One   Dog   Night

[Scene: Steveís house.  Pam and Judy are sitting on the couch watching TV.  Steveís at the 
table working at a laptop computer.]
Judy: Is the TV too loud for you, Honey?
Steve: Oh, no, Iím fine.  Itís quiet over here. [Marty appears making a lot of noise.  Heís got 
party blowers, those clacking spinny things, a bell and heís wearing a flat straw hat.]
Marty: Vote for proposition 12.
Steve: Whatís that?
Marty: Outlawing noise makers. [He spins the clacky thing again.]
Steve: Whatís all this for.
Marty: Election day in Heaven! Washington ran against Lincoln but somehow Nixon won. 
[He blows the blower again.]
Steve: Shh. [Steve moves and sits next to Judy.]
Marty: Boy, you guys sure know how to have fun on a Friday night. *snore* [the noise, he 
doesnít actually say it.  Katie walks in the front door holding a black cat, Salem.]
Katie: Hey, look. I found a stay cat.
Marty: Ooo, now the excitement begins.
Judy: [Getting up] Hey, he looks just like a cat that I had when I was a kid. [She takes Salem]
His name was Cat Stevens.
Pam: Yeah, but in the eighties you had to rename him Yosaphy Braham.[pardon my speeling]
Judy: I miss the seventies.  Back then I wasnít sitting home without a date on a Friday night.
Steve:   Oh, Mom.  None of us have dates tonight either.
Pam: Thanks for cheering us up, kid.
Judy: I wish live could be like the seventies again.
Salem: Ooo, that is a bad thing to say when youíre holding a magical time travelling cat.
[The scene disappears down a psychedelic colour tunnel and comes out in the same place but 
in 1976.  Everyoneís in the same place, but Salem has gone and everyoneís dressed in 70's 
style clothing.  Steve and Marty have side burns {Ew!} and Martyís traded in his usual gear 
for a white disco suit.]
Judy: Who wantís some Vondoo before we start our string art?
Steve: Yeah, way da be!
Katie: Righteous! [They give each other five.]
Marty: Right on Funky momma, get down with your bad self!  What the heck am I saying?

[Opening titles.]

[Scene: School corridor.  Everyoneís wearing bad clothes with even worse haircuts.  The 
twins walk past looking like large blond Tribbles {lit. Star Trek, Duh} have died on their 
heads.  Steve and Marty walk in and the principleís voice comes over the intercom.]
Principle:Good morning, Students.  Once again we celebrate Americaís beloved birthday 
with bi-centennial minute. 
Steve: Oh, man, theses are always so lame.
Principle: On this day in 1776 Georgia patriot Button Gwyneth found his lost pair of 
spectacles.  That is all.
Marty: Lame?  I beg to differ. [Music starts to play and Jordan spins out of a door way doing 
a little dance.  He does a pelvis thrust in the middle of the corridor and walks over to Steve]
Jordan: Steve, man! [They give each other five]
Steve: Hey, whatís shaking, Jordan. [Jordan produces a piece of paper.]
Jordan: Check it out! Theyíre turning the roller rink into a disco.
Steve: Oh, cool!  Disco rules!
Jordan and Steve: Five, six, seven, eight [They do an identical ĎSaturday night feverí style 
Marty: Look, people canít see me but they can see you. [Jordan leaves and Kenny comes up 
to them.  Heís got a huge fluffy hair cut too.]
Kenny: Hey, man.  Did you see Ď Charlieís Angelís í last night?  They went under cover as 
stupid bimbos.
Steve: Wow.  Thatís even better than the time they went under cover as bad actresses.
Kenny: Hey, Steve. Check out my new watch. [He shows him] Itís digital.
Steve: Oh, freakadellic!
Kenny: And it only cost 400 dollars.  Well, catch you on the flip a tee flop! [He starts to walk 
Steve: Yeah, mellow out, Kenny. [He pats him on the back and Kenny falls over, landing in a 
pile on the floor with the Twins.] Heavy.
Marty: Man, I get the feeling somethingís not right here.
Steve: What do you mean?
Marty: The clothes seem weird, the musicís tacky, and I was watching ĎSaturday Night Liveí
and it was fresh and inventive.

[Scene: Steve, Marty and Pam are sitting on the couch watching TV.]
TV: President Ford makes his way down the stairs.
Marty: Five bucks says he trips.
Steve: Heís the President, heís not gonna trip. [Marty snaps his fingers]
TV: Oh, and he slips!  This may be the gaff that tosses the election to Jimmy Carter. [Martyís 
face drops]
Marty: I did a bad thing. [Katie comes running in with a sock.  A dog follows her and grabs 
hold of it.] Since when do you have a dog?
Steve: What?  Itís always been like this.  Me and you and a dog named Boo. [Anyone know 
how thatís really spelt?  Steve gets up to get a drink]
Marty: Listen, man.  This might sound crazy but I get the feeling that weíre all in the wrong 
year. We belong in 1997.
Steve: 1997?  Thatís ridiculous.  By then weíll have rocket cars and be living on Mars.
Marty: No, but we will have powerful computers that fit on our desks, and weíll use them to 
play Solitaire! 
Steve: Youíre nuts, man. [Judy comes in from outside]
Judy: Hello, everyone.
Steve: Oh, hey, mom.  How was your date?
Judy: Not so great.
Pam: Well at least you got out of the house for two hours.  So quit complaining.
Judy: He seemed like such a nice man, but as usual, as soon as I told him I have children it 
was all over.
Pam: Oh, Honey.  Cheer up.  Youíre young, youíre blond, youíre beautiful, now cheer me up.
Judy: Theyíre cancelling Donny and Marie.
Pam: Righteous! [She gets up and leaves.  Judy sits down, disappointed. Boo jumps up next to 
her with a sock and puts his head on her lap.]
Judy: Aw, hello, Boo.  Youíre such a good boy.  I wish there was a man out there as sweet 
and loyal as you. [Boo whines a little and licks her face.  She hugs him] Oh, what I wouldnít 
give for just one good date.
Steve: Marty, are you thinking what Iím thinking?
Marty: I hope not.  Iím thinking how foxy your mom would look in a halter top and hot pants.

[Scene: Steveís room.  Boo is sitting on Steveís bed and Steve and Marty are standing.]
Marty: Forget it!  Iím not turning Boo into a man.
Steve: Oh, come on!  Youíre my guardian angel.  Just use your powers to help me.
Marty: Steve, I learned something very important in the time since I got those powers.
Steve: Oh what?
Marty: They donít work so well.
Steve: Look, I donít ask you for much, but it isnít for me.  I want you to help my mother.
Marty: By fixing her up with a dog? She at least deserves a stately elk. 
Steve: Man, I donít want him to marry her, but sheís had such bad luck with guys lately I just 
wanna give her some hope.
Marty: Alright.  If I do this for you, youíll have to use your awesome powers for me.
Steve: What powers?
Marty: Make me a sandwich. [Steve nods with agreement and they do the giving each other 
five thing.  Marty goes over to Boo and snap his fingers.  I furry hat appears on Martyís 
head.  In a sing song style..]Boooooo, today you are a man. [He snaps his fingers again and in 
a puff of smoke Boo disappears and a naked man appears on Steveís bed. Face down of 
course.  Steve turns away and Marty coverís his eyes.  In a funny accent] Oi!  His hoopic is 
Steve: Give him some clothes.
Marty: Got it. [He snaps his fingers again and in other puff of smoke the guy becomes fully 
dressed.  Boo looks at himself and gets up] Congratulations, Boo.  I just made you a human.
Boo: Alright!  Thanks! [He grabs Martyís face and starts licking his cheek.  Marty pushes 
him off.]
Marty: First rule of being human, donít do that! [he wipes his face.]
Boo: But can I still lick myself?
Steve: Better yet make that the first rule.
Boo: I donít like being human.  Change me back now! [He starts growling at Marty.]
Marty: Easy, easy.  Good boy. [He pats him on the head but Boo smacks his hand away.]
Boo: Donít patronise me, sonny.  Iím four years old. [Steve comes over and breaks them up]
Steve: OK, OK. It was a stupid idea anyway.  I was just trying to make my mom feel better, 
thatís all.
Boo: Your mom?  Aw, I like her.
Steve: You do?
Boo: Oh, yeah!  She feeds me from the table and she smells so good!
Marty: Oh, yeah!
Steve: Hey, thatís my Mom youíre talking about!
Boo&Marty: Sorry.
Steve: If youíd just take her out just once it would make her so happy.
Boo: Ok! [He jumps up on the bed and back down again] Iíll do it! [He puts his arms around 
Marty and Steveís shoulders] You know what?  This is really exciting.
Marty&Steve: Yeah! [Boo pushes them aside and grabs a pair of Steveís shoes with his teeth 
and starts shaking them around.]
Marty: Uh, try not to do that. [He tries to take the shoe from him but Boo keeps a tight hold.]

[Scene: Steveís house.  From now on Boo with be called Bob.  Pam is sitting at the table 
speaking into a short wave radio set.  Steve and Judy are sitting on the couch.]
Pam: Breaker, breaker, one nine.  This is Big Red outta Shaky town.  Whatcha twenty, come 
back. [She stares at it for a moment.] What a colossal waste of time. [The door bell rings.]
Judy: [getting up] Iíll get it. [She opens the door and Boo, now known as Bob is holding onto 
the door frame scratching his head with his leg vibrating.  He sees Judyís answered the door 
and stands up straight]
Bob: Hi.
Judy: Hi. [Marty is now standing behind him nodding.]
Bob: Um, my Gremlin just broke down outside and I was wondering if I could use your 
Judy: Of course.  Please come
Bob: Oh, Bob.  Bob Dogman. [He goes in.  Marty starts to follow but Steve stops him]
Steve: Bob Dogman?
Marty: It was either that or Fred Buttsniffer.
Judy: The phoneís right there. [Bob sits down and bounces a little on the couch] Sorry about 
the couch.  The dog chewed it up.  Weíre thinking of getting him fixed. [Bob jumps up]
Bob: Oh, heíll be good from now on.
Judy: I get the feeling that weíve met before.
Bob: No, Iím pretty sure Iíd remember meeting someone as lovely as you.
Marty: Boo, you are a sly old dog. [Steve gives him an ĎOKí sign.]

[Scene: Same as before.  Katieís there now with a ball.  Soís Pam]
Katie: Bob, catch! [She pretends to throw the ball and Bob turns to look for it.  He falls onto 
all fours then stand up and turns back to her.]
Bob: Aha!  You got me again, Katie.
Judy: You have such a way with kids, Bob. [She hands him a mug]
Bob: Oh, I love kids.  Give me a child and an old sock and I could play for hours. [He sits 
down.  She sits next to him]
Judy: Really? Most men I meet arenít interested in children.
Bob: Ah, well then theyíre fools.  Because you are a wonderful woman, and your lovely 
children just complete the package.
Pam: Thatís is, Damien.  You are officially too good to be true.
Bob: Uh, Judy, look.  Thereís this new Disco, and I was wondering, I know this my sound a 
little forward, I mean, but could I take you to [in a daft high pitched voice] Funky Town?
Judy: I would love to got with you, Bob.
Bob: Great.  Then itís a date.
Judy: Yes. [He gets up]
Bob: Um, itís been a pleasure meeting you. [She shakes his hand] and thank you so much for 
letting me sit on the couch. [He leaves.]
Judy: Were have you been all my life?
Marty: Rolling in poop on the front lawn.

[Scene: Rock in Space.  Surprise, surprise, Heady has a flock of seagulls hair cut also.  Oh 
the fun they must have had making this episode.]
Marty: Hey, thereís something I gotta ask you.  I get the feeling weíre all in the wrong 
Heady: Yes, itís true.  We belong in 1997. But we should enjoy the 70's while they last.  Iím 
playing Pong. [Iím sure everyoneís played this game.  If donít then where the hell have you 
been?  It was one of the first computer games and consisted of two white lines at either side 
of the screen and a white dot that bounces between them.  The screen now looks like that but 
Heady is playing the part of the ball and bouncing between the two paddles.]
Marty: Are you finished yet?
Heady: Just about. [the words Ďgame overí flash on the screen and Heady comes back to the 
front.] Now, what else can I do for you?
Marty: Steveís mom was starting to lose her faith in guys, so I fixed her up with a man.
Heady: I can dig it.
Marty: But, the guy used to be Steveís dog.
Heady: Bummer.  Iím afraid that any creature changed against itís will must inevitably 
revert to itís natural state.  
Marty: I have an idea.  Say that again, but just for kicks, letís pretend for a moment  Iím a 
15 year old who never graduated high school.
Heady: Listen, turkey.  Iím saying that because Boo did not want to become a human, heíll 
become a dog again at precisely 11:43 pm.
Marty: 11:43?  But it was Midnight in Cinderella.
Heady: This is real life, but some jive fairy tale. Oh, I gotta go.  Iím in charge of the 
welcoming committee for Bing Crosby.
Marty: But what am I supposed to do?
Heady: Have a nice day. [He turns into an acid smiley face.]

[Commercial Break] 

[Scene: Steveís house.  Pam and Katie are sitting on the couch doing something to a pile of 
clothes.  Judy comes in really for her date and doing alittle boogie thing]
Pam: What are you doing?
Judy: The Hustle.
Pam: Uh Heh, heh.
Judy: Oh, I feel so excited about tonight.  Maybe Bobíll be the one.
Pam: And youíll be Mrs Judy Fuluty Beauchamp Dogman?
Judy: It rolls off the tongue.
Pam: Well, you can settle for the first smoothy that walks through the door if you want, but 
not me.  Iím still looking for Mr Good bar. [She picks through the pile of clothes and pulls out 
a Mr Good bar.] Oh, and here it is. [Katie takes it]
Judy: Pam, I have waited so long to find a nice guy. [Steve comes into the room] You think 
Bob is a good man, donít you, Steve?
Steve: Well sure I do. [suddenly worried] What he do? [Marty pops in]
Marty: Man, we got trouble.  And there it is, crawling through the doggie door. [We see 
Bobís head emerging through the doggie door.  Marty pops in again next to the door and tries
pushing Bob back through it.  Bob keeps trying to get through so Marty pushes him back with 
his foot.  Bob gives up and rings the bell.  Judy answers it]
Bob: Hi, Judy.
Judy: Hi, Bob.  Uh, Iíll be ready in a minute.  Wonít you sit down?
Bob: Sure. [Judy walks off and Bob walks over to the chair where he walks around in a 
circle.  Pam gives him a really odd look.  He does a few more spins then sits down.]
Pam: Sure you donít wanna turn around a few more times?
Bob: No, that was sufficient. [Steve goes over to Marty]
Steve: Whatís going on here?
Marty: Bobís gonna turn back into a dog at precisely 11:43.
Steve: 11:43?
Marty: I know, itís got no pizzazz.
Steve: Well, letís just try to make it through this.  If we break this date itíll break my momís 
heart. [Judy comes back]
Judy: All set.
Bob: Great.
Steve: Uh, mom, you know, maybe I should go with you guys.  I, uh, really wanna see the 
Judy: Oh, honey, you can go anytime.  Discoís gonna last forever.
Bob: [murmurs to Steve] Sheís right Steve, threeís a crowd.
Steve: Do you want me to tell her who threw up on the rug?
Bob:[to Judy] The more the merrier! [Steve opens the door] And might I say, Judy, that you 
look fantastic.
Judy: Thank you.  And let me tell you, you have an incredible smile.
Bob: Well I chew on a lot of bones. [Steve jumps back in]
Steve: Nothing crazy about that.  Letís go. [They all leave]

[Scene: In the car.  Steveís in the back.  Judyís driving and Bobís in the passenger seat with 
his head sticking out of the window and panting.  He barks at a car that drives past then goes
back to panting.  He leans even further out of the window and Steve pulls him back in so Bob 
starts whining.  Judy smiles, Bob smiles back, Steve gives a Ďyes, everythingís perfectly 
normal, honestí kinda smile and Judy turns back to the road.  As soon as she turns away Bob 
sticks his head out of the window again and starts barking at cars.]

[Scene: At the disco.  Lots of people are there in the 70's gear, quite a few people from 
Steveís school are there too.  Jordan jumps onto the dance floor and does a fancy disco type 
thing in true Saturday night fever style.  The twins walk past him.  I have no idea what they 
say to him.  If you can make it out then mail me and Iíll be youíre mate for life.  They end 
with a thumbs up and shuffle off doing a synchronised Ďshoop shoopí thing.  Sabrina [from 
Sabrina the Teenage Witch] walks in wearing a perfectly normal 90's dress and carrying leaflets.  
She walks up to Kenny.]
Sabrina: Hi, Iím looking for my cat. [She holds out a leaflet for him.]
Kenny: Thereís lots of cats here.  Lots of cool cats.
Sabrina: How very vague of you. [She looks around] What is this? 70's night?
Kenny: Itís always 70's night.  Itís 1976.
Sabrina: Of course it is. [Kenny jumps onto the dance floor.]
Kenny: You wanna do the Bump?
Sabrina: I think in any decade the answer would be Ďnoí. [Kenny looks hurt and walks off.]
Alright, the 70's.  Better look inconspicuous. [She steps behind a pillar and points to herself.  
Her red dress turns into a black sparkly flared outfit thing.  Very 70's.] Perfect.  Woohoo! 
[She walks off.]

[Cut to Bob and Judy dancing.  Marty and Steve are watching them.]
Steve: Oh, man, itís 11:15.  Weíve gotta get Bob away from my Mom.
Marty: Itís gonna be tough, theyíre having a great time.  Your momís laughing and Bobís.......
...wagging his tail! [Bob has a big black and white tail sticking out of his suit. ]

[Cut back to Sabrina.  She passes the twins and pushes a leaflet into one of their hands.  She 
then stops and has a look at them.]
Sabrina: Hey!  Arenít you the hummel figurines I put a spell on last year?
Twins: Youíre weird! [They walk off.  Sabrina goes to hand a leaflet to Marty.]
Sabrina: Excuse me, Iím looking for my cat.
Marty: You can see me?  Heavy......Mondo heavy......Major mondo heavy.  Iím supposed to 
be invisible to humans.  Iím an angel.
Sabrina: Oh.  Well, Iím a witch. [She starts to walk off]
Marty: A witch!  Next youíll be telling me thereís Genies and Boys meeting worlds.
Sabrina: You wish! [Steve runs down to them with Bob whoís scratching.]
Steve: Marty, weíve gotta get him to the menís room.
Marty: Hey, give me a chance.  Iím talking to a beautiful girl.   [Steve takes Bob into the 
menís room.] So, since you can see me [he licks his fingers and runs them over his eye 
brows] how do I look?
Sabrina: Like Liberacheís lawn jockey.
Marty: Iím so desperate Iíll take that as a complement. [Sabrina looks unimpressed.]

[Cut to Bob and Steve in the Bathroom.  Steve goes to close the door and Bob spots his tail 
and starts chasing it around.  Steve grabs him to stop him spinning.]
Steve: I really appreciate you showing my mom a good time, but youíre changing to fast.
Bob: Oh, no no, no, no. Please, let me stay with her. [He gets down on his knees.] I beg of 
you! [He starts whining.]
Steve: Look, itís just not safe for you to be with her anymore. [Bob gets up.]
Bob: But, Steve, what am I supposed to do, just leave her out there?  Your mom does so 
much for me.  She fills my bowl, she doesnít get mad at me when I shed on the couch, and
she puts my pills in the those nice little pieceís of cheese. [He starts imitating this with his 
hands and pretends to eat it.]
Steve: You really care about her, donít you.
Bob: Sheís my best friend.  At least let me say good bye to her.  I owe her that much.
Steve: Yeah, all right. [He goes to check the door.] You know, Bob?  Youíre class all 
the way, man. [He turns back to Bob whoís now got his head in the toilet.] Bob, donít drink
out of the toilet. [Bob get up] 
Bob: Sorry. [Steve gives him a tissue which he wipes his mouth with and hands back before 
walking out the door.  Steve looks grossed out then follows him.]

[Cut to Marty and Sabrina.]
Marty: So your cat really did change time! I told the Head something was wrong.
Sabrina: Whoís the Head?
Marty: Heís this all knowing blabber mouth up in space.
Sabrina: OK.  Well, itís been nice chatting with you but Iíve gotta go find my talking cat.
[She walks off.]
Marty: [shouting after her] You donít know how many times girls have blown me off with 
that line. [He looks defeated.]

[Cut to Salem sitting on a table wearing a white cat sized disco suit.]
Salem: Oh yeah!  Burn that mama down!  Eww. [Sabrina stands infront of him] Hey foxy 
mama.  Howíd you find me? 
Sabrina: Through your credit card records.  Itís not very often someone buys a thousand 
dollar disco cat suit.
Salem: Just me and Ertha Kitt.

[Cut to Bob leading Judy down the stairs followed by Steve]
Judy: You have to leave now?
Bob: Iím afraid so.  And look, Judy, this is kinda RUFF for me to say, but Iím not the guy for 
Judy: I canít believe youíre saying this.
Steve: Uh, Bob, you really have to go now.  Without any more PAWS. [He looks down.  Bob 
follows his gaze and sees his feet are paws again.]
Bob: Listen, Judy, I think youíre a wonderful woman and any man would be lucky to find 
Judy: Why canít it be you?
Bob: Because I have a different path to follow. Iím about to trade my disco suit in for a 
Judy: Oh, I see.  
Bob: See, that way I can spread my love to children, to old people, everyone!  Except cats. 
And in my own way Iíll always be faithful to you.
Judy: I have to believe you when you look at me with those big puppy dog eyes.
Bob: A, Already?  I gotta go.  
Judy: Good bye, Bob. [He takes her hand.]
Bob: Good bye, Judy. [He kisses it.  Steve starts making Ďhurry upí motions.  Bob lets her go 
and walks off with Steve.  Judy turns around so doesnít see Bob change back into Boo as 
they walk past the pillar.]
Steve: Good boy, Boo.  Good boy. [They leave]

[Cut to Sabrina and Salem.]
Sabrina: Salem, to return us to the 90's you have to cough up that time ball. [Marty walks 
over.] Iím afraid weíre going to have to induce vomiting.
Marty: Hey, theyíre about to play Monstrat Love.
Sabrina: Thatíll do it. [Salem makes his pitiful crying sound.]

[Scene: Steveís house.  Steve, Judy, Pam, Katie and Boo are in the front room.]
Steve: Mom, Iím sorry Bob had to leave so early.
Judy: Aw, itís OK.  Now I know that somewhere thereís a guy for me. [She sits down next to 
Boo who whines.  She pets him.  The time travelling tunnel appears again and they all get 
transported back to the 90's.  Everyoneís in the same place apart from Boo whoís gone and 
Pam who was sitting with the short wave radio is now sitting infront of the laptop.]
Steve: Well, here it is.  Another Friday night at home.
Judy: Yeah.  But I get the feeling that somewhere thereís a guy for me.
Pam: If not thereís always the Internet. [She starts to type] This is Big Red....anyone else in 
the John Tesh chat room....besides you John. [She stops typing and shuts the lid.] What a 
colossal waste of time.

[Cut to outside Steveís house where Marty and Sabrina are on the porch and Martyís just 
finished looking in the window.]
Marty: Wow, we repaired the hole ripped in the fabric of time, but more importantly, do you 
have a boy friend?
Sabrina: Yup.
Marty: Well can he do this? [He snaps his fingers and a bunch of flowers appear.]
Sabrina: No, but heís on the football team.
Marty: [deflated] Oh. [he throws them over his shoulder.] Well, when youíre dead, give me a 
Sabrina: Youíre cute, but Iím gonna live for a thousand years. [She smiles and walks off.  He 
shouts after her.]
Marty: I can wait! [He starts to follow.]

[Tag scene: The rock in space.  Marty and Sabrina are talking to Heady.]
Marty: Sabrina, allow me to introduce the Head. Head, this is Sabrina.  Sabi, Heady.  Heady, 
Sabi.  Brina, Headster.  Headster, Brina.  Opra, Uma.
Heady: Enough already!
Sabrina: So, Marty tells me youíre his assistant?
Heady: [laughs] I am not. [Laughs some more.  Marty gives Sabrina a guilty smile.] I happen 
to be over 30 thousand years old.  I can change the course of all....[Martyís making Ďgo away 
and leave me alone with the hot girlí signals behind Sabrina.] Oh, I just remembered.  Iím 
double parked.  Excuse me. [He pops out]
Marty: So, ah, what do you think? [He gestures to the whole heaven/space thing in general]
Sabrina: Too Star Trek. [She points at it and it turns into a sunrise scene.]
Marty: Wow, pretty cool.  But I have great powers too.  I can make any woman fall for me.
Sabrina: [sounds impressed] Really.  Now that Iíd like to see.
Marty: Very well! [He snaps his fingers.] There! [nothing happens]
Sabrina: Cool.  When does the magic start?
Marty: Oh, man.  Not again. Iím such a loser. [Looks upset.]
Sabrina: Aw. [She puts an arm around him and kisses him on the cheek.  Marty looks up]
Marty: It works every time. [Sabrina gives him a playful shove.] Woa!![he falls off the rock.]
Sabrina: [Looks over the edge then around her.] Oops.

The End!!!!!