I   love   Nitzke

[Scene: Steve's house.  Judy and Katie are in the front room working on a jack-o-lantern.  
Judy puts the top on.]
Judy: What do you think?
Katie: That looks great.
Judy: No, wait.  There's a little something stuck in his teeth. [Judy pulls out some dental floss 
and starts to floss the jack-o-lantern's teeth.  Katie goes over to the coffee table where there's
a bowlful of trick or treat candy.  She starts picking some out and eating them] You see, 
Katie, dental hygiene is never more important than at Halloween. [She turns around and sees
Katie eating the sweets.  Katie knows she's been spotted.]
Katie: Please?  It's only once a year.
Judy: Ok, I'll tell you what.  Let's throw caution to the wind and make candy apples.
Katie: Wheeee!![jumps up and down]
Judy: [excited] I'll get the sweet 'n' low. [Katie flops down on the couch disappointed.  Steve 
comes in from the back of the house.]
Steve: See ya, Mom.  I'm going out.
Judy: Uh, Steve, remember, no throwing eggs at houses.
Steve: Aw, come on.  I'm not a kid. [He walks out and the scene cuts to the porch where 
Aunt Pam is standing with a box of eggs and tossing one in the air and catching it.]
Pam: OK, who's up for egging old man Heller's house?
Steve: Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea.  
Pam: Hey, [she throws the egg to him which he only just catches] it's Halloween, we're 
supposed to scare people. [She grabs her hair and pulls her head off.  Yes, you read me write.
Steve looks terrified.]
Steve: AH![He gets into a karate pose.  Marty sticks his head up through Pam's neck.]
Marty: Calm down.  It's me, Marty.  Spooky!
Steve: Yeah, I'll say.  Man, so what do you wanna do now?
Marty: Let's go bowling.
Pam's head: Keep your fingers outta my nose.

[Opening titles.]

[Scene: School.  The driver's ed class.  The class are watching one of those driver's ed 
movies that always have a really bad actor doing the voice over.]
Voice over: And this, future drivers, is another prom night ruined by the twin demons of Rock
and Roll. [Everyone in the class is horrified, apart from Marty who's sitting at the back eating 
popcorn.] Two more promising young lives reduced to Blood On The Asvault.
Class: EWW!!
Steve: See that guy with the tail pipe sticking out of his neck.
Marty: I see him in Heaven all the time.  At Christmas he makes it look like a candy cane.
[The bells goes and everyone starts to leave.]
Nitzke: Jordan, Kenny, Steve, meet me after school for behind the wheel training.
Jordan: Alright!
Nitzke: And no mooning the other cars.
Jordan: Bummer!
Jessica: So, Steve.  Now that you've got your learners permit, wanna take me to the 
Halloween dance? [He turns to Marty who's nodding away happily.]
Marty: What are you looking at me for?  Say Yes!
Steve: Sure, we can go.......on a date.......together......
Jessica: Great! [She leaves.]
Steve: ....and I hope.......by then......I'll stop talking.......like this. [He looks to Marty who 
gives him a thumbs up, but when he looks away he puts his head in his hands.]

[Scene: The Student driver car.  Kenny's behind the wheel.  Mr Nitzke's in the passenger seat
and Steve and Jordan are in the back.]
Nitzke: You can go over seven you know........Why are you stopping?
Kenny: Well, there's a pedestrian.
Nitzke: She's on the side walk! [A car honks and Jordan looks out of the window.]
Jordan: Dude, that dude's tail gating you. [The all look out of the window.] Dude! [He stands 
on the seat and goes to pull his pants down {saucy!}]
Nitzke: I said no mooning!![Jordan sits back down.] I'm tired of cleaning these windows.

[Later: Jordan is now in the driving seat.]
Nitzke: You can go under 70 you know.
Jordan: But I wanna beat that train to the crossing. [The trains horn goes off.]
All: Ahhhhh!

[Scene: Outside Steve's house.  The Student driver car is parked and Steve and Mr Nitzke are 
Nitzke: Well, Steve.  You still have to master a few minor skills, like stopping, but you're 
doing well. [Pam comes out of the house with a basket behind them.]
Steve: Really?
Nitzke: Compared to Mario Andretti and Miss Daisy back there you're a dream. I see know 
reason why you shouldn't get your license.
Steve: Alright! [He heads for the house.]
Pam: Hi, Steve.
Nitzke: You?!
Pam: You! 
[Flashback scene.  The bottom of the screen reads 1969.  There are lots of people shouting 
'Peace Now' and holding signs and banners reading things like 'Make love, not war'.  Pam, 
dressed as a hippy chick walks down a line of soldiers, one of whom is Mr Nitzke, and puts 
flowers in their rifles.]
Nitzke: Is that a peace pin on your shirt?  A peace pin!?
Pam: Mellow out, String bean! [She puts a flower in his rifle and gives the peace sign.  A 
camera flash goes and the still shot zooms out to show it's on the cover of Life Magazine.]
[The scene cuts back to reality.]
Pam: You're the pig that ruined our love in.
Nitzke: And you're the woman that ruined my life! [Steve jumps in]
Steve: Oh, you've met. Mr Nitzke, how exactly do you know Aunt Pam?
Nitzke: It was 1969.  Vaber College.
Pam: I put a flower in his rifle.  Heh heh. You still in the military?
Nitzke: No!  I was laughed out because of that stupid picture. It was on every news stand in 
the country.[sarcastically] I'm a school teacher now.
Pam: I can't believe a creep like you is moulding the minds of tomorrow.
Nitzke: Well, I'm the only thing that stands between your nephew and his drivers licence.
Steve: Ooo, I sure don't like the way he put that.
Nitzke: Ha!
Pam: HA! [They walks off in separate directions.  Steve stops Pam]
Steve: Aunt Pam, listen.  Can't you be nice to him? For me?  
Pam: Hey, I can't fake a smile.  That's way I run the customer service window at the post 
Steve: But I gonna fail drivers ed, I won't get my license.  Please?
Pam: Oh, alright, I'll be nice to the Nazi. [She walks over to the car which Nitzke is now 
inside.] Listen, I'm sorry.  Maybe I was a little outta line.
Nitzke: Oh, I see. You start kissing up when it looks like sonny here won't be able to drive 
you to the market for lottery tickets and beer, huh.
Pam: So, soldier boy, you still carrying around a rifle to make up for your short coming?
[She walks off leaving Nitzke looking annoyed and Jordan mildly entertained.]
Steve: Let's not lose sight of our goal Aunt Pam. [She walks past and the car drives off.]
I'm dead! [Marty appears beside him wearing a game show hosts costume and holding a 
Marty: Ehgn! Oh, I'm sorry, but the correct answer is, I'M dead.  But we have got a copy of 
the fabulous Teen Angel Home game for you! [He hands Steve a game box and starts waving 
to no one.] Wave kid. [He carries on waving and Steve gives a weak wave.]

[Scene: Steve's room.  Steve's pacing up and down and Marty's lying on the bed looking 
really happy.]
Steve: Oh, man, I'm not gonna get my licence, this a disaster. [He see's Marty's face.] Why 
are you smiling?
Marty: Because you have a problem, and for once, I didn't cause it!
Steve: Yeah!  Hey, way'da go, man! [They both jump up and do their complex high five 
thing.  Marty clicks his fingers and balloons start to fall from above, music starts playing and 
Marty produces a kazoo which he plays 'for he's a jolly good fellow' on.]
Steve: So are you gonna help me out or not? [Marty makes a sad, deflating noise with the 
kazoo and the music stops.] 
Marty: Don't worry, I'll get you your licence. [He thinks for a moment.] I got it.
Steve: What?
Marty: Mr Nitzke's mad at you, but he's not mad at Angus O'Beauchamp.
Steve: Who's Angus O'Beauchamp?
Marty: You are! [He snaps his fingers and a stupid looking curly moustache thing appears on 
Steve's face.] Mr Nitzke will never recognise you. [He pushes Steve up to the mirror to see.]
Steve: I get the feeling you're not giving this guardian angel thing 100 percent.
Marty: Why do you say that?[he tweaks the moustache] Angus!
Steve: Will you stop that?  And get this moustache off my face.
Marty: Okey Dokey. [He snaps his fingers and a barber shop scene appears in Steve's room.  
Steve's sitting in a barber's chair and Marty's all dressed up in the gear.  He gets ready to put 
a hot towel over Steve's face and talks with the typical accent.]   I hear Gerald Roosevelt may 
run again. [He puts the towel on Steve's face and starts squeezing it.  Steve manages to talk 
through it]
Steve: Marty, how exactly is this getting me my licence? [Marty takes the towel away.]
Marty: All right, Mr Fancy Pants. [He picks up a bottle of oil and tips some into his hand.]
Don't get your bowels in an uproar.[He rubs his hands together and smacks them against 
Steve's face ala Home Alone. ]I'll talk to the man up stairs. [He pops out but leaves all the 
barber shop stuff.  There's a knock on the door and Aunt Pam comes in.]
Pam: Steve, I'm sorry, I.....[She see's the stuff].......Freaky.[She leaves.]

[Scene: Marty is sitting on the Space rock talking to Heady.]
Heady: I know you want me to bend the rules for Steve's sake, but I simply can't do it.
Marty: Even if I make big sad puppy dog eyes? [His eyes get much bigger and he makes 
some sad whimpering noises.]
Heady: Now cut that out. [His eye's go back to normal] Look, Marty, I can't make Pam and 
Mr Nitzke like each other.  Human emotions are not to be trifled with. I'm sorry, but my 
hands are tied.
Marty: But you don't have han...
Heady: It's a metaphor, OK?  My metaphorical hands are tied.
Marty: Doesn't a metaphor have to have 'like' or 'as' in it?
Heady: No, that's a simile.
Marty: Then what's an onomatopoeia?
Heady: That's a word that sounds like........Now Stop That! [Marty laughs] Now, Marty.  I 
appreciate that you want to help Steve, but we don't dabble in the affairs of the heart, that's 
Cupid's department.
Marty: No way!  There really is a Cupid?
Heady: Of course!  How do you think Claudia Schiffer ended up with that Copperfield 

[Scene: Marty and Steve are walking down the school corridor.  Marty carrying a quiver full 
of arrows.]
Marty: Your Aunt's gonna go crazy about Nitzke when she gets shot with one of these!
Steve: So those are really Cupid's arrows?
Marty: Shhh! [He pulls Steve to one side.] I'm not supposed to have these.  I grabbed them 
while he was on his potty chair. [He pulls one out and it has a suction cup on the end.] Boy, 
they child-proof everything these days. 
Steve: [He takes it] Yeah, but this is great, man.
Marty: Yeah, let's celebrate! [He snaps his fingers and starts dancing, but this time one party 
blower goes off and one tiny little balloon on a string falls down.] I guess I blew my budget.
[Steve hands back the arrow and walks off.]

[Scene: Outside Steve's house, Steve's just had another driving lesson.  He and Mr Nitzke get 
out of the car.]
Nitzke: Well, Mr Beau-chee-min, where's your Aunt?  At a Joan Byesse concert?
Steve: Um, I dunno, let me see. [He walks over to the door and shouts.] Hey, Aunt Pam, Mr 
Nitzke's out here, he really wants to say Hi.
Nitzke: I do not.  You lie like a democrat sneaking through another entitlement program.
[Steve runs over to the bushes where Marty is ready with a bow and the arrows.]
Steve: You ready?
Marty: Don't worry.  I know everything there is to know about billiards.
Steve: That's pool.
Marty: Shh, here she comes. [He takes aim.] Aunt Pam in the side pocket. [He lets go of the 
arrow and Judy walks out of the door. The arrow goes right into her.]
Steve: *horrified gasp* you hit my Mom!
Marty: Now I have to take up Mulligan.
Steve: That's golf! [Judy's head glows red for a moment and she spots Nitzke]
Judy:[lurvy dovey] Oh, hi, Mr Nitzke.  You're looking very handsome today. [She goes up 
and takes his hand.]
Nitzke: Well, yes, I switched to Vitalise from the generic brand. [Pam walks out]
Pam: Well, if it isn't Richard M. Nitzke.
Steve: Don't miss this time.
Marty: Don't worry.  She's locked, loaded and in my sights. [He takes aim and a screen 
display comes up with a close up of Aunt Pam in the middle.  The text down the side reads:
'Aunt Pam, Postal Worker, Probably Armed'.  Marty fires the arrow and if goes right past 
Pam and through the open door.  Katie comes out.  Her face glows red too and she starts 
talking all lovey dovey style.]
Katie: Oh Mr Nitzke!
Steve: Now you've hit my sister.
Marty: Mistakes, I've made a few.  But don't worry [He pulls out another arrow] I'll get Aunt 
Katie: Mr Nitzke, did anyone ever tell you you have the cutest knees? [She pushes Judy out 
of the way.]
Judy: Hey, I saw him first! [Marty sneaks around to Pam]
Pam: Are you two nuts?  This man is the most reactionary, loathsome, vile.....[Marty stabs her 
in the back with the arrow a couple of times just to make sure and makes a noise which kinda 
sounds like a bus' reversing alarm.]...hunk'a' he-man to ever come down the pipe! [Marty 
looks pleased with himself.]
Nitzke: What's going on here?
Judy: Mr Nitzke, how would you like to give me a driving lesson? [She takes his arm and 
Steve runs down to Marty.  Pam takes the other arm.]
Pam: Or me.  We could drive to, let's say, the Reagan Library. [Steve turns to Marty with his 
lips pursed together looking mad.]
Steve: I am really mad at you. [He turns back to Nitzke and the others.
Marty: No problem! [Steve takes out another arrow and goes to poke Steve with it, but Steve 
holds up a hand.]
Steve: Don't even think about it.

[Commercial break]

[Scene: The driver's ed class room.  The class are watching another video.  The same 
announcer guy is doing the voice over.]
Voice over: Bugle didn't keep his hands at ten and two on the steering wheel and died in an 
inferno of twisted metal. [The class all look interested and happy.  Marty's sitting 
behind Steve hunched over a big book.  The class cheer and clap]
Nitzke: Wait!  What is wrong with you people? You're not supposed to be cheering!
Jordan: I think your movies have desensitised us to violence!
Steve: Hey, Jessica, [she turns around and leans on Steve's desk] What are you going to 
dance to the Halloween wear?
Marty: Don't go back.  Just pretend that's what you meant to say. [The classroom door opens
and Judy sticks her head in.]
Jessica: Steve, isn't that your mom?
Steve: Oh, yeah it is, [realises what's odd about his mom being in school] Mom!  What are 
you doing here?
Judy: Oh, hi, honey.  I brought you your lunch. [She holds out a brown paper bag]
Steve: Lunch was two hours ago!
Judy: Oh, so it was. [She drops the bag on Steve's desk and turns to Nitzke.]Why, Mr Nitzke,
I didn't expect to find you here. [She walks up to his desk and sits on it.]
Nitzke: Well, it is the driver's ed class, and I am the driver's ed instructor.
Judy: Of course. [She grabs his tie and pulls him down to sit next to her] Well, you drive me 
crazy. [The class make a mixture of sickened and 'Woooo' noises.  Steve looks embarrassed.  
Pam walks in and leans against the door frame.]
Pam: Knock knock.
Jessica: Steve, isn't that your Aunt?
Steve: Oh I hope not.
Pam: Hey, Steve. [Steve drops his head onto the desk and Pam walks up to the front.] Mr 
Nitzke.  I was in the neighbourhood so I thought I'd bring you your mail, [she hands him and 
bundle of letters] and I even slipped in a copy of 'Guns and Ammo.' [She hands him a 
magazine which he looks really pleased with.]
Steve: Have you found out anything about those arrows?
Marty: The bad news is, there isn't an antidote. [He slams shut the book and dust flies up in 
the air]
Steve: What's the good news?
Marty: Just 'cos there's bad news doesn't mean there's good news. [Pam and Judy have now 
each taken one of Nitzke's arms]
Nitzke: Ladies, please.  What would the children think?
Jordan: I think it's cool.
Nitzke: Well I don't care what you think.

[Scene: Steve's front room.  Steve's dressed up as the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  
Marty appears behind him]
Marty: Boo!
Steve: Agg!
Marty: Hey, great costume!  
Steve: Yeah.
Marty: Who are you?  Bob Marley?
Steve: No, Jessica's going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I'm the scarecrow.
Marty: Well, you're doing an excellent job.  I don't see any crows in the living room.
Steve: Man, quit joking around, OK? I mean, every woman in this house loves Nitzke.  He 
could be my new dad.
Marty: Ew.
Steve: Or Uncle
Marty: Ew!
Steve: Or, brother in law.
Marty: Might I add, Ewww!!! [Judy comes in dressed as Cat woman.]
Judy: Well, what do you think?
Marty: Meow!
Steve: Don't you think you're a little over dressed for handing out Halloween candy?
Judy: No, no, I'm driving with you to the dance.  Mr Nitzke's gonna be chaperone.
Steve: Yeah, but I thought Aunt Pam was driving with me.
Pam: I am! [She appears in the door way dressed as the Statue of Liberty.  She holds up her 
torch and 'daa's out the first line of the national anthem.]Eh, I'm not gonna do that all 
night. [she throws the torch onto the table]
Judy: Ha ha ha ha, you look silly!
Pam: Me!  I'm not the one who spent the last two hours shoving myself into a cerane wrap 
suit. [Katie comes in dressed as a southern belle with a black wig.]
Katie: [in a southern accent] Well, I do declare, we should be departing for the ball.  We 
can't keep that nice Mr Nitzke waiting. [she walks over to the door.]

[Scene: In the car, Steve's driving and Jessica's in the passenger seat.]
Steve: So, Jessica, you having a good time?
Jessica: Err, sure.  Are we picking up anyone else? [We now see that Pam, Judy and Katie 
are in the back of the car.  Judy's sorting out her makeup.]
Pam: [Sings] Hey, I'm in love and I don't care, Nitzke's mine and I don't share.
Judy: Huh, that's what you think.  He's mine.
Katie: I'm gonna married Mr Nitzke, and we're gonna live on my plantation, fiddle de dee.
Judy: That's what you think he's mine!
Pam: No, no, he's mine!
Steve: Hey hey! If you don't stop fighting back there I'm gonna turn this car around and none 
of you are gonna get to see Mr Nitzke, and I mean it! [Jessica looks worried.] Parents.

[Scene: At the dance.  There are people dotted around in costume.  Jordan's the Fonz.  He 
walks over to Steve and Jessica.]
Jordan:   Hey, how's it going Mrs C, Mr B?  Look, there's Mr T. [Someone walks past 
dressed  as Mr T and waves to Jordan.] Let me guess, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Steve: Yeah!
Jordan: And you are........Howdy Doody?
Steve: No, I'm the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.
Jordan: Oh yeah!  I hope the Wizard comes through with that kidney, dude. [He walks off.]
Steve: Listen, Jessica, I'm sorry about the ride over here, you have family.  I'm sure the same 
thing's happened to you.
Jessica: My mom, my aunt, and my little sister having the hots for Mr Nitzke?  I don't think so.
[Katie, Judy and Pam are all sitting around a table with Nitzke.]
Katie: Mr Nitzke, you're even cuter than Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Nitzke: Wasn't he the Secretary of State under President Macinely?
Katie: Maybe.
Pam: Mr Nitzke, we can't stand the suspense.  You're gonna have to choose one of us.
Nitzke: Ok, I pick Judy.
Pam: Well you might have thought it over for a second. [Pam and Katie walk off]
Marty: Hey!
Steve: Are you talking to me?
Marty: You're the one made of hay. Man, Nitzke's falling for you mom, we gotta do 
something. [He thinks for a moment then gets an idea.  He snaps is fingers and a sheet 
appears which he puts over his head.]
Steve: That's not a very convincing ghost.
Marty: Hey, I'm dead!  How much more convincing can it get? [They walk off somewhere]
Nitzke: Before I met you there was only one woman in my life,  America.  And I had to share 
her with immigrants.
Judy: Well you won't have to share me with anyone. [They stand up to dance]
Nitzke: [singing] Fighting soldiers from the sky, fearless men who jump and die,
Judy: Please don't stop.
Nitzke: [he spins her closer to him.  Still singing] Men who mean just what they say, the 
brave men of the green berate. [Marty comes up covered with the sheet.]
Marty: Mr Nitzke, there's a couple over there dancing closer than 18 inches apart.
Nitzke: Dirty dancing!  I have to do my duty, Judy.  Keep those over heated rabbits apart.  
Will you wait for me?
Judy: I'd wait an eternity.
Nitzke: I don't think it'll take that long. [He leaves her.  The scene cuts to the refreshments 
table wear Katie and Pam are sitting.]
Katie: Men, they leave you like you're nothing.
Pam: Katie, I think you've had enough grape juice.
Katie: I'll tell you when I've had enough! [she holds out her cup which the guy behind the 
table fills up.  The seen cuts back to Nitzke.  Steve and Marty, still under the sheet, run up to 
Steve: Mr Nitzke, I know my mom really likes you, but there's something you've gotta know.
Nitzke: What's that?
Steve: She need's a man that's gonna commit, and it's a heavy commitment.  You know, two 
kids, a mortgage, um, gambling debts.
Marty: Not to mention, glug, glug, glug, glug.
Nitzke: Well boys, I'm a bit of a gambling man myself.  And I'm about to talk the biggest 
gamble of my life.  Excuse me, son. [He walks off.  Steve looks horrified]
Steve: Son!? [he sits down in shock. Marty pulls off the sheet and looks depressed.]
Marty: Oh, man. [He goes to sit down on the side of the stage by the wall where there's a 
cardboard skeleton hanging.] I let my best bud down. [Heady appears in the head of the 
Heady: Now, Marty, it's not as bad as it seems.
Marty: Heady!  Hey, you look great!  Are you on Fen-fen?
Heady: Oh, Marty, Marty, Marty.
Marty: You're gonna lecture me now, aren't you.
Heady: First I'm gonna do something I've waited 30 thousand years to do. [He scratches his 
nose then looks down.] Hey!  I've got legs!  And I know how to use them. [He starts swinging
his arms and legs from side to side.]
Marty: Hello!  Remember me?
Heady: Uh, sorry.  Now, Marty, when you used those arrows you went to far.  No one should 
meddle with the affairs of the heart.
Marty: Look, I get the picture.  I screwed up royal.  Can't you forgive me on Halloween?  The 
holiest of nights?
Heady: I just want to make sure you've learned something from all this.
Marty: I have.  Arrow's don't make people love each other.  Money does.
Heady: Money?
Marty: You think Jackie Kennedy married O'Nasis for his looks?
Heady: Uh.....he......Just promise you won't use those stupid arrows anymore.
Marty: I won't.
Heady: Fine. I will now reverse the spell for you. [The glows appear on Katie and Pam's 
faces and fly away.  The same happens to Judy who's dancing with Nitzke.  She looks 
suddenly confused.] There.  Cupid's power is null and void.
Marty: Oh, thank's Head!  I suppose now you're gonna yell at me some more.
Heady: There'll be time for that tomorrow, but tonight.....we Mumbo! [Music plays and 
Heady starts dancing again.  Marty waves good-bye and rushes over to Steve]
Marty: Good news, man!  The spell's broken!  Your mom's not in love with Nitzke anymore!
Steve: Aw, thank's, man!  I knew you wouldn't let me down.
Marty: Hey, I'm your pal!  I couldn't let you have Nitzke walking around your house in his 
underwear. [They think about that]
Steve and Marty: Eww! [Nitzke has made his way up to the stage where he's standing in front 
of the mic.]
Nitzke: Um, attention students.  My father once said to me, 'real men don't cry, don't show 
emotion', and last year he lost his foot to the snow blower so he was as good as his word. But 
I wanna say......Judy Beauchamp, will you marry me? [Steve turns to Judy]
Judy: No.
Nitzke: No?  But, it's me!  Roderick Nitzke. 
Judy: I know.  No. [She smiles at Steve.]
Nitzke: Very well then, students, you may go on with your..um..merriment. [Everyone goes 
back to dancing.  Nitzke sits at a table depressed.  Pam comes and sits next to him.  Marty 
watches from another table with interest.]
Pam: Hey.
Nitzke: Alright, go ahead. Make fun of me.
Pam: I'm not gonna make fun of you.
Nitzke: You're not?
Pam: No, I thought what you did up there was really kinda sweet.
Nitzke: You did?
Pam: Yeah.
Nitzke: Thank you. I'm glad I didn't shot you when I had the chance.
Pam: I hear that all the time down at the post office.
Nitzke: Do you wanna dance?
Pam: Sure. [She picks up a flower off the table] You you mind?
Nitzke: No, I think it's....groovy. [She puts it in his button hole and they get up to dance.]
Marty: Hey, it looks like you're gonna get your licence.
Steve: Yeah! [They start dancing around together.  Jessica comes up]
Jessica: Let me get this straight.  You abandoned me so you could dance with yourself?
Steve: Oh, I'm sorry, Jessica.  If I only had a brain.
Jessica: You're cute.
Steve: Hey, do you wanna dance?
Jessica: Sure.
Steve: Toto too?
Jessica: Toto too. [They start to dance and Marty walks off.  Jordan goes up to Katie]
Jordan: Hey, short keg.  Wanna cut a rug with the Fonz?
Katie: [she gives him a thumbs up] Hey! [He takes her hands and spins around.  Her feet 
come off the ground.  Marty walks up to Judy, wearing the sheet again]
Marty: Hey, Whiskers, care to dance? [He holds out a hand]
Judy: Thanks.  I'd love to. [She takes his hand and they start dancing.] You're very light on 
your feet. [The camera shows that Marty doesn't actually have any feel.  He's completely 
invisible in fact.]

[Tag Scene.  Steve's house.  Marty and Steve are on the couch and Marty's messing around 
with vampire teeth.  Katie's still dressed up when the door rings.]
Steve: Katie, more trick or treaters.  You wanna get that?
Katie: I don't know why I wore this costume.  This is Halloween! I should be scary. [Marty 
snaps his fingers and Katie turns into a huge hairy monster.  She opens the door.  The kids 
outside scream and run away.  Katie closes the door again and turns back to normal.]
Katie: Steve, I'm a scary southern belle, I do declare. [Steve looks at Marty]
Marty: Oh, sure.  Blame the guy with the magic powers. [Steve chucks a chip at him.  Then 
Marty throws a handful back.]

The End!!!!!  


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