The Teen Angel Cloud 66 Survey! Where you get your say!

I've never made a survey before so I'm not sure if this will work, but anyway, he are a few questions I put together regarding the page and what you think it needs. There's also a few questions about the show just so I know what you all think of it. I really hope it works......*fingers crossed*!

How did you find my page?
The following is a list of things I was thinking of putting on the page. Just mark the '0: )' angel smiley if you want it, or the '}: P' devil smiley if you don't. Simple!
Quizes 0: ) }: P
Interactive Story 0: ) }: P
An updated version of The Teen Angel Home Game 0: ) }: P
Scrap the Game altogether! 0: ) }: P
Fan fiction. I won't even think about doing this unless I know someone's gonna read it. 0: ) }: P
Your own suggestions:

Now just a few questions about the show, then you can go.
Who's your fave character?
Which of the guys do you thinks the cutest?
Grade the show!
And lastly for now, did you like the show better before Grandpa or with Grampa? Before With