, son. [He takes the basket from him] Canít eat this.  Youíre in training.  Oh, 
viscotie [he takes a bit and walks off.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: School corridor.  Steveís wearing a letterman jacket and girls are actually talking to 
him.  The twins walk past]
Twin#1: Nice jacket Letterman.
Twin#2: Keep your chin up, Lenno. [They give him a thumbs up and walk off.  Jordan comes 
up also wearing a jacket.]
Jordan: Dude, how do you like the jacket?
Steve: Man, I love it.  I donít know how they made it so fast......Oh.  It says ĎKyleí.
Jordan: Hey, hey, you know how we drool at cheerleader?  Well, this these jackets they drool
at us!
Steve: Drool is cool!
Jordan: Letís just stand here and shake out our hair. [They shake out their hair, but Jordan 
looks a little cooler doing it cause heís got more hair to shake.  Some cheerleaders walk past
and give them an odd look before walking off.] Ok, now follow me. [Jordan walks off down 
the hall]
Steve: Where are we going?
Jordan: Your new locker. [On the outside it looks normal, but then Jordan opens it up and the 
inside is made a pine, thereís a light inside and a robe.] Vola, Dude.  
Steve: Wow.
Jordan: And every night the janitor leaves a little mint on the top shelf.
Steve: No way! I canít believe this! [He puts his books inside.]
Jordan: Hey, when youíve made the team everything is better.
Steve: [Sniffs] Whatís that smell?
Jordan: Seeder. [He pats him on the back and walks off. Coach comes out of the gym]
Coach: Steve, like the jacket?
Steve: Oh, yeah!  Itís great.
Coach: Check the pocket. [Steve pulls a piece of paper out of the pocket.]
Steve: Inspected by number fourteen?
Coach: Gees....what.....dhu.....the other pocket! [He pulls out another bit of paper.]
Steve: Enjoy the jacket, your buddy, coach Fortner. [They laugh for a minute]
Coach: [Seriously] Now,
Steve: Oh.
Coach: Tomorrowís match is against Vin the Pin Williams.  The toughest wrestler in the 
district.  Heís a killer.  But I know you can handle him, huh? [He playfully hits him on the 
shoulder but it seems to hurt Steve.]
Steve: Ahg, yeah.
Coach: So tonight, get plenty of sleep.  And remember, no dames.  They weaken the legs.
[Coach walks off.  Marty pops in facing the locker and has a look.]
Steve: Oh, hey, Marty.  Can you believe this?  Iím hanging out with the wrestlers, the basket 
ball team, I havenít seen any of the football team though.
Marty: They have a sauna on the roof.  James Conn likes to hang out there.
Steve: Well Iím happy were I am now.  Iíve got everything I ever wanted.
Marty: Oh, thatís great.  But, I think you should quit wrestling.
Steve: What?
Marty: Yeah, you have one good match.  Go out on top.  Just like Buster Douglass.
Steve: Man, quit kidding around. [Coach walk past but neither Marty or Steve see him]
Marty: Iím not kidding, quit.
Steve: No, youíre kidding about quitting.
Marty: Nah, quit.
Steve: I canít......why?
Marty: Quit.
Steve: Iím good at it. [Coach walks over and they go quiet and hang their heads.]
Coach: Beauchamp, are you talking to thin air?
Steve: Ah....
Coach: What ever floats your boat. [He waves to the air] Good-bye Steveís invisible friend.
Marty: Good-bye Steveís hypertensive Coach.

[Scene: Steveís house.  Steve, Pam and Katie are sitting at the table and Judy is putting out 
Pam: Boy, did I have a day.  Guy came into the post office wanting to buy an Eisenhower 
stamp and I sold him and Elmer Fudd.  I get my kicks.  
Katie: Well I have a loose tooth, and I hear the tooth fairyís giving a hundred dollars now.
Judy: Now Katie, donít make things up.
Steve: I made the wrestling team.
Judy: You too, Steve.  Donít make things up.
Steve: No, Iím serious.  I pinned the biggest kid in school and now Iím on the varsity.
Pam: Good for you, kiddo.
Steve: Thanks.
Judy: The Varsity!  Are you sure youíre not gonna hurt yourself? Do you remember last 
summer when you dislocated your shoulder on that test your grip machine?
Pam: And all you got up to was pooped out Pete.
Steve: Look, Iíve been lifting weights, drinking shakes, working on my hand-eye 
coordination. [He puts his hand on the table and hits a bowl of peas and they all go flying]
The point is Iím in shape now.
Pam: Oh, yeah? You wanna arm wrestle? [She puts her arm on the table to wrestle him]
Steve: Oh, come on. Well Iím a guy, and youíre.....
Pam: Yeah? 
Steve: Youíre my aunt.
Katie: Aunts can lift 17 times their body weight.
Judy: No Katie, Honey.  Youíre thinking of those pesky ants that steal your food at picnics.
Katie: Yeah, like Aunt Pam.
Pam: Are we gonna arm wrestle or what?
Steve: Yeah. [He puts his arm on the table.] On three.  One, two , three. [Pam pushes his arm 
down easily.] Ahh! 
Pam: Looks like I just made the Varsity.

[Cut to rock in space.  Marty and Heady are watching the scene in the viewing globe]
Heady: Steveís on the wrestling team but he canít beat his Aunt Pam.  Whatís wrong with 
this picture?
Marty: Well the contrast is a little off and you only seem to be able to get this one channel, 
but Iíve got a cousin who could hook you up with a little box that....
Heady: We donít steal cable in Heaven!  Now, why does Steve think heís so good?
Marty: Well, the thing is, I helped Steve Ďcos I was afraid heíd get hurt, but he doesnít know I
helped him.  So if I tell him heíll be crushed, if I donít tell him heíll be killed!
Heady: Thatís quite a conundrum.
Marty: Yes, it is.
Heady: You have no idea what a conundrum is.
Marty: No, I donít.
Heady: Marty, you have to tell Steve the truth.  It my be painful but itís the only basis for an
honest relationship.
Marty: Honesty, huh? Ok, Heady, what do you really think of my performance as a guardian 
Heady: Well, I um,.......I think I left the oven on. [He pops out.]

[Scene: Steveís room.  Heís lifting a little weight with one arm.]
Steve: I will intimidate.  I will show no fear. [The weigh turns into Marty]
Marty: Hello Dere!
Steve: Ahh! [He drops Marty who stands up]
Marty: Listen, man.  Weíve gotta talk.
Steve: Whatever youíve gotta say, say it quick.  Iíve gotta get ready for Vin the Pin, Oooo.
Marty: This is really hard for me to say so Iím just gonna say it.  You donít belong on the 
wrestling team.
Steve: What are you talking about?
Marty: I beat Kyle.  I gave him a wedgy.  I know Iím supposed to use my powers for good 
and not evil, but high jinx are sort of a grey area.  
Steve: Look, Iím the one who pinned him.
Marty: Steve, listen.  Iím telling you this because I canít help you any more and I donít 
wanna see you get hurt.
Steve: I have a match.  I donít need any of your so called ďhelpĒ. [He does the finger thing for 
the speech marks.  Iím sure you know what I mean.]
Marty: Fine.  Good luck with your so called ďwrestlingĒ[He does the finger thing too then 
snaps his fingers, but nothing happens.] I was supposed to pop out.  I can still make a 
dramatic exit.  Good luck with your so called ďwrestlingĒ. [He goes to the door and turns the
handle but it wonít open.  He pulls it a few times.] Alright, Iím not licked yet. [He goes back 
over to Steve] Good luck with your so called ďwrestlingĒ. [He goes into Steveís closet and 
shuts the door behind him.  Steve walks over to it and opens the door.  Martyís staring at the 
wall.  He turns to Steve] Donít look at me.  Shut the door. [he shuts the door and walks off]

[Scene: School gym.  The big match.  Thereís a sign on the back wall which reads ĎAll city
wrestling finalsí.  The announcer guy [Anno] steps forward with a microphone.]
Anno: And now, the main event, Marshall High in association with Cliffís notes remind you
ĎWhy read when you can get the jist?í, proudly presents Vin the Pin Williams! [Vin the Pin 
comes into the ring and the crowd boos.] Verses Steve Picked-last-for-basket-ball 
Beauchamp. [Steve goes into the ring and everyone cheers.] And now, LETS GET READY
TO......watch the wrestling match.
[The whistle blows and the scene goes black and white. Violin music starts to play.  Steve 
and Vin circle each other as camera flashes go off all around.  Vin slaps Steve in the face 
and Steve gives him a confused look.  More camera flashes go off.  Steve slaps him back and 
grins.  Katie takes a picture from the stands.  Steve dodges another slap and laughs, as he 
laughs Vin gets another one in and he mouths the word ĎOwí.  He slaps Steve again, more 
camera flashes go off and the scene regains itís colour.  The violin music stops and normal 
sound comes back.  Steve goes for Vin who just grabs him and chucks him over his 
All: Oooo! [Martyís in the front row covering up his eyes.]
Katie: Whatís that guy doing to Steve?
Pam: He has him in a half Nelson.
Judy: If thatís only a half Nelson whatís a full Nelson.
Steve: AHHHH!
Pam: Thatís a full Nelson.   [Vin has Steve swung over his shoulders and is spinning round
and round.]
Marty: My bud needs me! [He jumps up to help him but Heady appears in Katieís balloon.]
Heady:[in a squeaky voice] Marty! I forbid you to help him.
Marty: What happened to your voice?
Heady: Too much Helium. [The balloon starts rising] Whee! [Marty tries to catch it but 
misses.  We hear it pop and Marty looks worried.]
Steve: Ahh! [Marty runs to Steve whoís on the floor with Vin trying to tie his arm to his leg.]
Marty: Iíd like to help you out, man, but I canít.  You can do it, you can do it, you can do it.
Steve: Shut up! [Coach comes running in holding a book.]
Coach: Stop the match! [The ref pulls Vin off Steve.] I have a shocking announcement.  I my
hand I hold a year book. [the audience gasps] I havenít gotten to the shocking part yet!  What 
is wrong with you people?  This year book is five years old and...[they gasp again.  Coach
makes a few of his famous stressed out noises.] And it has a picture of Vin the Pin Williams.
He graduated already, heís a ringer. [silence.] Now you can gasp! [They gasp.  He points to 
Vin] You, disqualified. [Goes to Steve] You, the winner! [He pulls Steve to his feet.  
Everyone cheers.]
Anno: Steve Beauchamp.  Youíve just gone from a total unknown to the top ranked wrestler
in the district.  How did you do it?
Steve: [He takes the mic.] Well, Iím afraid I have a confession to make too.  I owe all my 
success to, well, the forces of heaven.
All: Aww.
Steve: No, Iím serious.  I had a guardian angel on my side.
All: Aww.
Steve: No, Iím not kidding.  Heís right there. [He points to Marty whoís motioning to him to 
shut up.  Coach takes the mic from him]
Coach: Kid, this holy rollabix started out cute but now youíre freaking everybody out.
Steve: What Iím trying to say is, I wanna retire.  Gracefully, with my dignity in tact.
Coach: Retire? Well thatís redic......You........get outta here before my foot finds your butt.
[Steve runs off and sits on the beach with Marty.  Coach calls over to Kyle whoís writing
ĎGo Thurgood Marshall Highí on a poster in a fancy style.] Yo, Berkstrum, youíre back on 
the team.
Kyle: Um, sorry coach, but I find my calligraphy much more restful.
Coach: Calligraphy?  Restful?  Ug......chest pains!  Must sit down!
[Cut to the bench wear Steve and Marty are sitting.]
Steve; Hey, look.  Sorry I didnít believe you, man.
Marty: Sorry you didnít win on your own.
Steve: People thought I did, and in high school image is all that matters.
Marty: Yeah, youíre right!
Steve: So youíre not mad at me?
Marty: As my Sicilian uncle would say, [in an accent] forget about it, huh? [He puts a dollar
bill down Steveís top] Go buy your mother something nice.
Steve: Thanks man. [He goes over to Judy and Pam where Judy gives him a big hug.  Marty
sees the year book the coach brought in and opens it up.
Headyís voice: Hello Marty. [Headyís on the page in the year book Marty has opened it too.
Heís wearing a stupid shirt and tie and under the picture it says Ďthe head.  Pep squadí.]
Heady: I see everything worked out for the best.
Marty: It was sure lucky this year book showed up.
Heady: Yes, it was quite the coincidence. [He winks]
Marty: Sure was.  Why did you wink?
Heady: Because it wasnít a coinci.....I did the who......Oh for the love of.....[Marty closes the
book on Heady who is still shouting and puts it under the bench and runs off.]

[Scene: Steveís front room.  Steve and Pam are sitting either side of the kitchen counter with
Katie sitting on the top.  Martyís just watching.]
Katie: Alright, time for a re-match. [Steve and Pam get ready to arm wrestle.] Ready, go!
[Steve is struggling and looks over to Marty.]
Marty: I guess I could help you one more time. [He walks over and starts pushing against
Pamís hand too. They get it back to the centre but then Pam knocks both of them to the 
Katie: Ha ha!
Marty: Wanna wrestle Katie?
Steve: No.

[Tag Scene: The School corridor.  Marty is sitting on the trash can with his wings out and 
holding some pieces of paper.]
Marty: Hi, Iím Marty DePolo, and I thought Iíd read some letters from the Teen Angel mail 
bag. [He unfolds the piece of paper heís holding.] Dear Teen Angel [He points to him self as
if to say Ďthatís meí] Are you related to Angel Remurase?  No, Iím not.  But thanks for 
writing. [he throws it in the bin and pulls out another piece of paper heís been sitting on.]
Dear Teen Angel, how to I get out those water marks left by soda cans on my coffee table?
Thatís easy.  Use your magic powers.  Thanks for writing. [He puts it in the bin and produces
the last bit of paper heís been sitting on.] Dear Teen Angel, do you ever do a show thatís so 
short you have to pad it at the end.[looks worried and says quickly] No! [He looks around.]
Never! [He smiles and waves and tries to get off the bin, but some seems to say something to 
him from off screen.  He looks panicked and mouths to them ĎI donít know what to say!í.  He
looks into the camera again and smiles.] Well, sometimes.[He spins around on the trash can, 
jumps off the back and runs away up the stairs.]

The End!!!!


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